Monday, November 8, 2010

eBay find of the Week - Mercyful Fate Live LP

"Live from the Dephts of Hell" was one of the records from the infamous John Kibble, early Mercyful Fate manager. It features live tracks from different shows, and the sound quality varies. This record was sold by major distributors in Europe and US. A must for any serious Mercyful Fate collector.

Who is the seller? A private collector who is selling part of his collection. An audiophile, takes all the care with his records. Some were bought only for collection purpose, and remain unplayed. All listened records were played in a Roksan TMS2/Artemiz MkII/Shiraz state-of-the-art turntable set which guarantees no agression to the vinyl. All played records are cleaned with a Clearaudio Smart Matrix using Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Super Record Wash.

Here is the link to the auction. Good luck.

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