Friday, December 9, 2011

Sycco Returns

Dario Sycco returns to podcasting as a Metal Detector. On the air since 2006, Sycco (former co-host of Radioactive Metal, This Week in Metal and Focus on Metal podcasts) is not afraid to express his opinion. His large collection of metal and 30 years of metal listening experience combined with extensive knowledge of audio production help to turn Metal Detector into a metal podcast with balls and charisma. This show is all about metal discoveries with everything a discriminating metalhead would ever want including news, trivia, guests, killer music & much more. If you’re not afraid of the explosive combination of German precision, British sarcasm and Polish sense of humor produced in isolation of frozen Canadian prairies, then this might be a show for you. If you’re looking for an old-timer digging into his nostalgia box of vinyl, you may have to look elsewhere.
Episode 1 features an interview with Tony Iommi, segment on the truth behind the Big 4 of Thrash, news, trivia, great music and much more. The show is available as a free subscription via iTunes. You can also check out Dario's new website All his former shows as well as the new Metal Detector are available on the largest metal podcast network called Cast Iron Ring.