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Review - Onslaught - VI (AFM Records)

Due out on AFM Records in North America on September 24th (UK 9/23, Europe 9/20) Onslaught's "VI" is a satisfying slab of modern thrash. Last heard from in 2011with "Sounds of Violence" this new disc continues with what has been best described as their uncompromising approach to the genre.

The one marks the debut of new skin beater Mic Mourihan who's talents have been put to extremely good use. He's up front and center in fine thrash form and had added considerable heft to their overall sound.
All told this one is nine tracks that take no prisoners. I'm amazed at how well this UK based band had captured the spirit of all those classic San Fran bands. The spirit of bands like Death Angel are clearly within these guys.

So lets get to the tracks. 
It kicks off with a quick intro track "A New World Order" . Nothing special here but it does lend the required build up and shows that this is an album based band. Don't listen to a single song listen to the whole album. It's the way it should be IMHO. That intro resolves intro "Chaos is King". At this point you know where you stand.If you don't like this one then you need to exit the party now. All the pieces are here. It's the solid Onslaught sound that's been present since their fourth album "Killing Peace" which heralded their return after a 14 year absence.

Track 3 is "FuelFor My Fire". This one is very much in the Death Angel mode with a great riff and some killer drum fills. This one also has a great breakdown section tat actually rides out the song.
Next up is "Children of The Sand". It kicks of with a very cool chanting partake something t=you would hear from Orphaned Land. From their it transitions into a very infectious and insistent riff. Once Sy's vocals come in it starts to sound a bit like some countdown era Megadeth and the lyrical content is also something that we would expect to come from Mustaine or even perhaps Araya. A very cool track indeed. The coolest part of this one is the tempo which is not fast but because of the way it's performed it sounds much faster than it is. The solo on this is also top notch and worth several listens. Track 5 is "Slaughterize". This may be the first time I have heard a tremolo effect on a thrash song, but it sound damn fine on this one. The smog title sons like something Jeff Hanneman would have come up with and damn if this song wouldn't sound right at home on a Slayer album. With a refrain of "killing is my aim in life" this one sticks in your headlong after the listening is done. The solo for this one consists of some great fast harmony runs that you don't often hear anymore and it's another great example of this bands greatness. You from the brutality of that one to a gentle chimey music box sound but fear not that quickly builds to perhaps the coolest titled song on this one "66'Fuckin'6". Great lyrics on this one. Musically it's reminds me of Testament especially Sy's phrasing and the gang vocals. I give this one extra points for using the phrase "Chaos Legions". I am after all a devout follower of Arch Enemy. If we get a chance to talk to these guys it would be cool to find out if there's a connection. This one has the most extensive solo yet and it smokes. I should mention that despite some of the stylistic differences between songs the guitar tone remains essentially the same. Overdriven and midrangey it fits perfectly in the mix.

So six songs in and so far not a bad song or anything to really bitch about. Track seven "Cruci-Fiction" does nothing to dipole that. The first minute of this one has some truly tasty guitar work that literally raised the hair on my arms. Drums on this one are most excellent and it's apparent the song is built around them. I'm sure that live this one just slays. The beginning of the solo breaks even veers a bit into death metal territory with the quick palm muted breakdown. Lot's of nice twists and turns on this one and it will most likely be a favorite for true thrash devotees. Drums are once again the carrier of the next one "Dead Man Walking". I think if Vobeat decided to do a true thrash song this is what it would sound like, and it sounds killer. Then we are at the last track "Enemy of My Enemy" and it's more of the same. This one again sounds very much like it could be from Death Angel. Solid all the way through this last track does not let up. And at the very end my only minor gripe. They faded out the song. There's no fade out in thrash.It's a minor complaint I admit but it would have been much better to end this thing at full stop.

So there you have Onslaught's latest "VI" track by track. I have to give this one full bars. It's got nine totally solid thrash tracks with enough differences in approach to never get boring. . The artwork by Par Oloffson is topnotch too. What'snot to like. Metalheads do yourself a favor and put this one on your must buy list.

Sy Keeler - Vocals
Nige Rockett - Guitar
Andy Rosser-Davies - Guitar
Jeff Williams - Bass
Mic Mourihan - Drums

Friday, August 30, 2013

On Sept 13th Germany's STAINLESS STEEL are back with “Metal Machine"!

STAINLESS STEEL are back with “Metal Machine”! on Pure Underground Records

After the Karthago Release of “Molten Metal in your Back” the band kept very quiet. But now STAINLESS STEEL have got together again - like many 80s bands- and they are still true to pure Heavy Metal! Their new album sounds like it was directly from the 80s and many of the songs have been composed in the time in between, which gives you a very good impression of the bands development but, of course, this is nonsense. What do we mean by development? The band still is true 80s and this is perfect. No one needs 80s bands who want to sound modern. In many cases this is a catastrophe. If you should have accidentally confused STAINLESS STEEL from Germany with STAINLESS STEEL from Hungary, you will also get traditional Metal. But if it’s the same quality, that’s for you to decide!

1. Back In Your Minds
2. Master Of The Universe
3. Preachers Of Hate
4. Fear And Pain
5. Disaster
6. Kiss Of Judas
7. Fight To Survive
8. Riding On A Razorblade
9. Dirty Love
10. Death And Destruction
11. Hold On
12. We Want It – You’ve Got It
13. Land Of Eternal Fire

GOREGAST: "Covered in Skin" 7-inch EP Coming 9/27 on FDA Rekotz

German grindcore artists GOREGAST are set to release Covered in Skin, a 7-inch vinyl EP featuring two newly recorded songs, on September 27th via FDA Rekotz. 

