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Check it out. If happen to be in Lukaz Lunen on March 9, 2013 you will want to check out The Sword Brothers Festival II with a linup including The Mystery, Javelin, Sacred Steel and Messenger.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


On you will find the first audio samples, plus a view into the recording studios of AVANTASIA’s upcoming record „The Mystery Of Time“, which will be out in March 2013. 

Tobi comments the 2-minute trailer with even more informations: 
"Hey friends, as you know I am currently working on a new Avantasia album. It's a lot of work, but I am so proud of what we are creating right now - it's amazing stuff. As my little Christmas gift to, and to make Christmas even a little more exciting for you, I'll reveal some secrets today: Of course, Michael Kiske is on board again! I bet you expected this, you can hear him loud and clear, and he is still the number one vocalist in that range - unbelievable! But, what is really new: For the first time in the history of Avantasia, we're working with a real symphonic orchestra: The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg! You may remember it, they have worked with Rammstein, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, and also with Edguy on the Hellfire Club album. It's an enchanting fairytale we are working on, so we really have no choice but to finally have a real orchestra - after all it's an epic Rock-, or probably Metal Opera! If you click on the clip below, you can check out the orchestra recordings and also, you'll hear a little sample, a rough mix of what's to come in March 2013: THE MYSTERY OF TIME! Enjoy… and Merry Christmas! - Tobi"

Watch the clip at:


European leg:

13.04.2013 (CH) Pratteln - Z7
14.04.2013 (CH) Pratteln - Z7
16.04.2013 (I) Milan - Alcatraz
18.04.2013 (D) Ludwigsburg - MPH Arena
19.04.2013 (D) Kaufbeuren - All - Karthalle
20.04.2013 (D) Fulda - Esperanto Halle
22.04.2013 (D) Berlin - Tempodrom
23.04.2013 (D) Hamburg - Große Freiheit
25.04.2013 (D) Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
26.04.2013 (D) Lichtenfels - Stadthalle

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THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT Signs With Listenable Records

Listenable Records is proud to introduce prog metal mongers THE OMEGA  EXPERIMENT. Very few young bands have shown so much enthusiasm and passion for the music they enjoy listening and playing with so much professionalism and we fully support that.

Michigan's THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT, founded by duo Dan Wieten and Ryan Aldridge, describes their sound as '"heavy guitars, euphoric synths and rich layered vocals come together to create a wall of progressive rock lushness.'"

Like their  fellow modern prog artists,  THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT create a massive sound with home equipment and have no fear of experimentation and rule breaking.

The guitars are big and technical and layered with keyboard sounds reminiscent of Dream Theater and Queensryche. The vocals range from powerful lead lines, big harmonies and demonic screams in the vein of Devin Townsend and Mike Patton.

The band's inspiration comes from guitarist/vocalist Dan addressing the last 10 years of his life, focusing on his excess and drug abuse which took him to a dark place and his determination to move onto a brighter future.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT has been lucky enough to receive public praise from Devin Townsend on multiple occasions, most notably on his Twitter account the night they unleashed their Karma EP to the masses for free on Bandcamp. Townsend was quoted as saying, "Actually listening now...great great work man! Seriously great stuff Dan, I fully back it and appreciate the effort you've invested I wish all luck!" The EP later went on to receive over 2000 downloads.

The band released their self-titled debut album was mastered by Acle Kahney (TESSERACT) and made available digitally via bandcamp, itunes  to much critical acclaim.

THE OMEGA EXPERIMENT  will see the re-release of their self-titled debut album in late February in Europe and March in the U.S. on Listenable .

The band is currently at work writing their next album and look forward to getting back out and touring, with a strong hope to be able to reach their fans in other countries.  


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EP 110 - Best of 2012

Episode 110 - Best of 2012

This week Richie and myself, along with some very special guests look back at the best metal of 2012.

This weeks track of the week is from Alltheniko. This one is from their fourth release and first for Pure Steel "Back in 2066"

And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

Visit for information on all the past episodes and to find the links to all our other social media sites.

Comments/suggestions/listener submissions: Premiers New Track From Forthcoming DECEPTOR Album has posted an exclusive world premier of the song "To Know Infinity" taken from Chains of Delusion, the forthcoming release from UK speed metal trio DECEPTOR.

Favorites among the metal underground since their 2005 formation, DECEPTOR recently signed with Shadow Kingdom Records for the January 21, 2013 release of Chains of Delusion. This six-song slab of progressive and aggressive thrash meets trad metal mastery comes on the heels of the band's 2011 self-released EP, Soothsayer, which Terrorizer called "modern, thrash-tinged metal at its very best."

