Monday, March 4, 2013

Forbidden Records to Release Goatcraft's All for Naught on March 20th

Makers of Menace and Purveyors of Putridity Forbidden Records have set March 20, 2013 as the date on which GOATCRAFT's All for Naught will be released. Presented is a collection of Unforgettable Haunting Piano Instrumentals to Chill the Blood and Whip the Soul, composed sole GOATCRAFT member Lonegoat! The digital version of All for Naught will also be available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc. and other online retailers worldwide.

GOATCRAFT forged the genre of necroclassical, or dark neoclassical soundtracks that create an atmosphere of ageless beauty and melancholy violence. With All for Naught, GOATCRAFT expands into lush soundscapes that explore the themes of dark and occult music without becoming repetitive. Comprised of equal parts dark ambient, horror movie soundtrack and death metal-inspired violent piano All For Naught is music for a new millennium. Elegant melodies rise from aggressive hammering piano, and then descend into moods of bleakness and conflict. If dark ambient could be aggressive, it would want to be GOATCRAFT. 

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Call Me Judas
Infinite Death
Goat Will Riot
Gate I
Isolation Ripens
Vestibule to the Abyss
Laconism of the Cosmos
Gate II
Everything Will Die
The Rape of Europa
Consciousness is a Disease

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