Friday, May 31, 2013

Behemoth Announces Title of Forthcoming Full-Length Album: "The Satanist"

Pick up the June/July issue of Revolver Magazine featuring Metallica on the cover to read an in-depth studio report from Nergal

BEHEMOTH, who have been holed up in Hertz Studios working on their tenth full-length album, are pleased to announce the title of their forthcoming full-length album—THE SATANIST. The album will come out in the fall of 2013—stay tuned for more studio updates, music, preorder info and more at

"It took us over two decades to come up with a title that…says it all. While our new songs artistically take surprisingly adventurous directions, our message stands steadfast—Proud and Radical. THE SATANIST stands for undying yearning for liberation and love for freedom in all aspects of life. Considering all our life experiences that often took dramatic curves I couldn't think of more appropriate and fitting statement of who and where we are now" comments BEHEMOTH front man Nergal.

As the band continues to record, they have been posting images and lyrics for portions of new songs. Fans can also read an in-depth interview with Nergal in the June/July issue of Revolver that features Metallica on the cover. Grab your copy here.

More updates will be posted as they are made available. Fans can stay up to date with the absolute latest at and

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review - Stryper- Second Coming (Frontiers Records)

   Anyone who heard me on episode 130 knows that I am not a fan of re-record cds. I understand that they are done for economic reasons, the label ponies up the cash and the band get the rights to the re-records. Sounds great for the band doesn't it. Here's what the fan normally gets: a half arsed performance from a band who have to change the tuning from the originals because the singer can't cut it like he used to. Want proof? Go listen to the last Dokken greatest hits re-records or the butchering Geoff Tate did of 4 Queensryche classics on Frequency Unknown.

   Well I'm glad to report that here's an exception. I got this because we recently did an interview with Stryper vocalist Michael Sweet and needed something up to date in the name of "research". What they have done is concentrated solely on their first 3 albums, 2 from The Yellow and Black Attack and 6 each from Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil. The running order from the originals is intact which added a nice touch.

   The result is fantastic. This cd rocks, of the 14 re-records there is only 1 ballad. The bands playing is as tight as ever. Michael Sweet is still an amazing singer and doesn't shun those high notes at all, also kudos to the rest of the band for their vocal harmony work.

   2 new tracks are also included and both rock especially Blackened. Frontiers Records have also done a nice job with the packaging. It seems more and more melodic rock bands from that era are ending up on Frontiers but it's not proving a graveyard for them at all.

   So nothing here from In God We Trust or Against The Law although Michael did say that they intend to get to these in the future. The bottom line and for me this is saying something: if the band had re-recorded these albums in their entirety and released them not only would I buy them but I would play them over the originals. This is that good. Now you tell me how many bands you can say that about.

   The band have also just finished recording their new cd No More Hell To Pay and Michael did say its heavy and it's the best work the band have ever done. You know what, on the strength of this I believe him. I await with bated breath. Go see them on tour.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ASHES OF TYRANNY Release Debut EP Shrine

Garnett/Ottawa, KS band ASHES OF TYRANNY has just released their debut EP Shrine, digitally for streaming and/or purchase through

Modern melodic rock 'n metal is perhaps the best description of what the band has created, but it all boils down to memorable songwriting that grooves and emotes. ASHES OF TYRANNY has redefined the sound of Metal music, with a new take on old classic concepts. Beautiful melodic vocal lines, soaring guitar harmonies, and hard hitting songs that have real staying power are what define Shrine.

ASHES OF TYRANNY has a string of regional dates lined up next month with a major tour announcement coming soon. 


June 4th @ The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO
June 15th @ Forrest Park - Ottawa, KS (MADD Benefit/Free Show)
June 19th @ Angel's Rock Bar - Kansas City, MO
June 22nd @ Central Street Bar & Grill - Richmond, KS  

Demolition Man
The Rag Man
Start the Flood
For You

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


WHITE WIZZARD have released a brand new track online, ahead of the release of their upcoming new album, THE DEVILS CUT.

The new track, titled "Strike the Iron", is the second track on THE DEVILS CUT and follows the release of another new song, "Kings of the Highway", a few weeks ago.

WHITE WIZZARD bassist and mainman JON LEON comments:

"Strike the Iron is my favorite White Wizzard song I have ever written, along with The Sun Also Rises, which closes the new record.  I am very proud of the arrangement.  I had the verse melody in my head and chorus line before I even picked up the guitar and started writing it.  It has stunning leads by Jake and Will, and Joseph interpreted the vocal melody fantastically and gave so much character to it.  This song really exemplifies everything this line-up is capable of and everyone's talents really came through on it.  It never lets up and we are very excited to get this one out there live...  I expect it to be our opening song for the next couple of years."

Listen to "Strike the Iron" now at

THE DEVILS CUT is due to be released on June 3rd in Europe on Earache Records, and on June 25th in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records.  The album features artwork by CAMERON DAVIS, who is known for his work as lead character designer and illustrator for the Guitar Hero video game series.

THE DEVILS CUT is available to pre-order now on CD, as well as limited edition coloured vinyl LP in the following quantities and colours:

100 - Stormchaser Clear
200 - Lightning White
300 - Regal Purple
400 - Black

Pre-order THE DEVILS CUT now on CD and LP from the Earache Webstore in Europe at or in North America at

THE DEVILS CUT is also available to pre-order now on iTunes at

Get more WHITE WIZZARD news and info at:

Official site -
Facebook -


ANCILLOTTI from Italy, consisting of the three Ancillotti - brothers (STRANA OFFICINA, BUD TRIBE) and Ciano Toscani (ex WYVERN, Listeria) have signed a worldwide deal with PURE STEEL RECORDS. The first full-length album is in the works and is expected to see the light of the world in 2013. ANCILLOTTI is playing finest traditional heavy metal.

bass - Sandro "Bid" Ancillotti (Bud Tribe)
drums - Brian Ancillotti (Shabby Trick)
guitars - Luciano "Ciano" Toscani (Listeria, ex-Wyvern)
vocals - Daniele "Bud" Ancillotti (Bud Tribe, Strana Officina)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

LIFELESS Releases Video for "Perdition of the Whore"

German traditional death metal crew LIFELESS has released a video for the song "Perdition of the Whore" taken from their latest album, Godconstruct

Released on March 1st by FDA Rekotz, Godconstruct was met with critical praise from metal media around the world. Not surprising either, as the band's debut, Beyond the Threshold of Death, was heralded as one of 2008's best releases. Check out "Perdition of the Whore" at this location.  