Stream "To Know Infinity" HERE.

Earlier this year, the band posted a video for the track "Heatseeker" at this location

"Manic, musical excellence that should delight connoisseurs of both antique and contemporary metallurgy." [9.25/10] - From the Dust Returned

Paul Fulda - Bass and Vocals
Sam Mackertich - Guitar and Vocals
James Ashbey - Drums

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Original TROUBLE drummer and RETRO GRAVE mainman Jeff "Oly" Olson posted on his HEADY METAL WITH JEFF OLSON podcast Facebook page on Dec 20:    

"Hey, it's official... I'll be playing Hammond Organ on Victor Griffin's In-Graved debut album due Spring 2013. I'll be playing the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland on Saturday, April 20th as well as other select tour dates. I'l keep you posted. Merry Christmas everyone!"

Monday, December 24, 2012

NECHOCHWEN's OtO LP Now Available on Bindrune Recordings

After enduring a planning stage that has spanned the full length of 2012, Bindrune Recordings is pleased to bring you the highly anticipated OtO, the third release of Native American driven classical/folk/metal. Stunning classical guitar work sits comfortably with mature and forward thinking metal to somehow transport the listener back in time where peoples values and daily lives were very different and strange to our own in this rotting modern world. Visit to order.  

This stunning release is presented in 3 packages:
-Limited Ox Blood colored wax package with a t-shirt (shown)
-Limited Clear wax with a patch
-Black wax pressing for the fidelity purists.

All three packages come with a digital download Card!

You can stream OtO in its entirety at

"Brilliant in every sense of the word! 10/10" -Metal Shock Finland

"This is a very emotionally spiritual album, and it's clear from their playing how deeply they tap into their influences and translate that in their music." 

"Always on the verge of explosion, these metal songs sharply shift between calm folk, Bathory-inspired "epic" metal, and bizarre near-technical material as seen on the album's closer. It's unique and by far a better representation of the previously established Nechochwen sound than I feel Azimuths was, communicating Nechochwen's reverence for nature and their surroundings with a newfound sense of clarity." -The Inarguable

"About the closest comparisons music-wise would be the likes of early Ulver or Agalloch, but the Native American influence shines through to create a unique vibe that sets Nechochwen apart." 

Formed in 2005, West Virginia's Nechochwen is the passionate exploration of Native American Indian heritage through stunning classical guitar instrumentation empowered by atmospheric and deadly metal. A lush atmosphere arises from the art created by Nechochwen as found on the critically acclaimed albums Algonkian Mythos (Dark Horizon) and Azimuths to the Otherworld (Bindrune Recordings). OtO continues on the path set by its predecessors, by further refining the message and adventurous musical output/vision to truly transport the listener back to earlier times in an attempt to achieve a sense of wholeness.  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hammered - A Great Metal Read

Hammered- Heavy Tales From The Hard Rock Highway by Kirk Blows (Plexus Publishing 2012)

   I've always been a sucker for the old stories, the numerous features that got you into metal in the first place told by writers whose names you became familiar with in those pre-internet days. Their words were the only way you could read about your favourite band. Kirk Blows who contributed for the likes of Metal Hammer and Raw has published some of his best in this book and there are some crackers here.

   Rather then printing them in chronological order he has grouped the stories together under various headings. This allows him to write an introduction on each sharing his thoughts and a brief overview of what is to come. It also gives the book a flow as the stories in each section are in some way linked together.

   There are some real standouts here, Wurzels's anger at Lemmy's move to L.A and Brian May talking about Freddie Mercury only months after his death come to mind. However it's not all serious. Many of the stories and their outcomes involve drugs, sex and or booze. There's Pete Way stealing pints and Micheal Schenker talking gibberish trying to avoid them. There's Ozzy, there's always Ozzy.

   This book also demonstrates the strong symbiotic relationship that existed between bands, magazine writers and the record industry. It wasn't uncommon for writers to spend days on the road sharing more then a 20 minute pre-rehearsed interview. The magazines had power and they knew it. A time all but gone now, the record industry is in the toilet, magazine sales continue to drop and anyone and everyone has something to say nowadays.

   If you want  to pick up a metal book you could do far worse then this one. Similar to Mick Wall's excellent Appetite For Destruction there is something for everyone in these pages. For an old metal head like me I re- read some great old stories. For the newer fan this book gives a small insight into what made some of these older bands great and why they are still held in such high regard today.