The band's first recorded output since 2011's Desechos Humanos, the tunes featured on Covered in Skin will serve as a taste of things to come when GOREGAST releases their fourth full-length album in the spring of 2014. Expect some of the most rancid, dark, intense and catchy classic death metal set to tape with Covered in Skin. The EP was mixed and mastered by Andreas Hilbert (Golem) with cover artwork by Dedy (Badic Art).

Covered in Skin will be limited to 500 copies. Two editions will be offered, a clear green edition with an embroidered GOREGAST patch and sticker (100 copies) and a funeral black edition (400 copies, shipped with sticker). T-shirt/vinyl bundles are also available. Pre-orders for Covered in Skin are now being taken at this location

Check out the teaser video HERE

Side A: Covered In Skin 
Side B: Mindcreeper

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DARK DESIGN Debut Available for Pre-order

Heaven and Hell Records is now taking pre-orders for Prey for the Future
the debut from Raleigh, NC technical power thrashers DARK DESIGN. 
The album will out worldwide on September 10th with all pre-orders 
shipping at the end of August. The digital version is available now. 
To order, visit this location.    

Since early 2010, DARK DESIGN, comprised of members Ray Lewis (guitar),
 Mike Joyner (guitar), Andrew Bertrand (vocals), and rhythm section 
Matt (bass) and Robbie Mercer (drums), have built a strong fan base in their 
local metal scene. Their technical prowess and progressive song structuring 
have often been compared to that of Death, Toxik, and Anacrusis. 
As buzz of the band began to grow they were requested to play the 
2012 Warriors of Metal Festival in Ohio. Meanwhile, the band remained 
focused on material for their debut album. Prey for the Future was recorded 
earlier this year by John E Wooten(Widow U.S) and mastered by Jamie King
 at The Basement Studios. 

Heaven and Hell Records is pleased to offer their newest digital sampler, 
Over the Top, as a free download. The comp features 21 tracks from 
Download Over the Top free of charge 

OVERTORTURE Announce German Tour

Swedish death metal brutes OVERTORTURE will invade Germany next week for a series of shows dubbed the "At the End the Dead Await Tour 2013." The action kicks off on September 7th in Mannheim with FLESHCRAWL, REVEL IN FLESH and RAW. 

OVERTORTURE - At the End the Dead Await Tour 2013: 

9/07 @ 7er Club - Mannheim, Ger. w/ Fleshcrawl, Revel In Flesh & RAW
9/08 @ Steinbruch Theater - Darmstadt, Ger. w/ Nile, Ex-Deo & Svart Crown 
9/09 @ Bastard Club - Osnabrück, Ger. w/ Embedded & Burial Vault
9/10 @ TBA - SHOW WANTED!  
9/11 @ Alte Zuckerfabrik - Rostock, Ger. w/ Armagenda & Dystopia
9/12 @ Cocktailbar im KUZ OHZ - Osterholz Scharmbeck, Ger. 
9/13 @ Morbide Festspiele 15 - Bischofswerda, Ger. w/ Defeated Sanity & Disinter
9/14 @ Schlachtfest XII, Aurich, Ger. w/ Nailed To Obscurity, Krow & Epitome 

OVERTORTURE released their debut, At the End the Dead Await, to critical acclaim in January of this year via Apostasy Records. Selections from the record and ordering information can be found at

Featuring veteran players from GRAVE, COLDWORKER, DEMONICAL, and INSISION, it will come as no surprise that with At the End the Dead Await OVERTORTURE has created a work of overwhelming brutality, tempered only by a penchant for melody. Self-produced by the band and mixed/mastered by Ola Englund (SIX FEET UNDER), the album is made complete with the artwork of Gustav Germann (Guger Art) who has also worked with HAIL OF BULLETS and VOMITORY. Recommended for fans of BLOODBATH, GRAVE, VOMITORY, and BOLT THROWER

"Overtorture displays a lot more than most death metal bands coming out these days."
 - Wicked Channel

"These dudes kill the mid-tempo death metal style, but also tear it up with some well dropped blasts.  This record combines a nice mix of old school Swedish death with some new school slamming and some proper slow doom parts.  The end result is a grooving piece of death metal for modern metalheads and old schoolers alike to rip to pieces." 
- November 24th Spawned A Monster

"...At the End the Dead Await is worth hearing if you're a fanatic for old bands like Grave and Seance, or more recent devotees like Feral, Mr. Death, Entrails, Corpsessed, etc."

- From the Dust Returned 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sevared Records to Release 'Sorrow and Skin' from Boston Death Metallers SCALPEL

Heed the warning and take cover in preparation. On September 3rd Sevared Records will release Sorrow and Skin from Boston Death Metal Force SCALPEL. 

Death Metal is a visceral art that is dependent upon the extreme dedication of its loyal fans. SCALPEL has no other purpose than to deliver a version of this art to those same fans whose lives have been claimed by the likes of SUFFOCATION, CARCASS, and DEATH. It is in this vein that SCALPEL constructs its own brutal dirges, devoid of genre restriction and with an eagerness to explore the darker realms of music. The band is rooted firmly in the old school aesthetic, vigilant to revive the gnarly riffage and macabre lyrical content of so many vicious death metal acts. SCALPEL creates its own art to be maddening and precise, to fulfill the connotations of its name.