Godconstruct contains 11 catchy, pure and classic Death Metal hymns deep from the crypts of Germany, which will crawl into your rotten ears and devour you from the inside out. The album is available in CD, vinyl and digital formats. The vinyl version will come in two different editions, the Die Hard Edition, which is limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl and comes with poster, inlay, sticker and an embroidered patch, and the Obscure Edition on black vinyl with inlay. Available at

This is a headbanger from start to finish showing off skilled guitarists and creative writing to prevent them from sounding like every other death metal band. Godconstruct is definitely a disc to own and get batshit crazy to." [9/10] - 
"It's like a grand virus on a global scale, infecting millions of like-minded heathens and outcasts." -

Power Theory announce new Lead vocalist

Pure Steel Records Artist, Power Theory from Philadelphia, PA  are very pleased to announce Jeff Rose (Livesay, Present Darkness), from NYC as new Lead Vocalist and member. " I have followed Jeff from the NY/Phila Metal scene for a few years now and we have mutual friends in the scene, Jeff contacted us via our publicist Susi "Rocket Queen" Mueller " said guitarist Bob Ballinger.

"We had a few really talented vocalists contact us about the open position over the last few weeks but Jeff stood out the most with his detailed breakdown of the material we asked him to learn and constant communication, and he basically nailed our live set in 6 days." "Ballinger added "Jeff brings a new dimension to the band with his power and range."

Now with Jeff Rose on Vocals and Nygil Hoch on Lead Guitar, Power Theory presently has the strongest line-up since its creation and will play a warm-up show at Mojo 13 in Claymont, Delaware with Pure Steel label mates Widow on June 22nd for Warriors of Metal VI Open Air, Warriors of Metal IV open Air on June 29th.

Then the band will return home to the studio to complete the album "Driven by Fear" with Executive Producer, Peter Baltes (Accept),  Matt DiFabio (Single Bullet Theory) as Producer and Engineer, and Carlos Alveraz (ShadowDance) as Mix Engineer, prior to leaving for their dates on the Metal Masters Tour with Vicious Rumors, Leather Wolf, and Seven Witches in October.

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER stream "Raped in Hatred by Vines of Thorn" on!

THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER's brand new album, Everblack, will be released in less than a month. Following the overwhelmingly positive reaction to "Into the Everblack," the band has partnered with Revolver Magazine to stream another song from Everblack. Fans can listen to "Rape in Hatred by Vines of Thorn," an ode to one of Trevor Strnad's favorite horror movies, Evil Dead, now HERE.

In an article previously published on, Strnad recalled the impact of the movie: "I remember the first time I saw Evil Dead… it was at my friend's birthday party in 7th grade. It was recommended by the same older sister that had gotten us all into punk and heavy metal music… so we knew we were in for the real deal. The movie scared the unholy 13 year old shit out of us… we were terrified. I remember the possessions really affecting me… the way the people would contort and writhe was disturbing. The possessed had that awful way that they sounded when they spoke and howled… pretty insane as well. The vine rape scene was intense… I love the idea of the forest coming alive… so much so that I wrote a song about it many years later."

Follow along with the lyrics while listening to the song HERE.

Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn
Dense dark forest dismal fog a spectral force perverts these woods flight prevails frantic escape the unearthly horrors at each turn they wait wandering roots they creak and move slithering toward what mortal life intrudes terrified eyes opened wide ensnare her flailing limbs to the earth they are tightly tied raped in hatred by vines of thorn by the evil dead to ribbons ripped and torn raped in hatred by vines of thorn pierced from within her child is skewered unborn raped in hatred by vines of thorn twisted in halves in this gruesome tug-of-war raped in hatred by vines of thorn flora possessed suckling the gore untamed kudzu green cocoon inside her flesh their food death prevails gnarled roots entwine syphon the marrows from her splintered spine animate trees shuffle their roots gathering around this late night rendezvous murderous orgy in full bloom her screams they cut the fog this night on sheer terror the seedlings thrive raped in hatred by vines of thorn behold the wrath of the necromicon raped in hatred by vines of thorn lancing her womb the child inside is gorged raped in hatred by vines of thorn broken in two entwined within the growth raped in hatred by vines of thorn necrotized demonic spores you brought this all unto yourselves should not have tampered with this hell opening the book your last mistake these haunted woods shall be thine grave raped in hatred by vines of thorn by the evil dead to ribbons ripped and torn raped in hatred by vines of thorn pierced from within her child is skewered unborn raped in hatred by vines of thorn twisted in halves in this gruesome tug-of-war raped in hatred by vines of thorn flora possessed suckling the gore

The Black Dahlia Murder's sixth full-length album, Everblack, will be released on June 11th in North America and on June 7th/10th in Europe. The cover art for Everblack was painted by renowned artist Nick Keller with Weta, whose recent projects include: The Hobbit, Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, and more. Recording was completed at Audiohammer Studios (lead guitars and vocals), Rustbelt Studios (drums), and Regal Fecal (guitar and bass). Mixing was handled by Jason Suecof and Ryan Williams, mastering was completed by Alan Douches at West Westside. Trevor Strnad's horror-inspired lyrics persist on Everblack, beginning with In Hell is Where She Waits for Me, a reference to the murder from which the band took for their moniker.