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FoM Episode 109

Episode 109 - Mob Rules

This week we sit down with Markus Brinkmann bassist for Mob Rules another great German metal band on AFM Records. Based on the great response we had after playing a cut on our power metal episode we knew we had to have someone from Mob Rules on the show

This weeks track of the week is From Swiss metallers Pertness and is from their third release Frozen Time which came out on Pure Steel in November.

And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.


British shred-heavy melodic metallers SAVAGE MESSIAH have released a new music video for the track "All Seeing I", which is premiering now on VEVO.

The video was filmed in Birmingham, England in October with director PHIL BERRIDGE of Creative Junkie Media, and is included in VEVO's Metal Monday playlist.  The video is also featured on the front page of in the USA.

Watch the video for "All Seeing I" now on the front page of VEVO at (USA only) or view the video on YouTube at


"We had an awesome time making this video with Phil Berridge, and we're beyond happy with how it's turned out.  Sharing this with our fans is a perfect ending to a great year, which of course started with the release of the 'Plague of Conscience' album, and is ending with us making some cool plans for 2013.  We're currently working on our next record, so stay tuned for more news on that soon.  Thanks for all the support we've had this year - have a very metal Christmas and a drunken and debauched New Year!"

SAVAGE MESSIAH's latest album, PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE, is available now worldwide on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.  Get the album in Europe at or in North America at

PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE is also available on iTunes, with an exclusive bonus track, at

Get more SAVAGE MESSIAH news and info at:

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Legendary early ’80s fanzine “The Headbanger” to be re-released as ebooks through Japanime Publishing

The Headbanger Returns!
Legendary early ’80s fanzine “The Headbanger”  
to be re-released as ebooks through Japanime Publishing 

"Over the years I've received tons of emails from people asking about THE HEADBANGER." (Bob Nalbandian)

Bob Nalbandian, founder and publisher of the esteemed early '80s heavy metal music fanzine THE HEADBANGER, has struck a deal with Tokyo-based company Japanime Publishing to release all 11 issues of the groundbreaking Xeroxed ’zine as ebooks. Never before has the fanzine — which featured early interviews of local and international heavy metal bands, including the very first profiles of then-unsigned LA bands Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth — been available for mass distribution until now.

Bob Nalbandian founded THE HEADBANGER in early 1982 when he was just 17 years old, and released the inaugural issue later that year. The seminal fanzine featured articles and interviews that vividly captured the emerging heavy metal scene.

Nalbandian says, "(Japanime founder) Glenn Kardy and I decided to present the readers an ebook version of the fanzine in its all its original, raw glory — without any touchups or changes to it. I've scanned all the pages of the first issue as is, or as was! What you’re getting is a digitized version of the original mockup, complete with cutout pictures and logos, rub-off letters, and typewriter print! THE HEADBANGER was published long before the widespread use of home computers and desktop printing, so this is as hardcore and old-school as it gets!"

The first ebook will include an all-new introduction and reminiscence by Nalbandian, along with the entire contents of THE HEADBANGER Issue #1, which was released in May/June 1982. The issue features now-legendary all-female New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Girlschool on its cover and a review of the group’s debut US show at the Whisky on 4/25/82; colorful recaps of live performances by then-local LA bands Ratt and Steeler; and no-holds-barred commentary on “new” albums by Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, and the first Metal Massacre compilation. As a bonus, the ebook also includes the original full-page “Los Angeles Metal Report” that Nalbandian and his Huntington Beach metal comrade Pat Scott wrote for the March 1982 issue of Ron Quintana's nationally distributed fanzine METAL MANIA. It was through this “Report” that headbangers living beyond the smog of the Sunset Strip were to read the first words ever published about a then-unknown Orange County/LA garage band ... named Metallica! 

"Over the years I've received tons of emails from people asking about THE HEADBANGER and whether I ever plan to reprint the original issues,” Nalbandian says. “I figure since we are now in the digital age, it’s time I digitize those issues and give metal fans worldwide the opportunity to read and examine one of the original heavy metal fanzines in its purest format — all for only a couple bucks per issue. I originally sold THE HEADBANGER for a dollar an issue (and the first one, I gave away for free). By turning them into ebooks, I feel I can still offer it at an ultra-low price and give readers the same experience as if they were reading the original fanzine with its wrinkled pages, typos, faded print, and atrocious spelling and grammatical errors! I can't think of a better way to expose readers to a time in history when heavy metal music truly was an underground phenomenon, and tape-trading and metal fanzines were a way of life."

Issue #1 of The Headbanger is now available worldwide in the Apple iBookstore and the Amazon Kindle store. Here are direct links for customers in the United States.