Nefarious Realm has posted the exclusive premier of the title track from Sorrow and Skin. Check it out at this location.  

For more selections from Sorrow and Skin, including album tracks "Sentinels of Severed Flesh" and "Ripe," live footage and more, visit

Pre-order the album at

SCALPEL will be performing a show with the mighty GORGUTS on September 8th at The Palladium in Worcester, Mass. in celebration of the release of Sorrow and Skin. The band will follow that gig with another blockbuster opening for MORBID ANGEL on November 10th at The Middle East in Cambridge, Mass. For details and updates, follow SCALPEL at the links listed below. 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Bassist Eric Bryan Joins L.A. Thrashers ANGER AS ART

Eric Bryan, known for his bass and vocal work with California's Necroscope, 
and Abstract Prayer, and perhaps more famously as the 'metal fan/bass player 
with the cool posters and figurines' in the Sam Dunn documentary film 
"Metal: A Headbanger's Journey," has joined the ranks of ANGER AS ART
 in time for the band's US tour dates through 2013 and 2014.

Says founding member Steve Gaines: "We have known Eric since 
Anger As Art supported Overkill back in 2005. He gave a very in depth 
critique of our debut album, one that let me know he listened closely. 
We did radio and print interviews with him... I joined his band onstage... 
only later did I realize he was the same guy from the movie.  
Just a good guy, and an old soul. When we found our bassist position open,
 he came in and nailed it." 

Eric's first show with AAA took place on August 9 in Los Angeles, CA. 
Video footage from that night can be seen at this location
Check out the bassist's appearance in "Metal: A Headbanger's Journey"HERE

ANGER AS ART released their fourth full-length, Hubris Inc., in February
 of this year on Old School Metal Records. Called a "full-frontal, thrashtastic 
aural assault" by Bravewords' Kelley Simms, Hubris Inc. is one of the most 
aggressive and intense albums in the band's career. The album is available 
on CD and picture disc at

Check out the official video for the track 'Time Devours Life' at this location

"Hubris Inc. is largely an enjoyable release, and proves that Anger as Art
still has it in them to write some of the most energetic and catchy thrash material."
- Heavy Metal Tribune

"This is the fourth album by this four piece thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA and you get
 fourteen songs that will blow your hair back. This brings back the memories of when there were 
a ton of great thrash albums out, and could slide in with those albums from back in the 80s 
with no problem." - Hails & Horns

"If you are looking for thrash/speed metal, Anger As Art is the band you want to be listening to."

Unholy Anarchy Records Taking Pre-orders for ASHENCULT/MEPHORASH Split

On September 15th, Unholy Anarchy Records will unleash Opus Serpens
a split release featuring two of underground black metal's most impressive 

From the darkest corners of the occult comes Opus Serpens. This 10-inch 
split is pressed on a limited silver vinyl and traditional black vinyl. Each 
copy comes with a custom patch and poster of the cover art, which was 
crafted by Italian mastermind Paolo Girardi. Pre-orders for Opus Serpens 
are now being taken at this location

Philadelphia's ASHENCULT self-released their debut album, 
Black Flame Gnosis, last year on both CD and digital formats, receiving 
praise from a variety of press outlets.  For the Opus Serpens split, 
ASHENCULT offers "My Tenth Death," the band's first new material 
since the debut. The track provides a glimpse of what's to come from this 
exceptional and up-and-coming USBM act. Unholy Anarchy Records 
will also be releasing Black Flame Gnosis as a gatefold 12-inch LP in 
October. Stay tuned for pre-order information and details on this 
exceptional slab of vinyl.

Swedish misanthropes MEPHORASH deliver a haunting dose of occult 
Black Metal on their side, with the track "Atramentous Ungod Aspect."
 Guest vocals for the song were provided by the unholiest of them all; 
Acherontas V. Priest. Sink your teeth into this expertly crafted slice of 
occult Black Metal. is hosting a stream of
 "Atramentous Ungod Aspect." To listen, go HERE

Side Ashencult - My Tenth Death 
Side Mephorash - Atramentous Ungod Aspect 

Unholy Anarchy Records & Distro is an independently owned and operated family business that 
focuses on maintaining the importance of physical music formats, especially vinyl.  The label 
was founded with the hopes of delivering quality underground metal, punk and hardcore from 
artists and labels we respect.  They are dedicated to helping the scene, the bands, and delivering 
music to you.  Unholy Anarchy has made every effort to stock rare imports and hard to find 
albums for our U.S. customer base, and hope you find Unholy Anarchy a collective that 
you can stand behind.

Junior Mciver

   Myself and Scott are huge Megadeth fans and have been for a very very long time. We had often said both on and off the air that we would love to have a member of the band on for an interview. So then the bucket list starts, Mustaine first and then probably Ellefson followed by maybe Friedman and so on. I know Scott had talked to Chris Poland in the past but Peace Sells is 27 years old now (fuckin' hell.....really!) and he had a bit part on The System Has Failed, no disrespect to him but he is not recent Megadeth or part of what is considered the classic Rust In Peace line-up.

   I did set a goal of trying to get Mustaine or Junior on the show. The problem is I'm wet behind the ears when it comes to tracking down these guys. I knew Ellefson had the book coming out because we had talked to co-author Joel Mciver back in March and he touched on this amongst other things. Joel is scheduled soon for a more in depth chat about the book, what's great is he asked me could he come back on but I'm getting a little ahead of myself  here.