Fans can stream "Into the Everblack" now at Also, there are a variety of limited edition pre-order bundles. Fans can grab Everblack on a double gatefold LP with purple/white marbled vinyl, along with "crime scene bundles." An evidence pack, which includes toe tags, deceased band member photos, spent shotgun shells, and more can be viewed now.

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER will be touring in support of Everblack all summer long as part of the Van's Warped Tour. Dates can be seen below, as well as on

w/ Vans Warped Tour
06/15    Auburn, WA                 White River Amphitheatre
06/16    Portland, OR                 Portland Expo Center Parking Lot
06/19    Chula Vista, CA             Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
06/20    Pomona, CA                 Pomona Fairplex
06/21    Pomona, CA                 Pomona Fairplex
06/22    Mountain View, CA       Shoreline Amphitheatre
06/23    Ventura, CA                  Ventura County Fairground At Seaside Park
06/26    Las Cruces, NM                         NMSU Practice Field
06/27    Mesa, AZ                      Quail Run Park
06/28    Las Vegas, NV               Silverton Casino Parking Lot
06/29    Salt Lake City, UT         Utah State Fairpark
06/30    Denver, CO                  Sports Authority Field at Mile High
07/03    Noblesville, IN               Klipsch Music Center
07/05    Toronto, ON                The Flats At Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
07/06    Darien Center, NY         Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
07/07    Holmdel, NJ                  PNC Bank Arts Center
07/09    Virginia Beach, VA         Farm Bureau Live At Virginia Beach
07/10    Columbia, MD               Merriweather Post Pavilion
07/11    Mansfield, MA               Comcast Center
07/12    Camden, NJ                  Susquehanna Bank Center
07/13    Uniondale, NY               Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
07/14    Hartford, CT                 The Comcast Theatre
07/16    Scranton, PA                Toyota Pavilion
07/17    Burgettstown, PA          First Niagara Pavilion
07/18    Cuyahoga Falls, OH      Blossom Music Center
07/19    Auburn Hills, MI            The Palace of Auburn Hills
07/20    Tinley Park, IL              First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
07/21    Shakopee, MN              Canterbury Park
07/23    Kansas City, KS                         Cricket Wireless Amphitheater
07/24    Maryland Heights, MO   Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
07/25    Atlanta, GA                   Aaron's Amphitheater at Lakewood
07/26    St. Petersburg, FL         Vinoy Park
07/27    West Palm Beach, FL     Cruzan Amphitheatre
07/28    Orlando, FL                  Venue TBA
07/29    Charlotte, NC                Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
07/30    Cincinnati, OH              Riverbend Music Center
07/31    Milwaukee, WI              Marcus Amphitheatre
08/02    Dallas, TX                      Gexa Energy Pavilion
08/03    San Antonio, TX           AT&T Center
08/04    Houston, TX                 Reliant Center Parking Lot

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review - A Sound of Thunder Time's Arrow

Okay in the interest of full disclosure I do have to confess that I have been a long standing supporter of this band. I own every piece of recorded output I can buy from them and this new release is no different. I may have a free digital preview of the new release but you can be damn sure I've already preordered a physical copy long before I ever heard a note of this.

Alright let's get to the meat of this review.

Time's Arrow is the latest release from A Sound of Thunder. Their last,  2012's Out of The Darkness was completely brilliant and I couldn't imagine being able to follow it up. The incredible progression in just three albums is amazing. This is a band that has been able to mix old school sensibilities with some of the newer sonics to create a sound that is so damn approachable.

One of those old school sensibilities is sequencing an album. They don't write filler so they spend time figuring out how to sequence the songs. Even more so on this release since you can also get it on vinyl.

Another bit of old school is their attention to the artwork. Check out the cover art above. They have labored over every detail of the regular CD and the box set. Essentially they take all this on themselves. There's not some huge staff behind them. 

Let's go through the tracks:
Power Play - This is clearly the grab you by the nut sack opening track. Remember the first time you heard Steve Harris's bass? Power Play opens with this killer bass line from Jesse Keen that will take you back to that feeling. A few bars in and Josh Schwartz opens up with a killer dual guitar harmony. It's clear these guys have come to rip. Chris Haren keeps a nice tidy drum part behind it all just gluing it all together. At the 23 second mark they just shift gears and take it to a whole other level. It not until the 41 second mark that the mighty vocals of Nina Osegueda enter the picture. 41 seconds in and I'm already glued to the speakers. Once Nina hits it's all done. She has one of the best set of pipes in metal today and this release is a veritable showcase for her talents.
In this case her vocals hits strong and clean with just a touch of that raspiness she can inject at will. Adding to that is some great gang vocals when needed. Again some old school sensibilities in that regard. This track is so damn good. Great lyrics. Tasty solo. Hooks that will infect your brain and we are only one track in.

Time's Arrow- The title track as track two. A long time tradition carried on by ASOT. Okay my first impression was F*%K it's almost ten minutes long. Long time listeners know I have an issue with long songs. Personal bias, I know but that just how I'm wired. Alright let's dive in on this one.
So there's about two minutes of instrumental lead in. It's massive sounding and very well orchestrated. As I'm listening to it I'm just staring at the cover art trying to put the music with the artwork. Once the vocals kick in the first thing I notice is how tight the guitar melody and the vocal melody are. It really draws you in. There was also something else there. It took a bit but at almost 10 freaking minutes I had time to figure it out. There's almost this seventies vibe to the overall feel to this one. That's not a bad thing it just the vibe I got. All totaled even at ten minutes this is a great track. The amount of work that had to have gone into recording this song had to be huge. There's a lot going on and in true ASOT from the mix lets everything have it's moment to shine. It may not be my go to song on this one but I have a shit ton of respect for what they did on it.