About Bob Nalbandian
Bob Nalbandian has been a working journalist for over 35 years and is arguably one of the leading hard rock/metal scholars of his time. He grew up in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, reading mainstream rock magazines like Creem, Circus and Hit Parader in the late ’70s, but by 1981 had become an avid devotee of the British metal magazine Kerrang! At the age of 17, Bob started the metal fanzine The Headbanger. Bob continues to be the ultimate enthusiast for all things heavy metal, recording a monthly podcast with; you can also hear him on his Shockwaves Skull Sessions podcast, hosted by Roadrunner Records. Both are available on iTunes.

About Japanime Co. Ltd.
Japanime Co. Ltd. is a Tokyo-based publishing company and creative agency known for its “Manga University” educational materials, including the Japanese government award-winning “Kanji de Manga” series of books and the American Library Association Top 10 Popular Paperback selection “The Manga Cookbook.” Japanime founder and CEO Glenn Kardy spent a decade as a news reporter and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area before taking a job in the mid-1990s with the English-language division of The Yomiuri Shimbun, the world’s most widely read daily newspaper. During a three-year stint at Yomiuri headquarters in Tokyo, Glenn regularly wrote and edited stories about pop-culture trends originating in Japan, including the anime-and-manga boom and the Japanese hard rock and heavy metal scene. Glenn left the Yomiuri in 1998 to establish Japanime and its Manga University publishing imprint.  For more information, please visit

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Lizzy Borden performs "Silent Night" 2012

Los Angeles, CA (December 17, 2012) - Lizzy Borden have released their version of the Christmas classic "Silent Night" now available for streaming on their Youtube page or click on video below.

As previously reported, Lizzy Borden will be celebrating thirty years of American Metal in 2013 with a brand new show, created from the ground up just for the monumental 30 year anniversary. The new show will encompass songs from each and every Lizzy Borden record to date, including classic songs like "Me against the World", "American Metal", "Master of Disguise" Plus songs the band has never performed live.
The Band:
Lizzy Borden
Joey Scott
Marten Andersson
Dario Lorina

Christmas on Wikimetal

For those of you that haven't caught this monster metal podcast yet, now's the time.

This week's episode is unbelivable! A truly Heavy Metal Christmas special. 

Our metal brothers from Wikimetal dedicate the whole episode  to three legendary bands: Motörhead, Kiss and Iron Maiden! They talk about cool facts about the bands and ask for amazing sounds that you can't miss. 

The bands were chosen accordingly to the 3 amazing Christmas gifts Wikimetal will be offering: A poster signed by the one and only, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden; A collection of 4 action figures featuring Kiss; A Motörhead photo book that comes with a Vinyl, a Blu-Ray, a DVD and a double CD.

What other metalcast does that?

 Oh yeah one small detail. this puppy is from Brazil so if ya don't speak the language you are SOL on the discussion, but the the music is killer in any language.

Get your fill here or on the Cast Iron Ring

Monday, December 17, 2012

OUTER ISOLATION, the second album from Philadelphia-based progressive thrashers VEKTOR, is out now in Europe on CD and coloured vinyl

Originally released on Heavy Artillery Records in 2011, OUTER ISOLATION is now available on CD again with new artwork, as well as on limited edition coloured vinyl for the first time.  New t-shirts featuring album artwork are also available now.

The full track listing for OUTER ISOLATION is as follows:

1. Cosmic Cortex
2. Echoless Chamber
3. Dying World
4. Tetrastructural Minds
5. Venus Project
6. Dark Creations, Dead Creators
7. Fast Paced Society
8. Outer Isolation

The limited edition vinyl version of OUTER ISOLATION is available in the following quantities and colours:

100 - Cosmic Cortex Green (SOLD OUT!)
200 - Echoless Chamber Clear (SOLD OUT!)
300 - Dying World White
400 - Dark Creations Black

Get OUTER ISOLATION now on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl in Europe at or get the European import editions in North America at

OUTER ISOLATION is also available now on iTunes at

Listen to the track "Tetrastructural Minds" at

VEKTOR are due to perform at the free Scion AV/Earache Records label showcase on January 12th in Pomona, California.  For more info and to reserve your place, go to

Get more VEKTOR news and info at:

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ION VEIN: IV v2.0 Digital Release (DR) Now Available

Mortal Music is pleased to announce that Chicago-based metallers ION VEIN's IV v2.0 is the next release in its DR (digital release) series and is available now via iTunes, Amazon,
and all other major digital media outlets everywhere.

