Sunday, June 21, 2015

Michael Sweet, The Claddagh Pub, Lawrence, MA on 6/19/15

   This was a show I had been looking forward to because Michael doesn't do many of these and I knew he would delve a little deeper into not only the Stryper catalogue but his own solo material. Acoustic shows can prove difficult, the artist has to have songs that are effective for the stripped down format and also have the confidence to pull them off. Not a problem for Michael who also added some great in between song stories. The audience even helped him with his mic stand a number of times. After some introductory banter with the audience  Dying Rose from the Sweet/Lynch cd was a great opener. It's probably the only opportunity you will get to hear any of that material live and that's a shame. As for Stryper tunes there was the expected crowd favorites Calling On You and Honestly but Michael also dusted off Lady and All For One from Against The Law plus Always There For You from In God We Trust. Some solo material including the title track I'm Not Your Suicide from his last solo release and a sprinkling of covers rounded off a fantastic set.


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