I Will Not Break - A smoldering churning chunk of metal. Think of the tempo of Priest' Grinder. That's where this one sits. THe lyrics on this one are classic no B.S. from Nina. The choice line "I won't be silent but I might be violent". The guitar tone on the fills on is this just killer. Clean and searing. You can't ignore it. That's followed up by a solo with this cool middle eastern vibe in this nice copping of George Lynch's style. This whole track just says POWER in a very forceful way. The real secret on this one is the infectious lines that the rhythm section puts down in the background.

Broken Bridge - This one starts of slow and just lulls you into thinking that you are getting a bit of a respite. NOPE!! About 30 seconds in it kicks into a nice mid tempo rocker. I say this as a compliment, I can just hear Ronnie James Dio doing this song. With that in mind it just made Nina's vocals that much cooler. I don't know how Josh gets that thick massive guitar tone but I do intend to ask him about it. It's just this huge solid slab of tone behind the whole song. If that wasn't enough the wah infused breakdown four minutes in further solidified his axe cred. Once again that section with the classic keyboard pads behind it really beefed up that RJD vibe. To top it off a lesser band would have rode out on that but not ASOT they went back to a pastoral piano part to end the song.

Queen of Hell - I bought the Queen of Hell EP on both vinyl and CD and this song is just killer. I have had this cranked so loud in my car that you could hear it blocks away. The build up on this is freaking insane. Listen to the drums. They are just so pounding and yet Chris throws in these tiny accents on the brass when you don't expect them. The guitar is screaming and Jesse is just barely holding it all together with his bass line. What is truly cool about this build up is that once you have heard the song once the expectation of what's coming will just make it that much cooler. No shit, the hair on my arms go up when I hear the opening of this one. Why? Because this track shows Nina in all her vocal glory. She goes from sweet to evil in the space of four bars. Just insane. If you dig this one do yourself a favor and get the version with Veronica Freeman on it too.
One of my favorite tracks on the album and watch out for the roller coaster drop when it comes time for the bridge. 

Let's Start A Fire - Hooks upon hooks upon hooks. This one's another mid tempo rocker. Probably the most straight forward track on the album. Three minutes long and just put together nicely. My piece of advice on this one is listen to the lyrics. Nina has created some solid imagery hear so don't get distracted by the musicianship surrounding it. Even in what seems like a simple song Nina has crafted some choice lyrics. I also like the bit of amp sound at the tail end of the song. I'm glad they didn't gate it out it sounds perfect there.

I'll Walk With You - So this one has some shades of "One" to it. At this point I guess if you combine acoustic arpeggios on top of a snare cadence you get comparisons to Metallica and I guess I'm guilty  of doing it too. All that washes away when Nina opens her mouth. Anyone who has just considered her a "metal" singer will get schooled with this one. She displays a whole different facet to her abilities and I was blown away. This one the sleeper track of the disc. Besides the vocals Josh's guitar work on this is impeccable. He does some tasty acoustic interludes between the verses that are top notch. What makes them even better is that most people would have just blazed on electric on those spots but his abilities on the acoustic actually makes those parts sound heavier. It isn't until around 4 minutes in that he fires up the electric and just smokes. Interestingly I actually hear shades of Pat Methany in his solo here. Pat who? Yeah I know Pat Methany isn't often spoken of in metal circles since he's a jazzer and unlike someone like Chris Poland I don't think he would ever cross into metal territory but nonetheless guitarists can learn some cool phrasing from him.

My Disease - Spanish guitar. Monks chanting, WTF? Never mind, 30 seconds in and in comes a snaking bass line from Jesse followed by a crunchy doubling on guitar and then drums. Okay I'm not nervous anymore. Nice vocals. Okay I'm digging this one. Hey, who's the guy on vocals? Enter Blaze Bayley. This is a nice concept and it works well. The extra bonus here is Nina's lyrics. She clearly had a lot of fun with the words on this one. They may not be as over the top as Kill that Bitch or Hello Nurse but they rank right up there. The very English sounding breakdown around the three minute mark work so well with Blaze's voice. Jesse is also able to throw in some nice Geezer like lines in there while Chris pops in some very Bill Ward like brass work. That transitions to a very Dio era Sabbath sounding part. If that wasn't enough Josh then manages to transition into a classic ASOT sound before the vocals kick back in again.

Wastelands - If there is one thing ASOT is guilty of is never following a format. No long intro here. Josh does the riff and BAM Nina just launches in and the vocals don't stop for the next two and a half minutes. Then this jazz infused double stop section comes in. Who expect that? Even have a touch of Hammond B3 going on. Just some cool arranging here and ASOT has shown some big stones on this one. And yes after the jazzy part it does kick back in and just burns through the rest of the track.

End of The Road - Back to the mid tempo groove. This one has that slinky feel ala AC/DC's Nightcrawler. Honestly this one could almost qualify as a crossover tune into modern country. Even the very Tele sounding solo points it in that direction. Once again the playing is solid and even with the country feel it's a cool track. I also like the reverb ring out at the end.

Reign of The Hawklords - Those of us that were Kickstarter supporters got this one as a preview track months ago so I have a bit of time with this one. First point, there's Theramin on this one. Somehow Theramin always sounds cool on a track. This one definitely has a triply psychedelic vibe to it. When I first heard it I my first thought was crap I hope the whole thing doesn't sound like this. Then I heard the QoH EP and I knew that very cool shit was on the horizon. I applaud the fact that they were smart enough to put this as the last track. I think they knew that to toss this into the middle of everything else would be a buzz kill for most of their fans. I take this track for what it is. Another example of the breadth of ASOT's songwriting abilities.

So what's the score? 11 tracks and 9 solid metal tunes. A cool crossover that stand solid on it's own and one that comes in as more of a cool excursion but one that might get skipped on repeated plays. 
In metal terms that's a solid steel two horns up.
So once again ASOT has made an album on their own terms and delivered us one hell of a good album. I cannot wait to experience the physical copy at maximum volume. This a band you can feel good getting behind. They work their asses off. They give a shit about their fans. They are very approachable and are a blast to interview. AND they write some of the best new music out there.