   So here's how our chat with Junior went down. I checked online to see who the publicist was and then I contacted them using the e-mail provided on their website giving some basic background info about the show. A couple of days later I received a reply saying that they would love to schedule Ellefson for an interview. I replied saying thank you and would there be any chance of receiving a promo copy of the book because we would like to read it before the interview. The book duly arrived and a week later we were given a day and time to talk to Dave. That's it, not rocket science at all. The luck of the Irish maybe.

   The chat with Ellefson went well but we were only given 30 minutes, that's fine if someone is on promoting a new album but a problem when it's their whole life they are talking about. We are only scratching the surface of the surface here and Dave's a good talker so he guides you in the conversation and believe you and me that's fine. You had better have your 2 questions ready (I got 3 in......yippee). It was great talking to him and it's in the can until closer to the books release date.

   So Joel knew we were going to chat with Dave and he asked could he come back on too. You know what, that to me is GREAT because it shows that you are doing something right. For sure he's advertising the book but we already had Ellefson to promote it. Joel's great to talk to and I know that will be a great companion piece to the other interview. Every interview we do we invite the guest on at some future date blah blah blah and we are genuine when we say it. Making it happen is another story so for someone to ask me could they come back on is a first.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ghost Avenue signs with Pitch Black Records

Pitch Black Records announces the addition of Norway’s GHOST AVENUE (formerly GHOST) to its roster of artists and the release of the band’s (self-titled) second album.

Formed in 2002, GHOST AVENUE quickly managed to fine-tune their sound and gain a massive fan base after many live shows and some great reviews on their 2010 debut. Offering a unique blend of classic hard rock and 80’s heavy metal and despite the obvious preference for the classics, the band manages to achieve a contemporary sound with music that’s full of melody and catchy tunes.
The musicianship is excellent throughout the album and there’s no doubt that GHOST AVENUE’s hard rocking metal sound will make anyone head bang over and over again! The album is superbly mixed and mastered by Vagelis Maranis at Maranis Studios in Germany.

The band commented on signing with Pitch Black Records: “We are stoked to be joining forces with Pitch Black Records and have high hopes for our future relationship. Being a passionate, hardworking, down to earth label with focus on great music without worrying too much about specific genres, Pitch Black seemed like a perfect match for GHOST AVENUE. We have got a killer album ready and can’t wait to start working with Pitch Black to get our music out to the masses!”

“Ghost Avenue” will be released worldwide on October 8th 2013 on CD and digital through Pitch Black Records and a song taken off the album is now available for free download and streaming.
GHOST AVENUE are: Kim Sandvik: vocals Øystein Wiik: guitars André Berger: guitars Magnus Liseter: bass Petter Lein: drums

Ghost Avenue
Rock ‘n Roll Tree
The Hunt
The Right Direction
Crazy Eyes
Treasure Chest
All I Can Say
Out on the Street
When the Going Gets Tough
Two Drinks

For more information visit

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ABOMINANT: 'Onward to Annihilation' Out Now on Deathgasm Records

Onward to Annihilation, the 10th studio album from Kentucky Death Metal 
veterans ABOMINANT, is out now on Deathgasm Records.  

Two decades of violent death metal warfare have led ABOMINANT to this
 unrelenting and brutal statement of USDM! Featuring the band's most 
memorable collection of material to date, including a wicked cover of 
HYPOCRISY's "Left to Rot" and a refreshing molten metal surprise 
called "Hold your Ground," Onward to Annihilation is ABOMINANT's 
career best. Metal above all!   

Album track "Legions of Hell" is now streaming at this location.  

From now until Friday, August 30th, and Deathgasm 
Records are offering the chance to win a copy of Onward to Annihilation
along with MASADA's Hideous Rot EP and FAITHXTRACTOR's 
The Great Shadow Infiltrator
Onward to Annihilation can be purchased at

We are Coming
Conquerors of Dust
Left to Rot
Onward to Annihilation
Hold your Ground
Beside the Dying Flame
Legions of Hell


RIVAL SONS are due to kicked off a US tour Tuesday, August 20th - at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado.  The band will be playing a number of shows supporting rock legend SAMMY HAGAR, as well as a number of headlining dates.

RIVAL SONS have also been nominated at the Classic Rock Awards for the third year in a row, with their latest album, HEAD DOWN, up for the "Album of the Year" award.

Vote for RIVAL SONS now in the Classic Rock Awards at

RIVAL SONS drummer MICHAEL MILEY comments:

"Classic Rock has been too kind to us!  We're stoked to be nominated for Album of the Year, and in amazing company to boot.  And as per the usual, we're staying busy.  We just finished two awesome festivals in Norway, and with a new bassist, David Beste.  The shows were flawless and fun; we're excited about that.  Jetlagged as hell now as we speak, but today we embark on three weeks in the USA again, doing some headlining shows, as well as a few with Mr. Sammy Hagar - a real honor.  So we definitely ain't goin' 55!  Love and light to all our fans.  See you soon!"