Commented the band: "We're ecstatic to present this next "chapter" of songs to you, as we feel it will further help you to see and understand the vision and direction that we have for ION VEIN so enjoy!"

The songs on IV v2.0 were produced/engineered and mixed by Neil Kernon (NILE, NEVERMORE, QUEENSRYCHE, REDEMPTION), who also contributed the main guitar solo on the song "Seemless," and mastered by Alan Douches, both of whom worked on the IV v1.0 release as well.

A video teaser for the DR has been posted at this location

IV v2.0 is available on iTunes and other digital music retailers.

01. Seemless (Take Me Away) (3:22)
02. Fool's Parade (3:34)
03. This is Me (4:29) 

The DR concept was developed by Mortal Music as taking a snap shot of an album of music and releasing it into the market a "chapter" at a time, so to speak, to allow it to work its way into the marketplace faster and to help alleviate the musical overload fans and press alike are experiencing these days with so many options available. The full-length album will then be available on CD at the end of the cycle for those that still collect physical product.

Additionally, Mortal Music has also announced that the IV v1.0 DR is now available via all of your favorite digital media sources as well.

** IV v1.0 and IV v2.0 purchase links

Praise for IV v1.0

"Guitarist and founder Chris Lotesto writes metal with hair on the chest and the new singer Scott Featherstone has lungs like a grizzly which is perfect for this type of macho metal. This is definitely for metal heads that dig bands like TT Quick, Myofist, Sword and Picture." - 

"All three combining the intense energy and flowing melodic play in a forceful and engaging encounter." - RingMaster Review

"Vocals are executed on par with the drums and guitars yielding layers of complexity and depth for the listeners. The closer, Anger Inside, carries to the end what was started in terms of pace and talent. There is real commitment by all members on this and all tracks on 1.0. It is truly a treat for listeners to hear this kind of power and emotion from the artists. It lets us know that they truly value their craft and have something to say." 
- Alternative Matter

"It may have been a lengthy journey, but Ion Vein have come through this rebirth a stronger, leaner and more aggressive beast and while they have always been a force to be reckoned with, the three track taster gives the hope that album number three could be very impressive indeed!"  - Sea of Tranquility


Friday, December 14, 2012

Jason Returns...Newsted that is.

Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted sent a handwritten note (below) to the media announcing a January 8th release date for his debut EP for his new project Newsted
Titled Metal, the four-song EP will be available only through iTunes. Pre-orders for the EP will start next Tuesday, December 18, and metalheads who order Metal early will also get a copy of Newsted's handwritten lyrics.
Newsted recently came back to the music scene, launching a Facebook page and website
"It's time for me to reconnect with all my fans and friends out there around the world with the launch of my official online presence," Newsted said in an official posting on his website.
You can watch an exclusive in-studio update from Jason here.


US East Coast doom metallers HOUR OF 13 have teamed up with Revolver magazine for the premiere of their first ever music video.

The video for "Who's to Blame?" - which is taken from the band's latest album, 333 - was filmed in Waterbury, Connecticut with director Eric Schrader.  Watch the video now on the Revolver website at

HOUR OF 13 frontman PHIL SWANSON comments:

"Making a video for some reason has always been a personal goal, maybe it's my interest in film that brings that on and thankfully Earache has allowed me to finally fulfil that dream.  I've known our director, Eric Schrader, for almost fifteen years, when I met him working in the local video store.  We would talk 'B' movies and underground music until one day he shared one of his own movies, a crudely written script with fake moustaches and plastic guns, yet the editing was unbelievably professional.  Eventually he started making his own 'B' films, one of which my daughter had a small role in.  So whenever I thought video, I thought of Eric.  I'm happy to have the chance to work with him as he is now becoming a seasoned pro on his way to LA and we were lucky enough to catch him before he left.

"For the concept, Eric and I shared some initial ideas until he took hold and pieced it all together, finding the perfect location chock-full of bums, broken bottles and bats.  Eric did his magic in the editing room and turned it all into something brilliant.  We needed some bodies on bass and drums, so I invited Jason Tarpey and Arthur Rizk to join us, as they were slated at one time to be the US live line-up.  It was an amazing night, good times had and Eric's crew was great company.  For me, making this video was as rewarding as making the record.  I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it!"

