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KARA AND THE DAM BAND looking for 80's style double bass drummer.

San Antonio, Texas based hard rock / metal band KARA AND THE DAM BAND are looking for an 80's style rock / metal influenced double bass drummer.

The band is on the hunt for a professional, flashy, rocking Tommy Lee type drummer to join the band and who will be required to perform both original material as well as high energy cover songs, while playing approximately 8-10 shows per month.

Must be totally professional, have massive stage presence, killer attitude, mesmerizing musical chops and a bitchin' set of drums.

Interested drummers willing to relocate to San Antonio, Texas, contact guitarist / producer Chad Austin via e-mail at:

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official website and Facebook page:

Denner / Shermann to release "Satan's Tomb" on October 2nd; stream the title track online now

DENNER / SHERMANN EP "SATAN'S TOMB" will be released on October 2nd via METAL BLADE RECORDS. The title track has been finally released and is streaming online now at While there, make sure to pre-order your physical or digital copies of "SATAN'S TOMB"!

Guitar Legends MICHAEL DENNER and HANK SHERMANN of MERCYFUL FATE have given an offering of supremely, classic heavy metal infused with an overload of their signature, dark magic shredding. According to the legendary guitar duo, getting SNOWY SHAW (King Diamond/Therion/Sabaton) on Drums, MARC GRABOWSKI (Demonica) on Bass Guitar, and SEAN PECK (Cage/Death Dealer) on vocals, onboard to form the band was a critical component to bringing these 4 tracks to life. Michael Denner added "Creating these songs with this line up really ignited my metal fire hotter than ever! I'm sure the fans are going to love this thing" "This mix ended up really having an old school feel to it that sounds awesome when blasting at an unhealthy volume" says Shermann.

The EP was recorded in the USA, Denmark and Sweden and was mixed by Arnold Lindberg at Sound Industry Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mastering was done by Maor Applebaum in Los Angeles, California.

The SATAN'S TOMB cover artwork was painted by Thomas Holm whose work on MERCYFUL FATE's MELISSA and DON'T BREAK THE OATH is well known throughout the metal world.

The track listing for SATAN'S TOMB is as follows:
1. Satan's Tomb
2. War Witch
3. New Gods
4. Seven Skulls

Friday, September 25, 2015

Review - "Tales From The Deadside" A Sound of Thunder (Mad Neptune 2015)

"A narcotic stew of vocal pyrotechnics, massive melodies and a haunting storyline combine to intoxicate and invigorate. A righteous way to binge on metal"

That's right on September 25th A Sound of Thunder  unleashed their fifth full length album on an unsuspecting metal public. Yep I said album, this puppy is available on blessed vinyl too.

Although the last few albums had some type of storyline to them this is their first true concept album and it's based upon Valiant Entertainment's "Shadowman" comic series. Now I've never been a huge fan of the concept album, an exception being made for Rush's 2112, but this one definitely has my ear. I'm not sure how they managed to pull off being epic and approachable at the same time but damn they have certainly served up something tasty once again.

Let's dig in to "Tales From The Deadside"

The opener is "Children of The Dark" a sprawling 7+ minute song. Although it starts slow at about 1:24 Josh's guitar starts a nice hypnotic groove that just grabs you followed closely behind by some powerful double track vocals from Nina. This track some stellar interplay between the guitar and drums in an almost call and response fashion. It clearly shows the level of fun that Josh and drummer Chris Haren had in making this. Also of note is some tasty bass lines from Jesse Keen. Toss in the prog break a little past the four minute mark and this one's a home run. 

"Sandria" is up next. Initially i thought this was going to be a straight up rocker. It starts off with a killer riff complete with classic Iommi style trills but it transitions to an almost avant garde freeform jazz deal. Kudos to Nina for being able to roll over the top of it with a solid melody line. That's followed by the solid rocker I was initially expecting. But the bridge reminded me a bit too much of White Wedding but maybe that's just me. Either way this one is still a thumbs up.

Whoa jazz organ warning on track three. Someone has broken out the Hammond. Not to worry it's all very tasteful. All in all this is a great tune and the guitar solo has a really cool classic almost Blackmore vibe to it. I realize that Hammond plus Blackmore equals Purple but I assure this track is far from Purple. How many times can i praise the vocals? Dunno but here I go again. Nina does a fantastic job on this one. If it was shorter "Can't Go Back" might be a great radio single…if radio had any taste.

Okay track four "Deadside" had me worried. It had a bit too much Doors flavor (ala The End) but by about the three minute mark this thing was sickly hypnotic. Nina and the boys have fed the Lizard King his own balls. As slow as this one starts by the end it's a runaway freight train. Hello big labels have you actually listened to this band? It slays all the pablum you push out. Simply Awesome.  