To get you own copy head to while your there you really should pick up your own copy of the Queen of Hell CD too.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


EVILE drummer BEN CARTER is teaming up with the UK's Terrorizer magazine to take over their social media tomorrow - Thursday, 23rd May.

BEN will be hanging out on Terrorizer's Facebook and Twitter accounts for the day, posting playlists, taking part in a Q&A with fans, and chatting about the band's highly-anticipated new album, SKULL.

EVILE drummer BEN CARTER comments:

"I'm gonna be let loose with Terrorizer Magazine's social media for a day tomorrow - with subsequently hilarious news updates throughout the day, news and insights into the recording and release of our new album, and playlists to get you into the festival spirit!  Hope they know what they're in for, letting a drummer near something electrical and computer-y....."

Tune in to Terrorizer's social media and chat with BEN CARTER tomorrow at:

Facebook -
Twitter -

SKULL is due to be released on Monday, 27th May in Europe via Earache Records, and on June 11th in the USA via Century Media/Earache Records.  The album was recorded with producer RUSS RUSSELL (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR) at Parlour Studios in Kettering, England.  The artwork for the album was painted by artist ELIRAN KANTOR (TESTAMENT, SODOM, HATEBREED).

SKULL is available to pre-order now in a huge selection of formats and bundles from the Earache Webstore in Europe at and in North America at

SKULL is also available on iTunes, including an instant-grat track which you receive as soon as you pre-order the album.  Pre-order SKULL now on iTunes at

Two songs from SKULL are available to listen to now online.  Check them out below:

"Underworld" -
"Head of the Demon" -

See EVILE live at the following shows:

Jun. 14 - Wervik, Belgium - SkullFest
Jun. 28 - Lesmahagow, UK - Les Fest
Aug. 24 - Werrington, UK - Scar Fest
Sep. 26 - Cardiff, UK - Cardiff University
Sep. 27 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
Sep. 28 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
Sep. 29 - Glasgow, UK - Audio

View the SKULL UK tour flyer at

Get more EVILE news and info at:

Official website -
Facebook -
MySpace -
Twitter -
Tumblr -

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A SOUND OF THUNDER Streaming New Track Featuring BLAZE BAYLEY

A SOUND OF THUNDER has posted a full-length free stream of the track "My Disease", featuring Blaze Bayley performing a duet with vocalist Nina Osegueda.  The track appears on the forthcoming album "Time's Arrow", due out June 4, 2013 on Mad Neptune Records.  The track can be streamed at this location.

"Blaze is a legendary figure in the history of metal, but more importantly he brings incredible power, passion and sincerity to his performances, and that's exactly what we needed on this song," said A SOUND OF THUNDER guitarist Josh Schwartz. "Musically it has little in common with MAIDEN, and sounds more like a cross between BLACK SABBATH and Blaze's first few solo albums... and, of course, A SOUND OF THUNDER."

Commented Bayley: "It has been a real pleasure to work on this song. Filled with passion and intensity, it has an edge. I wish A SOUND OF THUNDER the very best of luck with their project, but with a song this good, I don't think they will need luck."

A SOUND OF THUNDER recorded "Time's Arrow" at Assembly Line Studios  with producer Kevin '131' Gutierrez (SHINEDOWN, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT, DECEASED). 

The vinyl edition of the album also features a guest appearance by HAWKWIND co-founder Nik Turner on the track "Reign of the Hawklords".

"Time's Arrow" is available for pre-order in a variety of formats via

Pre-Order Options:
* Standard CD album
* Deluxe Box Set: a limited edition 12-inch clamshell box which contains: CD, metallic art print, 9" x 9" booklet including "Time's Arrow" short story by Chris Haren, 4" embroidered patch, wristband, and engraved shotglass.
* Vinyl: a double 12" 140g vinyl album (available in black and limited clear blue vinyl options)

The first single from "Time's Arrow", "I Will Not Break", was released as a lyric video on April 9th and is currently available as a free download via the band's ReverbNation page.

A SOUND OF THUNDER recently provided tour support for RAVEN on their "All For One Forever" shows celebrating the 30th anniversary of the legendary "All For One" album.

A SOUND OF THUNDER's last album, "Out of the Darkness", was released on March 27, 2012 via Nightmare Records

Review - Flotsam and Jetsam- Ugly Noise (Metal Blade Records)

I've never been a huge fan, always admired the bands perseverance but I kept looking from afar. They were part of the last Testament tour so I went early to catch them and was impressed enough to have interest in new material.

The core of the original line-up was back so that was another plus point.

So does Ugly Noise deliver? Well yes and no. There are some good songs on this like Gittyup and Rage that remind you of the good old days. There's not enough of them though and instead we get mid-paced fare like Play Your Part, Rabbit's Foot and the title track. Not bad songs but you expect something a little less safe.......a lot more ugly.

   I will say that Eric A.K on vocals is great on this and makes the best of the material on offer. I really did want this to blow me away but it looks like my long distance relationship with the band will continue.


Monday, May 20, 2013

Shadow Kingdom reissues Manilla Road's sophomore album, Metal

Shadow Kingdom Records has reissues the sophomore album from legendary Wichita, KS heavy metal behemoth MANILLA ROAD. Metal is a transition period for the band, one that saw them getting away from their Progressive Rock roots and moving more towards Heavy Metal - hence the title Metal. There are some amazing songs here and the production is very similar to their debut, Invasion. "Cage of Mirrors" is easily the best song and if it had the Crystal Logic production it could have been on that album, which is considered by the majority MANILLA ROAD fans as their best album. The artwork for the reissue is what the originally had in mind for the album, but due to some issues, they released a more plain cover instead, which is now included on the back of the booklet; the choice of preferred cover is then left to the fan. 

