Thursday, March 6, 2014

Limited Edition Release of DEATH DEALER's "War Master" Coming Soon

If you find musicians -and former members- from bands like Manowar (Rhino, Ross The Boss) , Cage (Sean Peck) , Empires Of Eden (Stu Marshall), Lizzy Borden and Halford (Mike Davis) together, nothing can go wrong.

DEATH DEALER was formed a few years ago and is an U.S. Metal - All Star band that already released their debut album „War Master“ in June 2013 as a CD by Steel Cartel Records. Now we release a limited vinyl version of 500 pieces with a gatefold sleeve. The vinyl will come intwo versions 100 pieces of black and blue splatter and 400 pieces of black. So grab em' while they last. Beyond the coolness of vinyl, now's your chance to see the artwork by Mark Sasso in a 12x12 format. Release is expected in April.

Flawless Power/Heavy Metal in the most classic style, with Sean's strongly High-Pitched-Screams which rules through the complete album. Sublime lead guitar by Maestro Ross "The Boss" Friedman tightes double bass drumming of Mr. Rhino transport every Headbanger of the planet into an endless thrill. Hymns like the speedy band hymn full of power and aggression, driven by double bass title track or the stamping monster "Hammer Down" are only one part of the absolute highlights which this album has to offer. 
DEATH DEALER doesn’t have to hide behind the big names of the individual members because it has everything to offer for the followers of traditional Metal culture.

For all people who roll out every time the prayer rug to music monuments like "Painkiller", will have something to look forward to through “War Master”.

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