See HOUR OF 13 live at the following shows:

Apr. 18 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Roadburn Festival
Apr. 19 - Hamburg, Germany - Bambi Galore
Apr. 26 - Göppingen, Germany - Doom Shall Rise Festival

HOUR OF 13's latest album, 333, is available now worldwide.  Get the CD in Europe at or in North America at

333 is also available now on iTunes at

Get more HOUR OF 13 news and info at:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Monterrey, Mexico's THE ADVENT EQUATION Stuns and Inspires with Limitless Life Reflections

On October 11th, 2012 an awe-inspiring display of progressive/melodic metal called Limitless Life Reflections was independently released by Monterrey, Mexico's THE ADVENT EQUATION. The time is now for the rest of the world to experience this 60-minute juggernaut of power and beauty, one sure to appeal to fans of heavyweights like OPETH and KATATONIA. Limitless Life Reflections was mixed and produced by Alberto "Charles" Leal at Psicofonia Productions with studio mastering by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Amon Amarth, Devin Townsend) at Fascination Street studios, Örebro, Sweden. The striking artwork was created by Colin Marks (Nevermore, Scar Symmetry, All Shall Perish) at Rain Song Design, London, England.

The band as posted the song "Purification Lapse" at this location

Limitless Life Reflections can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby,, and other online retailers.

Glimpse of What May Be
On Darkness
Purification Lapse
A Descent Into The Unreal
Visions Of Pain
Afterlife Evolutionary
A Violent Motion

Monterrey, Mexico's THE ADVENT EQUATION has been officially active since 2008 and released an EP named Sounds from Within that same year. The EP was recorded in their hometown of Monterrey and mastered in Buenos Aires Argentina. The album released through Asenath Records with national distribution and great public reception. This material gave the band the opportunity to play in important events and festivals around Mexico, participating as opening acts for True, Haggard, and most recently Opeth. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pure Steel Christmas Super Sales 10% discount

The Pure Steel Christmas Price Campaign is on!!! If you like all those great Pure Steel artists we feature on Focus on Metal than now's the time to grab some metal goodness for yourselves or your favorite metalhead. You will get 10% discount on everything including some items that once they are gone, they're gone. They have tons of new items, special editions and more.

Like every year you can rely on the fact that Christmas without Pure Steel ins no Christmas.  The promo runs until December 26 and is only valid through the Pure Steel Shop


BONDED BY BLOOD have confirmed the dates for a 2013 European tour with VADER.

The "Back to the Black" tour kicks off on January 17th in Berlin, Germany, and also features ABORTED.  The tour will be BONDED BY BLOOD's first visit to Europe since the release of their new album, THE AFTERMATH.


"We are excited to announce that in January we are heading oversees to Europe to tour with the legendary Vader!  It's been a while since we have done a proper European tour and we just can't wait to get back out there and support The Aftermath live.  We look forward to meeting some new fans and seeing some familiar faces.  See you on the road!"

See BONDED BY BLOOD on tour in Europe at the following shows:

Jan. 17 - Berlin, Germany - K17
Jan. 18 - Jena, Germany - F-Haus
Jan. 19 - Essen, Germany - Turock
Jan. 20 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
Jan. 21 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Jan. 22 - Helmond, Netherlands - Lakei
Jan. 23 - Kassel, Germany - The Fiasko
Jan. 24 - Leffinge, Belgium - Devil's Corner
Jan. 25 - Reims, France - La Cartonnerie
Jan. 26 - Zurich, Switzerland - Alte Kaserne
Jan. 27 - Travagliato, Italy - Circolo Colony
Jan. 29 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Gala Hala
Jan. 30 - Vienna, Austria - Escape Metalcorner
Jan. 31 - Ingolstadt, Germany - Eventhalle Wespark
Feb. 02 - Paris, France - Le Forum
Feb. 03 - Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit
Feb. 05 - Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
Feb. 06 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
Feb. 07 - Manchester, UK - NQ Live
Feb. 08 - London, UK - Underworld
Feb. 09 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Baroeg
Feb. 10 - Alkmaar, Netherlands - Victorie

BONDED BY BLOOD's new album, THE AFTERMATH, was recorded with producer and former MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist LOGAN MADER (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DEVILDRIVER, GOJIRA) and is out now worldwide on CD.

Get THE AFTERMATH now on CD in Europe at or in North America at

THE AFTERMATH is also available now on iTunes, including two bonus tracks, at

Watch BONDED BY BLOOD's new music video for the track "Crawling in the Shadows" at

Get more BONDED BY BLOOD news and info at:

Saturday, December 8, 2012



Canadian heavy metal trio CAULDRON are currently on the road in Europe in support of their new album, TOMORROW'S LOST.

The band have just completed a string of UK dates, and are now due to kick off the second leg of the tour tonight - Friday, December 7th - in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  The band will also be joined by Dutch hard rockers VANDERBUYST for a number of shows from December 8th.