Purchase Metal on black vinyl, red vinyl of CD at the new and improved

1. Enter the Warrior
2. Defender
3. Queen of the Black Coast
4. Metal
5. Out of Control With Rock n Roll
6. Cage of Mirrors
7. Far Side of the Sun

MASTER Signs With FDA Rekotz; New Album Due In September

Death metal pioneers MASTER have inked a deal with German extreme music label FDA Rekotz for the band's landmark 12th full-length album, which is scheduled for a late September release.   

MASTER's legendary founder and frontman, Paul Speckmann, commented, "We are proud to be working with Rico and FDA and look forward to a solid future together.Watch for the next masterpiece to be unleashed on September 27th, 2013."    

FDA Rekotz has posted a video teaser for the upcoming album at this location.  

After releasing The New Elite last year to widespread critical acclaim, Speckmann and MASTER waged war on false metal across the world with an ambitious string of dates that saw the band ravage audiences across Europe and North America.  

As the saying goes, there is no rest for the wicked, and MASTER is back in action for the True Underground Warriors Tour with ENTRAPMENT, bookended by select European festival dates. More details on MASTER's upcoming FDA Rekotz debut to come.

For a full list of MASTER live dates visit

Sunday, May 19, 2013

TÝR recruits George Kollias to track drums on new album

TÝR, hailing all the way from the Faroe Islands, are currently recording their new album with producer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Aborted, Mercenary) at his studios in Denmark. For drum tracking on this album, TÝR has enlisted the services of George Kollias, one of metal's most accomplished drummers, primarily known for his work in Nile, as well as Nightfall. A video featuring drum tracking highlights, as well as a short message from Kollias, is streaming now on youtube HERE.

George Kollias comments on the experience: "Hey Týr fans, this is George Kollias and I hope you are ALL ready for a crushing new album from Týr!!! I had the pleasure to record the drums on the new album, we had an absolutely great time in the studio and I gotta tell you, the material is super strong and catchy, I'm 100% sure you will all love this new album!! Big thanks to Heri, Terji and Gunnar for the opportunity and to Jacob Hansen for his incredible work with the recordings!"

TÝR comments: "It was a pleasure to have George in studio. He's an amazing drummer and he certainly made an impact on this album. We're very excited to release this album" - Heri, Terji & Gunnar

A recent announcement on the TÝR facebook page has confirmed that the band has parted ways with drummer Kári Streymoy. The band commented on the amicable split:"We regret to inform you that Kári Streymoy and the rest of the band have parted ways. Kári suffered a back injury in 2008, and since then he has had some issues with his drumming. That is the main reason that the co-operation has been problematic for some time now, and we finally decided to part ways. We want to thank Kári for his time in the band. It's been great to have you with us, we wish you the best of luck in the future and we hope you recover fully some day."

This album will be the band's seventh full length effort. One of the new tracks, "The Lay of Our Love", will feature a duet with TÝR vocalist Heri Joensen and Liv Kristine from Leaves Eyes. In an update on, Kristine announced:

"Dear Viking-Metal Fans & Friends,
I am very happy to announce that I will be joining Týr for the duet THE LAY OF OUR LOVE on their up-coming album (title still to be revealed), which is set to be released this Fall. Heri already joined Leaves' Eyes at our headliner show in Wacken Open Air 2012. This was an absolute highlight during our live performance, moreover, I really like his voice and I am grateful for the invitation. A superb track, with inspiring melodies and lyrics, proving the authenticity of Týr.


More details will be unveiled in the forthcoming months as music and art are completed. The band has been posting images from the studio throughout the recording process, so make sure to follow them at for candid photos and personal updates from the band.

Friday, May 17, 2013

ZOMBIEFICATION's At the Caves of Eternal Out Now North America

Mexican corpse-walkers ZOMBIEFICATION have their second full-length album, At the Caves of Eternal, today in North America via Pulverised Records.

This putrid masterpiece was recorded at Revolution Studios with Jesús Bravo handling engineering duties and then sent to Necromorbus Studios in Sweden (Watain, Demonical, Desultory, etc) for mixing and mastering under the helm of Tore Stjerna. At the Caves of Eternal comes on the heels of last year's five-song EP, Reaper's Consecration.    

To stream At the Caves of Eternal in full and purchase a digital download of the album, visit

Jewel case CDs are available at

"...prepare for a delectable feast of old school Death Metal that not only remains both catchy yet punishingly heavy throughout but also incorporates slower more methodical and sinister moments, darker and colder segments that border on Black Metal influence and the constant presence of a band who totally dominate their sound and style." 
[10/10] - Destructive Music

"...obscured and rotten death metal with classic dark vibes." - Zombie Ritual Zine   

Pre-order Evile's new album now for May 27th release!

We at Focus on Metal hope you're preparing yourselves for the latest slice of bone-rattling British thrash, as it's now less than two weeks until the release of Evile's incredible new album, "Skull"!

"Skull" is available to pre-order now in a range of great formats, with something for everybody.  But hurry - some of these options are only available in strictly limited quantities, and once they're gone, they're gone!

- Regular jewel case CD
- Jewel case CD signed by band (100 copies)
- Red (100 copies - SOLD OUT), White (200 copies), Purple (300 copies) or Black (400 copies) vinyl LP
- Black vinyl LP signed by the band (150 copies)
- Album cover t-shirt
- Album cover hoodie
- Album cover girlie/tank top
- CD & t-shirt/hoodie/girlie pack
- Black LP & t-shirt/hoodie/girlie pack
- Your name in the album credits & a CD or Black vinyl LP

All "Skull" album pre-orders from the Earache Webstore also come with an exclusive bonus CD featuring two extra tracks, unavailable anywhere else!  Pre-order your copy of "Skull" now from the Earache Webstore while stocks last:

Europe -
North America -

"Skull" is also available to pre-order now from iTunes, including an instant-grat track that you receive as soon as you place your order!  Pre-order "Skull" now on iTunes at

As we leave you to count down the days until May 27th, don't forget to check out the official lyric video for the new track "Underworld" at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thunder And Lightning reveal new album art and release date

The new album "In Charge Of The Scythe" will be released world wide on august 23rd 2013.