See RIVAL SONS on tour at the following shows:

Aug. 20 - Loveland, CO - Budweiser Events Center *
Aug. 22 - Columbia, MO - Mojo's
Aug. 23 - Chicago, IL - Charter One *
Aug. 24 - St. Paul, MN - Minnesota State Fair *
Aug. 25 - Milwaukee, WI - Rave Bar
Aug. 26 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theater *
Aug. 27 - Indianapolis, IN - Old National Center
Aug. 29 - Whitesburg, KY - Summit City
Aug. 30 - Nashville, TN - 3rd & Lindsley
Aug. 31 - St. Louis, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater *
Sep. 04 - Paso Robles, CA - Vina Robles Amphitheatre *
Sep. 05 - Lincoln, CA - Thunder Valley Casino Resort *
Sep. 06 - Lake Tahoe, CA - South Shore Room (free entry)
Sep. 07 - San Francisco, CA - America's Cup *


RIVAL SONS' latest album, HEAD DOWN, is out now on CD and limited edition vinyl.  Get the album from the Earache Webstore in North America at or in Europe at

HEAD DOWN is also available on iTunes at

Watch the official music video for "Until the Sun Comes" at

Get more RIVAL SONS news and info at:

Official site -
Facebook -
Twitter -

TÝR release new single, "Mare Of My Night," on

Valkyrja, the seventh full-length album from the Faroe Islands natives, TÝR, will be released on September 17th in North America, and September 13th/16th in Europe/UK. After having unveiled the opening track on the album, the band has launched the second track, "Mare of My Night," on Stream the song new HERE.

Vocalist/guitarist Heri Joenson comments: "Mare Of My Night was by far the most difficult song on the album to write, music wise. What I usually do is work on a basic idea, a melody with a chord progression. I make variations over the basic idea and then I pick out the best variations for the respective parts of the song, verse, chorus etc. For this one I had more variations than ever before and I made more versions of this song that I've ever done before, so it was very difficult to choose. I'm still not sure I made the best possible song, which is not a satisfying feeling at all. But there you have it.

As for the text, once I went to work on it, it was written in a day or two, in the evenings during studio time. I had the title and the story line long in advance. It's based on the mare from folklore, the human-like creature that lies on top of you, riding you, causing bad dreams. As in nightmare, riding like a mare etc. Our anonymous viking, the protagonist of the story, finds in this song that his earthly woman has gone from being a goddess to being nightmare. It is also the most sexually explicit piece of lyric I have written so far."

For Valkyrja, TýR collaborated with Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark. Along with Hansen, the band recruited acclaimed drummer George Kollias to act as studio drummer and Leaves' Eyes vocalist Liv Kristine joined vocalist/guitarist Heri Joensen for a vocal duet on "The Lay of Our Love."

The opening track to the album, "Blood of Heroes," is streaming now at, where Valkyrja is also available for pre-order. Limited edition pre-order bundles are available that include TýR rune pendants, t-shirt, vinyl LP, and the CD.

About Valkyjra:
Valkyrja is a concept album with a story line based loosely around an anonymous Viking age warrior who leaves his woman and goes off to impress the Valkyrie on the battlefield so that she may bring him to Valhalla, or to Fólkvangr, the home of Freyja—the goddess associated with love, sexuality, beauty, fertility, gold, sorcery, war, and death. One can say the album is also indirectly about women and how they affect men and what men will do to impress and obtain women. Front man and founder Heri Joensen goes on to explain; "the woman that the warrior leaves may represent the earthly women. Freyja, The Lady Of The Slain, may represent the perfection of Women, and the Valkyrie is the link between the two, taking men from earthly to godly women."

TÝR will be on tour September - October with Finntroll in Europe. Dates are available below as well as at

08/10   Klaksvik, FO                 Summarfestivalurin
Tour w/ Finntroll
09/06    Haugesund, NO                        Byscenen
09/08    Aarhus, DK                   Voxhall
09/09    Hamburg, DE               Markthalle
09/10    Nürnberg. DE               Hirsch
09/11    Wroclaw, PL                 Alibi
09/12    Krakow, PL                   Kwadrat
09/13    Budapest, HU                Club 202
09/14    Brasov, RO                   Rockstadt
09/15    Bukarest, RO                Silver Church
09/17    Zagreb, HRV                 Mochvara
09/18    Wien, AT                      Szene
09/19    Prag, CZ                       Nova Chmelnice
09/21    Bochum, DE                 Matrix
09/22    Augsburg, DE               Kantine
09/23    Wörgl, AT                    Komma
09/24    Milano, IT                     R'n'R Arena
09/25    Pratteln, CH                  Z7
09/26    Aschaffenburg, DE        Colos-Saal
09/27    Speyer, DE                   Halle 101
09/28    Jena, DE                       F-Haus
09/29    Brugge, BE                   Factor
09/30    Norwich, UK                 Waterfront
10/01    Glasgow, UK                 Classic Grand
10/02    Manchester, UK             NQ Live
10/03    Dublin, IE                     The Pint
10/04    Bilston, UK                    Robin 2
10/05    London, UK                  The Garage
10/06    Lille, FR                         Le Splendid
10/08    Strasbourg, FR                         La Laiterie
10/09    Lyon, FR                      La Salle Du Kao
10/10    Geneve, CH                  L'Usine
10/11    Istres, FR                      L'Usine
10/12    Skien, NO                     1001 Watt Festival * Headlining
10/13    Madrid, ES                    Rockkitchen/ Caracol
10/14    Toulouse, FR                Le Bikini

Keep up to date with TÝR at the following locations:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Former MEGADETH Drummer NICK MENZA Unveils Book Title

Reclusive former Megadeth star Nick Menza has been writing, recording and producing constantly but only releasing sporadic singles for years but now, he’s opening the floodgates with the upcoming release of his memoir, “Nick Menza: Megalife” by acclaimed writer J. Marshall Craig. The cover art is expected to be released some time next week.

