Monday, March 10, 2014


Some random thoughts:

1. Mick Mars on That Metal Show last Saturday night saying that Motley Crue were retiring while still at the top of their game. Said with a straight face too. Listen, who is he kidding. It's been many years since the Crue were top drawer live. Vince "two words a verse" Neil certainly doesn't help. Then he admits they use backing tapes. Want to justify relevancy? Then do what Priest did on the Epitath tour and play at least one song off all the studio albums. No......fucking......chance. I actually respect Mick above all others in that band cause he has never whored himself out to reality shows and all that crap.

2. The Geoff Tate project otherwise known as who's available to play Queensryche material this week are coming to Boston soon. Yes Ticketmaster once again put the wrong band picture up and now you can get two tickets for the price of one. I wouldn't go if I got a freebie.

3. There is no way that the next Judas Priest cd will be better then Primal Fear's Delivering The Black.

4. Having guest singers on an album sounds great at the time but anyone out there still cranking the Jake E. Lee album start to finish? This formula doesn't bode well for Gus G.

5. I will be surprised if Lemmy makes it through the next tour after all the recent cancellations. Put your feet up and retire you old mucker. It catches up with all of us in the end.

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