Track five "Tower of Souls", REALLY!!! I've run out of adjectives. From the first note this one grabs you. How many songs can do that with a narrator talking? Cannot stop listening to this track and you won't be able to either.

"Losing Control" is a real sleeper track. It's one of those tracks that slowly grows on you and it took me a few runs but I figured it out. It's the bass. Jesse has done a superb job on the bass work for this track and Kevin Gutierrez has masterfully mixed it such that rather than be blatant it's insidious in it's infection of your ear holes. Amazing stuff. Nice classic seventies inspired harmony solo from Josh on this one too.

Every ASOT release is not complete without the "Nina" song. Punk Mambo is that song. If King Diamond formed a punk band this would be their first single. Oh yeah cool jazz sax break anyone? Yeah it's in there.

I'm not gonna name names but I know that someone in ASOT does like country and track 8 Alyssa definitely has that kinda vibe. I honestly think it could be successfully played on a modern country station. I'm not a country fan but I'll admit it's a well crafted song and it's a nice showcase for yet another facet of Nina's abilities. I don't think we'll ver stop discovering what that woman can do with her voice.

Of we could ever have the privilege of hearing the almighty Dio sing a ASOT song I would pick track 9 "Tremble". Scenario number two would be to have Nina, Veronica Freeman and Leather Leone share vocal duties on this one. Ladies please make this small metal dream come true. Alright back to reality. If had to play just one track off the album to convince someone to buy it THIS is the track. Tower of Souls is a close second but this my friends is five minutes of pure blissful metal majesty.

This band really knows what it's doing. Concept discs can be a sequencing nightmare with sometimes less than stellar transitions but the closing track "End of Times" picks right up from Tremble and loses none of the power and majesty of the prior track. Although it's got many movements in it's seven minutes it's a great closer and clearly leaves you wanting more.

So how do I sum this up? Well the first thing I'll say is that A Sound of Thunder has shown they are fearless in their approach to writing. They don't follow trends they follow their instincts and the results are phenomenal. For me I've had the pleasure of living with an album that has nine tracks that earn such high marks that even the one country tinged track can't spoil it. Proof of that is that although I could hit skip I just keep it rolling.

If you haven't already figured it out…GO BUY  THIS!!! I know I know it's a concept album but it's not one of those tedious concept deals. This makes you feel alive even while being sucked into the Deadside. And you better hurry because I can assure that A Sound of Thunder is already brewing up another batch of insanely infectious music to steal your soul.

Nina Osegueda - vocals
Josh Schwartz - guitars/keys
Jesse Keen - guitars/keys
Chris Haren - drums

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Just posted - Jeff Pilson on this weeks Focus on Metal show.

Episode 250 - Jeff Pilson

We decided to celebrate our 250th episode with a career retrospective of bassist and producer Jeff Pilson. Jeff's been a great friend to the show and I can't think of a better way to celebrate this milestone. In this one we'll go through Jeff's entire career and he as usual regales us with some great stories.

Take in Jeff's blog at or his page on Facebook and last but not least

Here's the man himself on a great track from the T&N release Slave to The Empire"

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

ON TOP's 'Topless' Out September 29 on CD Format via Toil Records

Philadelphia's hard-hitting power trio ON TOP will release the CD version of new EP Topless September 29 on Toil Records. Pre-order the CD at this location

The EP was released on digital format July 9 and can be purchased from iTunes.

Stream album tracks "Got Me Runnin'" here and "Lie to Me" here

Topless is the band's third offering, one demonstrative of their continuing musical evolution. Following up the band's raucous 2014 EP Top to Bottom (HPGD Productions), the new EP features ON TOP's signature rock/metal blend from heard on the previous two releases multiplied by 10. Topless contains more aggressive, yet dynamic vocals; a broader array of hooks, tastier licks, dynamite drums, and a much fatter production.

Topless was recorded at Tribe Sound Studios in West Chester, Pennsylvania, engineered by Brian Davis, and mix/mastered by Chris "The Wizard" Collier (KXM, Lynch Mob).