“Megadeth was a big part of my story,” Menza says, “but it was just one part. Jeff (Craig) has got me to talk about IT ALL!”

The book, which was written over the past 18 months, is in negotiations for release in late 2013. It features rare and never-before-seen photos of Menza with every band he’s ever been in, including, of course, the mega-selling Megadeth. “It’s a memoir of music,” writer Craig says, “But a lot more. It’s a book about chasing the ultimate gig, the ultimate drum setup, the ultimate sound and, it will come as not surprise to Nick’s fans, the ultimate aliens, government conspiracies and anything else his muse sees fit to lay across his path.

His first performance was at the age of two on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival when legendary jazz percussionist Jack DeJohnette (Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, Joe Henderson) placed Nick on his kit. Thirty years later he was stepping out on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans every night.

Menza, son of legendary jazz saxophonist Don Menza, was at the top of his game when Megadeth started a world tour in support of its album “Cryptic Writings” but began to suffer knee problems and escalating pain. Doctors diagnosed him with a tumor. Surgery waylaid the drummer briefly, but he was relieved to learn the tumor was benign and was eager to rejoin his band mates, who had continued their tour with a replacement drummer. But deteriorating relations within the band exploded and Menza was replaced permanently. 

What does Nick have to say about it all now? “Buy the book it’s all in there!”

“Nick Menza: Megalife,” by J. Marshall Craig, is due in stores, in Kindle and eBook versions in late 2013.
J. Marshall Craig is best known for his critically acclaimed work as writer for Eric Burdon's “Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood,” Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell's “Between Rock and a Home Place,” West Coast hip-hop history “Guilty By
Association” (Damizza and J. Marshall Craig). Author of more than a dozen books, his work has been translated and published all over the world.

Johnny Thrash of the "The Oath" metal radio show, which airs on the KBZS-FM / 106.3 The Buzz station in Wichita Falls, Texas, recently conducted an interview with Menza. You can now listen to the two part chat at this location

For more information visit the new official Nick Menza site, 

Nick will be featured on an upcoming episode of Focus on Metal.

MASTER: Pre-orders Now Available For "The Witchhunt"

The Witchhunt, the forthcoming 12th studio album from death metal pioneers MASTER, is now available for pre-order.
Set for a September 27th worldwide release on Germany's FDA Rekotz, The Witchhunt will be available on digital, CD and white, black or blue vinyl formats. Several pre-order CD/LP + t-shirt packages are being offered. FDA Rekotz and MASTER are also offering an 'Ultimate Fan Package' that includes the album on CD and vinyl, a MASTER t-shirt, patch and sticker and a copy of "SPECKMANN - Underground Survivor - The Pictoral," a limited edition, 196-page book featuring pictures and stories from MASTER founder and death metal pioneer Paul Speckmann.  
Check out the pre-order options at this location.   

The Witchhunt features 11 brand new tracks of classic and catchy death metal played with the intensity and attitude that MASTER fans have come to rely upon over the years. The album's thick, massive production demonstrates the band's superb musicianship and songwriting skills. This is an album that sees MASTER at the top of their 20+ year career. Artwork for The Witchhunt comes courtesy of ArtWars Media Design.   
The Witchhunt
Plans of Hate
Another Suicide
  Waiting to Die
The Parable
God of Thunder
Remove the Clowns
Raise your Sword
Wipe out the Aggressor
Manipulated to Exterminate
The American Dream
For info and updates on MASTER, visit

Monday, August 19, 2013

Review - The Winery Dogs (Loud and Proud Records)


   We got to interview Richie Kotzen last week and he seemed a nice enough guy. I couldn't help but feel in some way sorry for him through no fault of his own. He's always been a super-talented guitar player and a much better singer then most give him credit for. The problem with him is timing. He joined Poison in the 90's when that scene was all over bar the shouting. He replaced Paul Gilbert in Mr. Big in the latter part of that decade. The work he did with both was solid, Native Tongue is my favourite Poison album and Actual Size is a great Mr.Big record ten years too late.

   Both bands reform with their original popular line-ups releasing new material and what of Mr. Kotzen? Back to releasing solid solo albums to little or no fanfare, well except Eddie Trunk but I will get back to that in a minute.

   Mike Portnoy and John Sykes go on That Metal Show and announce a new power trio with Billy Sheehan. I was genuinely excited as I loved Sykes playing and he hadn't released anything new in what seemed like forever. Then it became obvious why, it took him forever to put 2 feet in a recording studio. The other 2 couldn't wait so enter Richie Kotzen via prompt from Eddie Trunk. He's not technically following Sykes because they released nothing but he is really.

   I like Eddie, I really do and he's done a lot for hard rock and metal over the years but you'd swear he's in the band. He also has a vested interest in their success because to him he orchestrated all this. I have no doubt he loves the record, for the most part I believe he is honest in his opinions but to him this band is the second coming of Christ.

   Scott hit the nail on the head last week when he said to me it's Mr. Big without Eric Martin singing and Portnoy hitting more drums on a bigger kit. Go listen to the Get Over It and Actual Size albums and tell me I'm wrong. I'm not saying it's crap though. Kotzen, Sheehan and Portnoy are too talented for that it's just been done before.

   There are some great songs here like Elevate, Desire or my personal favourite You Saved Me and yes they play everything impeccably. If anything it showcases how good a singer Kotzen really is on a bigger stage. It's a really good album and at times great. I can't help feeling that Billy Sheehan has the Mr. Big thing in the back of his mind, playing with Sykes would have been new and fresh. As for Portnoy well check back tomorrow to see if he is still on the drum stool.