Watch video footage from CAULDRON's recent show in Birmingham at

See CAULDRON on tour in Europe at the following shows:

Dec. 07 - Eindhoven, Netherlands - The Jack
Dec. 08 - Essen, Germany - Turock *
Dec. 09 - Würzburg, Germany - Immerhin
Dec. 11 - Paris, France - Les Combustibles *
Dec. 12 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix *
Dec. 13 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle *
Dec. 14 - Osnabrück, Germany - Bastard Club *
Dec. 15 - Katwijk, Netherlands - Scum *
Dec. 16 - Barcelona, Spain - Rock Sound
Dec. 19 - Weert, Netherlands - Triangel
Dec. 20 - Breda, Netherlands - Mezz *
Dec. 21 - Heusden, Netherlands - Jonosh *
Dec. 22 - Steenwijk, Netherlands - Braindead Fest at Buze *
Dec. 23 - Berlin, Germany - K17 *
Dec. 27 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko *
Dec. 28 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013 *
Dec. 29 - Sliedrecht, Netherlands - Elektra *
Dec. 30 - Kerkrade, Netherlands - Rock Temple *
Dec. 31 - Groningen, Netherlands - Crowbar
Jan. 01 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Mayhem
Jan. 02 - Malmö, Sweden - Debaser
Jan. 03 - Växjö, Sweden - Kafe Deluxe
Jan. 04 - Stockholm, Sweden - Püssy A Go Go
Jan. 05 - Aland, Finland - Dino's Bar
Jan. 06 - Oslo, Norway - TBA
Jan. 07 - Gothenburg, Sweden - TBA
Jan. 08 - Brussels, Belgium - DNA


CAULDRON's new album, TOMORROW'S LOST, is out now in Europe on jewel case CD, digi-sleeve CD with a bonus disc featuring three cover tracks, and limited edition coloured vinyl with a bonus 7".

Get the album now in Europe at or get the European import in North America at

TOMORROW'S LOST is also available now on iTunes, including three bonus tracks, at

Watch CAULDRON's new music video for the track "Nitebreaker" at

Get more CAULDRON news and info at:

Jolly Roger Records is proud to announce the release of STRIKE - BACK IN FLAMES

Jolly Roger Records is proud to announce the release of STRIKE - BACK IN FLAMES.
It contains the self titled album of Italian Strike, originally released in 1981, plus 4 bonus tracks, all remastered.
"Strike" is the first italian HM album ever, before Vanadium and Vanexa! The story of all Italian HM scene started here!
Cd & Lp will be available in Europe on late January 2013.
Listen to "short cut to hell" on this link, following this link you can see a videoclip presentation of the album.

Tracklist :
LET ME GO (Demo)

More from Jolly Roger can be found here

Friday, December 7, 2012

ANGER AS ART to Headline Puerto Rico Show for Rock Spot Plus TV; Special ABATTOIR Set Planned

Thrashers ANGER AS ART will be headlining a festival-style show in San Juan, Puerto Rico on December 15th that will be broadcast on TV show Rock Spot Plus. The gig will be recorded/videotaped for possible future release by ANGER AS ART. In addition to performing ANGER AS ART material the band will close out the performance with a short set of ABATTOIR songs.

A promotional video for the Rock Spot Plus show can be viewed here:  

ANGER AS ART will release Hubris Inc. on February 5th,  2013 via Old School Metal Records. ANGER OF ART founder and Veteran of the Metal Wars Steve Gaines (Abattoir, Bloodlust, Tactics, Bitch, Dreams of Damnation, Pagan War Machine) states that the band's fourth album, which follows the well-received Disfigure, offers the kind of vicious, memorably penned thrash/speed metal that fans have come to expect without simply retracing the steps taken on previous albums.   
Adding to the album's immense appeal is a range of special guest appearances. "Rage and Retribution" features Betsy Bitch on vocals, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel) on lead guitar and Timothy Gaines (Stryper) on bass. Steve Nelson (Evil Dead) contributes backing vocals on "The Evil You Create." And last but certainly not least, "Speed Kills," which features Mark Caro (Abattoir) on lead guitar, was actually written for Abattoir back in 1984 and is performed by all Abattoir members.  
 ANGER AS ART has posted album track "Time Devours Life" at this location. 

1. Hubris Inc.
2. Time Devours Life
3. Gods of Hate
4. Anger is the Reason
5. Speed Kills
6. This is why I Hate
7. As the Exalted Seethe
8. Pearls Before the Swine
9. Divided We Fall
10. Head of the Snake
11. The Evil you Create
12. Pieces of Red
13. Rage and Retribution
14. Never Forgive Never Forget

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

NWOBHM Legends SATAN Sign With Listenable Records

New Wave of British Heavy Metal Legends SATAN have recently inked a deal with France's Listenable Records.