1. Lie to Me
2. Crazy
3. 282
4. Got Me Runnin'

"Every song is a powerhouse of catchy melodic heavy rock."  4.5/5
 - Dangerdog Music

"The weight of traditional Heavy Metal in its modern shape with the hooking and charming aspects from Hard Rock." 8/10
 - Metal Temple

"All 4 songs are just soaked through with delicious Hard Rock energy." 4.5/5
 - Metal Odyssey

"There is something about On Top and their rousing sound which just gets the energies boiling and body submitting to its anthemic roar."
 - The RingMaster Review

 "A return to the traditional, retro-sensibilities of the debut, filtered through a dose of '80s Sunset Strip swagger."
- Brave Words

"If you ever wished bands like Dokken, L.A. Guns and so on had more consistent and overall flash to meet their guitar dash, then check these kiddos out."
 - Pure Grain Audio

"This is the sound of a band having great fun. A little gem. 8/10
 - Maximum Volume Music

"Four tracks of Metal edged Sleaze."
 - The Rockpit

"Fresh, energetic and heavy hitting." 
- JP's Music Blog

"On Top sound like a well-oiled machine. This thing grabs attention from start to finish."
 - Manic Mosh Metal

"Tasty rock!" 
- White Room Reviews

BROKEN TEETH announce new "Bulldozer" cd/vinyl album and release party.

BROKEN TEETH, the Austin, Texas band led by iconic vocalist Jason McMaster announces the release of their upcoming new cd and vinyl album titled "Bulldozer" which will hit the streets on October 23, 2015 via Texas Metal Underground Records.

The album features five original Broken Teeth razor sharp songs: "Raining Fire", "The Rough and The Tumble", "Red River Rising", "Devil on the Road" from their best of cd, "Flamethrower" previously available only as a digital download single and two red hot cover songs Motorhead's - "The Hammer" and Aerosmith's - "Lightning Strikes".

Broken Teeth will be holding their "Bulldozer" cd/vinyl album release party on October 23, 2015 at The Sidewinder in Austin, Texas.

For the latest band news and show dates, visit their official Facebook page:

King Diamond to film feature length video on the "Abigail In Concert 2015" tour for blu-ray / DVD release

King Diamond will be recording a feature length live concert video for blu-ray / DVD / digital release while on tour this fall! Director Denise Korycki (Cannibal Corpse, Killswitch Engage) has been enlisted to direct the project, which will include footage from multiple shows throughout the entire "Abigail in concert 2015" tour.

In other news, a brand new King Diamond interview is online. Head to HERE now to read the interview, which includes some less known facts about the recording process of the Abigail album!

With special guest EXODUS
10/29 Denver, CO The Fillmore Auditorium - Tickets
10/31 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex - Tickets
11/02 San Francisco, CA The Warfield - Tickets
11/05 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern (SOLD OUT)
11/06 Los Angeles, CA The Wiltern - Tickets
11/08 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre - Tickets
11/09 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues - Tickets
11/13 San Antonio, TX Housecore Horror Festival at the Aztec Theatre - Tickets
11/15 New Orleans, LA The Civic Theatre - Tickets
11/16 Atlanta, GA The Tabernacle - Tickets
11/20 New York, NY Best Buy Theater (SOLD OUT)
11/21 New York, NY Best Buy Theater (SOLD OUT)
11/24 Boston, MA Orpheum Theater - Tickets
11/25 Philadelphia, PA The Fillmore - Tickets
11/27 Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom - Tickets
11/28 Detroit, MI The Fillmore - Tickets
11/30 St Paul, MN Myth Live - Tickets
12/02 Tulsa, OK Brady Theater - Club Brady - Tickets
12/04 Houston, TX House of Blues - Tickets
12/05 Dallas, TX House of Blues - Tickets

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just posted: Alex Skolnick and Shawn Drover on this weeks Focus on Metal.

Episode 249 - Metal Defiance

A packed episode this week. First up we have Alex Skolnick giving us the latest on Metal Allegiance ( ) then we have Shawn Drover talking about the debut release from Act Of Defiance "The Birth And The Burial" ( ).

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Armored Saint launches two live bootlegs from Las Vegas; on the road now with Saxon!

Armored Saint are on the road now with metal legends, Saxon! The tour continues tonight in Washington D.C. with the remaining dates listed below. Earlier this summer, Armored Saint performed a special headlining gig at Count's Vamp'd in Las Vegas to a sold out crowd. The show was captured on film and two tracks were cut to serve as official live bootlegs. Watch the classic Saint track "Dropping Like Flies" and a new song, "Mess," now at!

Bassist Joey Vera offered up a comment about the tour: "We're stoked to be out here again with our friends Saxon. This is such a great package tour for the fans and us alike. So far we've done Progpower Atlanta, Stafford Springs, CT and Portland, ME and every gig has been met with rabid fans. Love it! Looking forward to DC today and then we move into the Midwest. See you out there!"

