Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's where it started part 2

   After devouring Maiden's Live After Death I was ready for pastures new. My cousin who was big into U2 and Simple Minds had these two beauties in her collection. She didn't listen to them anymore, not sophisticated enough. In my bag they went.
   It wasn't the title track on Highway To Hell that got me even though it was toe tapping good. It was track 3 side 1, Walk All Over You. The power of the intro is undeniable especially when Phil Rudd hits those drums. Over time I became more of a Brian Johnson era fan probably because Bon had been and gone when I discovered the band.
   Denim And Leather is just a great heavy metal album. How could you not want to listen to this with that cover. This was back when Biff and the boys could do no wrong. How things changed in the span of a couple of years.


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