Friday, March 1, 2013

Food for thought

   I was listening to an interview with Veronica Freeman and Graham Bonnet on the Classic Metal Show and something he said got me thinking. When asked about his future plans he said he had some voices of Rainbow shows with Joe Lynn Turner and Dougie White, he added that these are enjoyable but he detests singing Long Live Rock and Roll.
   So what percentage of bands do you reckon hate and I mean HATE playing certain songs in the set but have to anyway. I reckon the percentage is quite high not that they will ever admit it. Put youself in Brian Johnson's shoes: you are nearing 65 and are about to embark on another long tour with the same setlist night after night after night. Do you reckon he's enthusiastic about Whole Lotta Rosie or Back In Black? Not so much in my opinion. You as a fan probably get more out of certain songs then the performer, unless you are willing to travel it is a one night buzz for you and something of a chore for them. Spare time disposable income for you, a job for them.
   Tony Iommi in promoting the last Heaven and Hell release said the tour was the first time he didn't have to play Paranoid in the set because they were doing the Dio stuff only. Do you think he was relieved not to play it? Think of all those shows year after year and you are him waiting in the wings to come back on stage for the encore. Paranoid again, get out there and grin and bear it.
   I admire Iron Maiden and Metallica for constantly changing their setlist, if we as metal fans are regarded as the most loyal set of fans in the world then we should want to hear different songs. You want a greatest hits show every time? Me not so much particularly as these bands get up there in age. I want to see them play as much of everything as possible. Demand some of the lesser known songs, embrace the new stuff if it is up to par. Then you might see a performer on stage with a real smile and not a fake one.


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