Albums that I love (for the most part) that people hate

  I was not an Udo guy at all. The first glimpse I had of the band was the video for Balls To The Wall, wow what a great riff and then this blonde short haired guy with army clothes was front and center. Definitely not my image of metal, the others had the look but Udo was selling it and then he opened his mouth. Not buying, I thought they were by and large a second rate knock off of Judas Priest with a crap singer.

   New Accept album? Not arsed followed by a laugh. Then a friend of mine gave me this and I instantly loved the first song X-T-C and much preferred David Reece's voice. Definitely more commercial then their previous stuff but at the time that song structure, production and look was it. Love the tracks Generation Clash, Hellhammer, D-Train and Prisoner. Will admit that I Can't Believe In You and Mistreated are pants though.

   By and large the band hate this album as it was the ultimate sell out. David Reece was forced on them and they never got on. The old school fans cried what the fuck, potential converts couldn't give a fuck and then they were gone till the inevitable reunion.

   As for my take now on the earlier Udo albums, being honest I appreciate them better now and there are some great tracks on them. I absolutely love Midnight Mover from Metal Heart. I still don't think they are groundbreaking though. I much prefer the Scorpions and think Blood Of The Nations and Stalingrad are fantastic and easily stand up to anything in the catalogue.


Review - David Ellefson with Joel McIver- My Life With Deth (Howard Books)

So Dave has had his say and now it's Junior's turn. For a lot of people out there Mustaine is Megadeth. He's the leader, voice, chief songwriter, lead and rhythm guitarist, producer etc. His is the definitive book on the band.

   Ellefson says in the book that in Megadeth he is the lieutenant to Mustaine and he is fine with that. Often he played the role of diplomat within the band smoothing over some of the cracks, teaching the new members the parts. The good cop to Mustaine's bad one. He is an integral part of the band's history but a band member nonetheless. This book is about his journey in life
                                                         and not a Megadeth book.

   Often you want the story to skip the childhood bits and get to the good stuff but they are important here. His rural and Lutheran upbringing near Jackson, Minnesota are in stark contrast to his L.A lifestyle and his descent into drink and  drugs. Many of these rock star bios drug dependencies can be traced to a broken home and/or abusive parents. Not Ellefsons whose family by all accounts have strong ties, religious and work values. It's peer group pressure and a hatred of L.A for not living up to his expectations that started it all. Having older chemists like Gar, Chris and Dave left him with little choice. It's amazing but you'd never know it from the music which was and still is fantastic.

   Having Mustaine as the outspoken voice of the band allowed Ellefson's  drug use to go largely under the radar. He was the quiet guy in the band and he admits he was a functioning addict. Boy did he burn the candle at both ends. Booze, coke, heroin, methadone, the lot. It's all laid bare here. The Monsters of Rock gig in front of 107,000 at Donington should have been a triumph but instead he was dope sick because he couldn't score in England.

   A fear of death, a realization of what he had become and the fact that no matter what he took he couldn't get high anymore allowed him to see what he really was. A rock star for sure but a sorry excuse for a human being. It had to end and the solution started with his religious upbringing and giving his life to god and following a principle he calls Good Orderly Direction.

   Being sober since the early 90's allows Ellefson to tell with great clarity how his personal life has improved and give his take on subsequent albums and tours with Megadeth. His time outside of the band working for Peavy and going back to college are described as some of the happiest times of his life spiritually if not financially. God and family are everything to him. Anyone expecting him to throw some of the past band members under the bus well you won't find it here, he's just not that kind of guy. Once a diplomat always the diplomat, high or no.

   Kudos must go to Joel Mciver for badgering Ellefson to tell the tale and getting it onto paper. It's not overtly preachy as Ellefson himself says in the final chapters that his religious lifestyle works for him and is a constant work in progress. It is his story, it is well told and the guy is still here making great music.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER announce Fall North American headlining tour

The Black Dahlia Murder will be embarking on a headlining tour across North American this Fall. Joining them for this particular run are Skeletonwitch, Fallujah, Noisem (10/24-11/19), and Wolvhammer (11/20-11/27). The tour will begin on October 24th in Cleveland, OH and ends on November 27th in Flint, MI. The confirmed list of shows is below, and on the band's facebook page:

The Black Dahlia Murder just returned home from a long summer on tour as part of the Van's Warped Tour. At the Ventura, CA stop of the tour, Brian Eschbach, Ryan Knight, Max Lavelle, and Alan Cassidy, recorded their parts for "Into the Everblack" from the band's new album, "Everblack." The performance is streaming now at Additionally, videos for each individual performance have been posted at

"Everblack," the band's new album, debuted at #32 on the Billboard Top 200, #3 on the Billboard Current Hard Music Albums chart (behind Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone Age). Additional chart debuts include #3 on the Billboard Hard Music Albums, #9 on the Billboard Independent Albums, and #30 on the Hits Albums Chart. Additionally, the album peaked at #15 on the iTunes album chart, and #2 on the iTunes Metal chart, second only to living legends Black Sabbath.

The Black Dahlia Murder's new music video for "Goat of Departure" was also recently made available, and be seen on youtube HERE. The video, directed by Ben Mayer, was filmed in the band's hometown of Detroit, MI last month. In typical TBDM fashion, it is over-the-top and even features the return of a classic TBDM character, and a real, live goat. 