The band is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to an album entirely of new material written over the last 18 months. This is the culmination of a process that began when the original Court In The Act album line-up got together for an exclusive 'one-off' reunion show at Germany's 'KEEP IT TRUE' Festival last year.

This line-up had not performed together in 28 years. The band was somewhat overwhelmed with the response - ten minutes into headliners' CRIMSON GLORY's set the crowd could still be heard chanting for SATAN!

SATAN immediately booked more shows in Germany, Holland, Belgium, & London, and have since kept in close contact with each other, writing songs and making demos.

The new album, to be titled Life Sentence is scheduled for release in the spring of 2013. The full track listing is as follows:

Time to Die
Twenty Twenty Five
Siege Mentality
Tears of Blood
Life Sentence
Personal Demons
Another Universe

Fittingly, this will mark the 30th anniversary of their greatly acclaimed debut Court In The Act. The new album will also feature the same line-up that appeared on that now-classic piece of metal history. 

Live footage of SATAN performing "Trial by Fire" at Germany's Metal Assault Festival 2012 has been posted for your viewing pleasure at this location

SATAN Line-up:
Brian Ross - vocals
Steve Ramsey - Guitar
Russ Tippins - Guitar
Graeme English - Bass
Sean Taylor - Drums

Saturday, December 1, 2012

SACRED STEEL Signs With Cruz Del Sur

SACRED STEEL Signs With Cruz Del Sur; The Bloodshed Summoning Coming in February

...Come on! You know who SACRED STEEL is! 

What more should be said about them? Do we really need to introduce a band that has been on Metal Blade and Massacre Records, that has released eight full length albums and an additional three EPs?

Let's just say that the new album is called The Bloodshed Summoning and comes four years after their 2009 release Carnage Victory, but for old and new fans of SACRED STEEL, this one is well worth the long wait.

The Bloodshed Summoning concentrates as  lethal s dose of heavy riffing and aggression as any serious metal release should be made of, with moments that border on the edge of thrash metal.

The Bloodshed Summoning will be released February 16th  2013 through Cruz Del Sur Music on compact disc with three bonus tracks (including one Misfits cover), limited edition vinyl and digital formats.
For a complete history on SACRED STEEL visit 

Storm of Fire 1916  
No God / No Religion 
When the Siren Calls 
The Darkness of Angels 
The Bloodshed Summoning 
Under the Banner of Blasphemy 
Black Towers  
Crypts of the Fallen  
The Night They Came To Kill  
Join the Congregation  
Journey Into Purgatory   
Doomed to Eternal Hell
(CD Bonus Tracks) 
Perversions of the scriptures 
Unbinding the chains 
Dig Up Her bones (Misfits cover)

Kai Schindelar /Bass 
Jens Sonnenberg / Guitars 
Mathias Straub / Drums 
Jonas Khalil / Guitars 
Gerrit P. Mutz  / Vocals

Friday, November 30, 2012


British extreme metal record label Earache Records is currently celebrating 25 years of extreme music, and has released a YouTube Playlist featuring some of the label's best new and classic music videos.

The 25th Anniversary Playlist includes thirteen videos from the likes of ENTOMBED, EVILE, MORBID ANGEL, AT THE GATES, CARCASS, MUNICIPAL WASTE, NAPALM DEATH and more.

Watch the Earache 25th Anniversary Playlist now at

Earache is also celebrating its 25th anniversary with a very special "Secret History of Earache" issue of the UK's most extreme music magazine, Terrorizer.

Terrorizer's Secret History of Earache looks back at Earache's illustrious catalogue, examining classic albums from some of the biggest names in metal, revealing hidden gems, and looking ahead to the label's new generation of talent.  Also included are exclusive new interviews with MORBID ANGEL, NAPALM DEATH, AT THE GATES and CATHEDRAL, plus the true story of Earache in the words of its founder, Digby Pearson, along with many photos from deep within the Earache archives.

Each copy of the magazine also includes a free compilation CD featuring rare and unreleased tracks, including a brand new EVILE cover of ENTOMBED's classic track, "Drowned", plus the World's Shortest Album, which clocks in at less than one-and-a-half minutes.

Terrorizer's Secret History of Earache is out now in shops, and is also available from the Terrorizer website at

View some clips from the magazine:

Get more Earache news and info at:

Official site -