Supporting SAXON
09/15 Washington, DC Howard
09/16 Westland, MI Token Lounge
09/17 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar
09/18 Cleveland, OH Agora Ballroom
09/19 Dayton, OH Oddbody's Music Room
09/20 St. Charles, IL Arcada Theater
End Tour
11/14 Corona, CA M15 Concert Bar and Grill

Watch the group's latest music video for "Win Hands Down" and order your copy of the album at Also, the brand new official webstore is online now. Visit for exclusive t-shirts and merch. More items are coming soon!

ARMORED SAINT is front man John Bush and bassist Joey Vera, guitarist Phil Sandoval and his brother, drummer Gonzo Sandoval and guitarist Jeff Duncan - five masters of metal that combine to forge one of the genre's most criminally-unsung forces. Win Hands Down debuted at #71 on the Billboard Top 200 current albums chart during its week of release. The album also reached #33 on the German Top 100 albums charts, and #32 on the Canadian Hard Music Charts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


San Diego-based metallists Cage are set to return on October 30th, with the release of their latest metallic tour de force, 'Ancient Evil,' which has been prefaced by a lyric video for the killer composition, "The Procedure" (which can be viewed here 

"We really love how creepy the video came out, it's like a mini movie almost," explains singer Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck. "This song will give people a good idea of what they are in for on this massive, heavy metal, horror story thrill ride!" Rounding out the band are Dave "Conan" Garcia (guitars), Casey "The Sentinel" Trask (guitars), Alex Pickard (bass guitar), and Sean "The Thrash Machine" Elg (drums).

Based on a horror novel written by lead singer Sean Peck, 'Ancient Evil' continues the legacy of Cage as a heavy metal innovator. This nearly 80-minute monstrosity has 19 tracks that combine songs and narrated interludes to forge a unique musical journey that rocks! 

However, according to Sean, making a concept record work is never an easy task - "With this being our 7th release, we wanted to try our hand at another concept album. We had great success with 'Hell Destroyer,' but doing a scary story type of thing and making the songs catchy and memorable while keeping the listener captivated by the content, is a real challenge." 

The story's main character, Elliot Worthington, is played by none other than ex-Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley. "I did not want to do any of the character voices this time, so we got some really great talent to act out the scenes. Blaze did an incredible job. His acting chops were freaking great, I have to say," says Peck. "The writing for this record came together effortlessly even though it was a concept record. It is pretty much just blazing fast the whole way through which is just how I like it!"

And soon, metalheads will be able to experience Cage's latest metal masterpiece.

'Ancient Evil' Tracklisting:
1) There Were Others
2) Ancient Evil
3) Behind the Walls of Newgate
4) The Procedure
5) The Appetite
6) Cassandra
7) Blinded By Rage
8) Tell Me Everything
9) The Expedition
10) Beholder
11) I Have Awakened
12) Across The Sea Of Madness
13) To Save Love
14) Christ Protect Me
15) Sinister Six
16) Symphony Of Sin
17) The Antidote
18) Tomorrow Never Came
19) It Can´t Be


Night Demon announces Mexico Metal Madness!

Our buds in Night Demon are heading South..South of the border that is.

Some words from the band

We're off to Mexico for eleven shows of pure madness!  To say we are excited to finally play for the fans in Latin America, would be an understatement.  We know a lot of you have been waiting a few years for the Demon.  We're on our way, and ready to deliver the goods.  Adios, America!  See you in October for Frost and Fire and Southwest Terror Fest.

We also have an exclusive tour shirt for the Mexican fans!  Chupacabra artwork by Brian Crabaugh.

Official Facebook

Official Instagram

Official Twitter

RPR set to release Jerry Gaskill (King's X) "Love and Scars" featuring Billy Sheehan, Phil Keaggy and more!

Love and Scars is the long awaited sophomore release from legendary King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill and is by far his best work to date! Featuring Billy Sheehan, Phil Keaggy, Earl Slick, DA Karkos, Andee Blacksugar and a host of other notable musicians, Love and Scars marks the completion of a long musical journey that started almost a decade ago.  Enduring a series of personal tragedies along the way, including two heart attacks, and losing all his possessions in Hurricane Sandy, Jerry remained steadfast and true in his belief that music heals all. “It’s been a long time coming and I’ve had some heavy obstacles to deal with, but the record is finally ready and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve accomplished!” says Jerry.