Thunder And Lightning revealed the official album cover, by comic artist Tyler Kirkham (DC, Top Cow) earlier this week on their youtube channel. The teaser also reveals a first look on the title track!

WHITECHAPEL debut "Devirgination Studies" lyric video

Whitechapel are currently on tour with Asking Alexandria in support of both their most recent self-titled full-length album, and the re-issue of their debut album, The Somatic Defilment. The band will be highlighting some of the album's fan favorites through a series of lyric videos. The first video to be released, Devirgination Studies, is making its worldwide debut today  HERE 

Whitechapel's debut full-length album, The Somatic Defilement, is the record that firmly planted the band on an upward trajectory that has carried them to the upper echelons of modern death metal. The band has taken The Somatic Defilement and placed it in the capable hands of Audiohammer Studios producer Mark Lewis for a complete re-mix, along with a re-master by Alan Douches of West Westside. The results are staggering and give The Somatic Defilement a modern luster up to the standards of the band's most recent recordings. Fans can listen and order now at

The Somatic Defilement, originally released in 2007, is a concept album about Jack the Ripper's infamous murders of prostitutes in East London's Whitechapel district. This 2013 re-release sees the band tasking producer Mark Lewis to painstakingly bring the six year old recording to today's standard. 

The band's latest effort, the self-titled album that dropped on June 19, 2012 in North America, debuted at #47 on the Top 200 Chart, #10 on the Top Independent Albums Chart, #3 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Current), #2 on the Hard Music Albums Chart (Core Stores) and #64 on the Top Digital Album Chart.

Whitechapel was one of the most well-received albums of 2012, with critical acclaim from some of the most respected music outlets including The New York Times, Alternative Press, Metal Hammer. The album also claimed bragging rights as the iTunes UK Metal Album of the Year for 2012!

"They build unforgiving walls of riff, and unpleasant ones too. Pleasure's not the point, though. There is a militaristic certainty to Whitechapel's work, which activates the true thrills of masochism." New York Times

"The band's best album yet by a wide margin." 4/5, Alternative Press Magazine

WHITECHAPEL's video for their song "I, Dementia" can be viewed HERE. The video was shot by David Brodsky of MyGoodEye as part of the Scion AV Project.

w/ Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, Chimaira, I Killed The Prom Queen
05/14    Omaha, NE                   Sokol Auditorium
05/15    Kansas City, MO                        Granada Theater
05/16    St Louis, MO                 Firebird * w/ Motionless In White
05/17    Grand Rapids, MI          The Intersection
* w/ I Killed The Prom Queen only
06/01    Memphis, TN                 Scion Rock Fest

For More Information Please Visit:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

INCANTATION Announces New US Dates

USDM pioneers INCANTATION have announced a new string of US dates in support of last year's phenomenally-received Vanquish in Vengeance.  

The band commented, "July marks a number of shows for us throughout the States. We're poised to devour your souls on our 'Will of Vengeance' tour. Label mates and brothers in battle Acheron will join us for the first wave of carnage.  You've been warned!" 


July 18 - TBA 
July 19 @ The Ottobar - Baltimore, MD w/ Acheron, Deceased Visceral Disgorge 
July 20 @ Fete - Providence, RI w/ Acheron, Bog of the Infidel, ChurchBurn 
July 25 @ Magic Stick - Detroit, MI 
July 26 @ Brauerhouse - Lombard, IL w/ Cardiac Arrest 
July 27 @ Foundry - Lakewood, OH w/ Embalmer, Soulless, Cardiac Arrest, Sodomized,  

August 10 @ SUMMER SLEAZE FEST OPEN AIR @ Scooter's - Johnstown, PA
 w/ Funerus, Mausoleum & many more for info. 

Sept 20 @ INDIANAPOLIS METAL FEST - Indianapolis, IN 
w/ Funerus, Acheron, Decrepit Birth & many more.

Vanquish in Vengeance was released last year on Listenable Records and features over 50 minutes of the band's trademark dark and unholy death metal. Recorded at the infamous Mars Recording Compound with Engineer Bill Korecky and mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swano at Unisound studios, Vanquish in Vengeance deals with the numerous counts of genocide in the name of religion our society has witnessed over a millennia. Check out the video for album track "Invoked Infinity" at this location.  

A CD/LP/ T-SHIRT/SPECIAL LTD BOX is available here :

This release and more band merch can be found at INCANTATION's newly relaunched webstore -

"Death metal excellence." - Ghost Cult

"After two decades' worth of albums and a positively legendary number of lineup changes, [INCANTATION] are still as vital as ever." - Metal Sucks

"Vanquish in Vengeance sounds like it could have come out in 1991 and calls bullshit on the legions of poseurs who disguise a paucity of ideas under a blizzard of fret-wankery and offal. This is death metal for the ages, and the masters have once again returned to view their unholy kingdom." -  This Is Not A Scene

Chuck Sherwood - Bass 
Alex Bouks - Guitar 
Kyle Severn - Drums 
John McEntee - Guitar, Vocals

Monday, May 13, 2013

ANGER AS ART Announce European Tour Dates

Los Angeles Thrashers ANGER AS ART are set to invade Europe for a string of dates that include an appearance at Dokk'em Open Air in Dokkum, Netherlands alongside TESTAMENT, ICED EARTH, CRYPTOPSY and more. 