"the mesmeric fretwork of Ryan Knight cements his position as one of the finest axeman in the business" Metal Hammer (UK)

"The are few bands in death metal more accomplished, consistent, and plain likeable than The Black Dahlia Murder." Terrorizer Magazine

"[TBDM] embody what modern death metal should be: immediate, ferocious, and wrapped in a coffin of awesome riffs.  And that's exactly what you get on the band's fantastic new album."

The Black Dahlia Murder
Tour w/ Skeletonwitch, Fallujah,
Noisem (10/24-11/19), Wolvhammer (11/20-11/27)
10/24    Cleveland, OH              Peabodys
10/25    Lancaster, PA                Chameleon Club
10/26    Brooklyn, NY                Knitting Factory
10/27    Providence, RI              The Met
10/28    Burlington, VT              Higher Ground
10/29    Quebec City, QC          Le Cercle
10/30    Montreal, QC                La Tulipe
10/31    Ottawa, ON                  Ritual
11/01    London, ON                 Rum Runners
11/02    Toronto, ON                 Mod Club
11/04    Thunder Bay, ON         CROCKS
11/06    Winnipeg, MB               WECC
11/07    Saskatoon, SK              Louis'
11/08    Edmonton, AB              Avenue Theatre
11/09    Calgary, AB                  The Den
11/11    Vancouver, BC             The Biltmore
11/12    Spokane, WA               The Center
11/13    Eugene, OR                  WOW Hall
11/15    Fresno, CA                   Strummer's
11/16    Pomona, CA                 Glasshouse
11/17    Tucson, AZ                   The Rock
11/19    Odessa, TX                   Far West Event Center
11/20    Oklahoma City, OK       Conservatory
11/21    Springfield, MO             Outland Ballroom
11/22    St. Louis, MO                Firebird
11/23    Iowa City, IA                Blue Moose
11/24    Bloomington, IL                        The Castle Theatre
11/25    Joliet, IL                        Mojoes
11/26    Grand Rapids, MI          The Intersection
11/27    Flint, MI                        The Machine Shop

09/18    Bochim, DE                   Matrix
09/19    Paris, FR                       L'Empreinte 
09/20    London, UK                  Islington Academy 
09/21    Manchester, UK             NQ Live 
09/22    Glasgow, UK                 Cathouse 
09/24    Brussels, BE                 Magasin 4 
09/25    Enschede, NL                Atak 
09/27    Stockholm, SE              Klubben 
09/28    Gothenburg, SE            Stickey Fingers 
09/29    Oslo, NO                      John Dee 
09/30    Copenhagen, DK          Little Vega 
10/01    Berlin, DE                     Magnet 
10/02    Hamburg, DE                Logo 
10/04    Munich, DE                   Hansa 39
10/05    Leipzig, DE                    Conne Island
10/06    Vienna, AT                    Szene 
10/07    Milan, IT                       Live Forum 
10/08    Solothurn, CH              Kofmehl 
10/09    Stuttgart, DE                 Universum 
10/10    Frankfurt, DE               Batschkapp

FDA Rekotz Releasing Limited Edition INCARCERATION Cassette

FDA Rekotz is set to release the cassette version of Sacrifice, the three-track EP from German-by-way-of-Brazil death metallers INCARCERATION. This instant collector's item is limited to 100 copies only and each order comes with an MP3 download of the EP. Order now at this location

The EP's opening track, "Forsaken and Forgotten" is now playing on the FDA Rekotz homepage. To listen, visit

1) Forsaken And Forgotten 
2) Sacrifice 
3) Cemetery Of Lies

INCARCERATION was formed in 2010 in Brazil and moved to the Northern Germany, intent on spreading an unholy plague inspired by the fastest riffs of Nihilist, Repugnant, early Sepultura or Sadistic Intent. The band delivers classic necrotic death metal straight to the head with lyrics about existence, suffering and death.  

Next month, INCARCERATION will raise hell across the European countryside with Brazilian death metal horde ESCARNIUM as part on the Terror Over Europe Tour 2013.

Incarceration w/ Escarnium Terror Over Europe Tour Dates: 

13.09 Wolfsburg, GER @ SVJH Ost 
14.09 Hoogeveen, HOL @ Alien Music Cave 
15.09 Groningen, HOL @ The Pit 
16.09 Eindhoven, HOL @ The Rambler 
17.09 Arnhem, HOL @ Willemeen 
18.09 TBA - Holland/Belgium
19.09 TBA - Holland/Belgium/West Germany/North France 
20.09 TBA - Holland/Belgium/West Germany/North France 
21.09 Wermelskirchen GER @ NRW Deathfest 
22.09 TBA - South Germany
23.09 Milan, Italy @ Blue Rose Saloon
24.09 TBA - Italy/Switzerland/South France
25.09 Toulouse, FRA @ La Dernière Chance
26.09 Deinze, Belgium @ Muziekcafé Elpee 
27.09 Hamburg, Germany @ Bambi Galore
28.09 Göttingen, Germany @ Juzi
29.09 TBA - South Germany / Switzerland
30.09 TBA - South Germany / Switzerland 
01.10 Geneva, Switzerland @ L'écurie
02.10 Leipzig, GER @ Bandhaus Leipzig
03.10 Prague, Czech Republic @ Modra Vopice 
04.10 Breclav, Czech Republic @ Piksla 
05.10 Berlin, Germany @ Berlin Deathfest

06.10 TBA - Central/North Germany