POWERSTROKE will be joining ANGER AS ART for the bulk of the tour. Confirmed dates are as follows:

6/14 @ Blue Devils Bar - Arras, FR
6/15 @ The Rambler - Eindhoven, NL
6/16 @ Verlichte Geest - Roeselare, BE
6/17 - 6/19 - TBA
6/20 @ The Metro - Waarchoot, BE *
6/21 @ Dokk'em Open Air - Dokkum, NL *

For details on Dokkem Open Air visit
ANGER AS ART is touring in support of their latest rager, Hubris Inc. Called a "full-frontal, thrashtastic aural assault" by Bravewords' Kelley Simms, Hubris Inc. is one of the most aggressive and intense albums in ANGER AS ART's career. Order the limited edition picture disc or CD version of Hubris Inc. at

"Hubris Inc. is largely an enjoyable release, and proves that Anger as Art
still has it in them to write some of the most energetic and catchy thrash material."
- Heavy Metal Tribune

"This is the fourth album by this four piece thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA and you get fourteen songs that will blow your hair back. This brings back the memories of when there were a ton of great thrash albums out, and could slide in with those albums from back in the 80s with no problem." - Hails & Horns

"If you are looking for thrash/speed metal, Anger As Art is the band you want to be listening to." - Artemortifica

BURIAL VAULT - Host Premier of "The Nightly Horror"

German Melodic Death Metal band BURIAL VAULT and Apostasy Records have hooked up with for the exclusive premier of "The Nightly Horror," off of the band's forthcoming album, Incendium.

To stream "The Nightly Horror" ahead of the album's May 24th release via Apostasy Records, visit this location

The album is designed as a closed concept which is heavily inspired by parts of the classic dystopian novel "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. Here, the quintet uses both the music as well as the texts as a medium to tell the transformation of a man in a near future from a blind follower to a critical opponent in four action-packed chapters.

Recorded at the Soundlodge Studio with producer Joerg Uken (Dew-Scented, Nightfall, God Dethroned a.o.) the listeners get melodic Death Metal with appropriate technical and progressive influences and also subtle Black Metal-esque and acoustic moments.

A lyric video for the song "Catharsis" is now playing at this location

Chapter I:
01. The Stench Of Burning Thoughts
02. A Blind Follower And A Watchful Hound 

Chapter II:
03. Soil & Green
04. Peculiar
05. The Nightly Horror
06. Prelude To Peripety
07. Fatal Accident 

Chapter III:
08. Struggling Doubt
09. Moment Of Truth
10. Awareness 

Chapter IV:
11. Surveillance Web
12. Catharsis
13. Black Into White

Burial Vault was founded in 2006. The musical direction can be described as Melodic Death Metal spiced with Black Metal, Thrash Metal and some progressive influences.The band refers to many different atmospheres and topics within their music. Abysses of humanity and history are the lyrical background of their tunes which have a great balance between brutal, melodic and atmospheric parts.

Burial Vault has made appearances at "Legacyfest 2009" and "Metalfest Germany 2010" and has shared stages with the likes of Drone, Jack Slater, Lay Down Rotten, Cripper, Torture Squad and Sinister (o.a.).

After two EPs: - There Is No Resort and Come To Grief - Burial Vault released their full-length debut, Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction), on Apostasy Records in 2012. A year later the band returns with Incendium

Sunday, May 12, 2013


EVILE have confirmed a mini UK tour for this September in support of the band's upcoming new album, SKULL.

The band will be playing four special shows around the UK and Ireland, with ticket prices for all dates available for just £5 in advance (7.50 Euros for Dublin).

As a special thank you to their loyal followers, EVILE are giving their fans a chance to vote on their Facebook page for five tracks which the band will add to their set each night.  The band will also be playing their new album, SKULL, in its entirety at the show in Manchester.

See EVILE live at the following shows:

Jun. 14 - Wervik, Belgium - SkullFest
Jun. 28 - Lesmahagow, UK - Les Fest
Aug. 24 - Werrington, UK - Scar Fest

Sep. 26 - Cardiff, UK - Cardiff University
Sep. 27 - Dublin, Ireland - Button Factory
Sep. 28 - Manchester, UK - Academy 2
Sep. 29 - Glasgow, UK - Audio

EVILE's new album, SKULL, is due to be released in Europe on May 27th via Earache Records, and in the USA on June 11th via Century Media/Earache Records.  The album was recorded with producer RUSS RUSSELL (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR) at Parlour Studios in Kettering, England.  The artwork was painted by artist ELIRAN KANTOR (TESTAMENT, SODOM, HATEBREED).

SKULL is available to pre-order now in a huge selection of formats and bundles from the Earache Webstore in Europe at and in North America at

SKULL is also available on iTunes, including an instant grat track which you receive as soon as you pre-order the album.  Pre-order SKULL now on iTunes at

Get more EVILE news and info at:

Official website -
Facebook -
MySpace -
Twitter -
Tumblr -

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kaotoxin to release Darkall Slaves' Single "Abysses of Seclusion" June 3rd

Kaotoxin Records will release a new single from French U.S.-style Death Metallers DARKALL SLAVES on June 3 (June 4th in the UK). "Abysses of Seclusion," from the revamped, two-vocalist band - featuring past and present members of Unsu, Amputated Repugnance and Visceral Carnage - began as a pre-production demo (Tsun Tsun Productions) that Kaotoxin found so impressive that the label decided to release it as a single featuring two tracks (plus an "intro") of bulldozer-ing Brutal Death Metal proudly performed in a style that is distinctly American.

With only a self-released EP under their belts (2008) in eight years of existence mostly spent going through a long list of line-up changes, DARKALL SLAVES have nevertheless managed to be noticed and get invited to play such famous Death Metal festivals as Germany's Death Feast, Belgium's Mass Deathstruction, Holland's Neurotic Deathfest (official after-party) and Houten Deathfest, as well as share the stage with peers Defeated Sanity, Gorgasm, God Dethroned, Hate, Lividity, Sinister, Vital Remains, etc.

1. (intro)
2. Mindless Damnation
3. Abysses of Seclusion