Love and Scars also spotlights Jerry’s vocal and songwriting talents as he passionately pours his heart out into each and every song, putting to music all of his triumphs and tragedies of the last decade. The lyrical content of this album is simply about everyday life the way I see it and I hope that people will be able to relate to it on some kind of personal level”, says Jerry.  It quickly becomes evident within the first few seconds of this album that Jerry is highly influenced by his own band King’s X, as well as some of his earlier influences like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan and Grand Funk Railroad. “Drummers don’t always get the opportunity to showcase their full songwriting capabilities, but Jerry raises the bar and delivers a very solid offering with Love and Scars”, says Rat Pak Records owner Joe O’Brien.

Jerry Gaskill Love and Scars features Billy Sheehan, Phil Keaggy, Earl Slick, DA Karkos, Andee Blacksugar, John "JD" DeServio, Bob Burger, David Parks, Matt Gray, Matt Farley, John Farley, Topher Nolen, Joey Gaskill and Virus. Official release date for Jerry Gaskill Love and Scars is Friday October 30, 2015. Pre-order now at:

10 SAD

Listen to Jerry Gaskill “Far Away” on soundcloud at:

Produced and mixed by DA Karkos. Mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof of Metal Church


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Just posted: Mike Lepond on this weeks Focus on Metal

Episode 248 - Mike Lepond

A bit of prog this week as we welcome bassist Mike Lepond to the show. Mike will of course be talking about the latest release from Symphony X, "Underworld". He also gives us some insight into his solo venture Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins. Also this week a bit of discussion on some timely metals topics and of course a track of the week. Our track of the week this week "Mad As Hell" comes courtesy of Frontiers Records from Frank Dimino's latest one "Old Habits Die Hard". Nice to see he hasn't lost anything since his days in Angel.

Get your prog fix at or hook up with Mike at and of course find out about all the latest metal releases from Frontiers at

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Saturday, September 5, 2015


One of the best boat cruises for metal fans is undoubtedly Motörhead's Motörboat. And for this year's edition, Death Dealer has been added to an absolutely stellar line-up, which includes of course, the legendary Motörhead, as well as such renowned/heavy acts as Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies, Hatebreed, and Corrosion of Conformity, among others.

Running from September 28-October 2, 2015, and setting sail from Miami to the private island of Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas, the Motörboat ups the ante on standard Caribbean cruise vacations with a 24-hour, face melting party for days on end, headquartered on white sandy beaches and the sun-drenched deck of the Norwegian Sky.

This jaunt along the Atlantic Ocean will also coincide with the release of Death Dealer's highly anticipated second full-length, 'Hallowed Ground,' which drops on October 2nd, via Sweden Music Group (SMG), with a hard-hitting video, for "Break the Silence”:
Featuring members that have previously played with the likes of Manowar, the Dictators, Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden, Denner/Shermann and Cage, Death Dealer are a true heavy metal force to be reckoned with, and 'Hallowed Ground' certainly proves this.

The follow-up to their over-the-top debut, 'Warmaster,' features vocalist Sean Peck, guitarists Ross the Boss and Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davis, and drummer Steve Bolognese, and as always, Death Dealer is setting out to convert the metal masses to their brand of manly metal.
And what better way to announce the arrival of 'Hallowed Ground' then with a killer all-metal cruise? Ross the Boss: "Death Dealer is absolutely so excited and pumped to be a part of this fantastic line-up! Plus, Lemmy is God and we all love him!”


Friday, September 4, 2015


Death Dealer will drop their highly anticipated second full-length, 'Hallowed Ground,' on October 2nd, via Sweden Music Group (SMG), and have a hard-hitting video ready to drop, for "Break the Silence":

Featuring members that have previously played with the likes of Manowar, the Dictators, Rob Halford, Lizzy Borden and Cage, Death Dealer are a true heavy metal force to be reckoned with, and 'Hallowed Ground' certainly proves this.
The follow-up to their over-the-top debut, 'Warmaster,' features Sean Peck, guitarists Ross the Boss and Stu Marshall, bassist Mike Davis, and drummer Steve Bolgnese, and as always, Death Dealer is setting out to convert the metal masses to their brand of manly metal.

The 13-track CD was mixed and mastered by Stu Marshall at Frontier Studios in Sydney, Australia, and contains massively epic orchestrations, speed metal anthems, and sing along headbangers, as well. 

Fresh off a summer European tour, Death Dealer are primed to rock the world with their killer new album. Get ready to be rocked! 

"'Hallowed Ground' satisfies from start to finish…it is what metal should sound like!" --Ross The Boss

1. Gunslinger
2. Break the Silence
3. Plan of Attack
4. Seance
5. Llega El Diablo
6. The Way of the Gun
7. K.I.L.L.
8. I am the Revolution
9. Total Devastation
10. The Anthem
11. Corruption of Blood
12. Skull and Cross Bones
13. U-666


Frost & Fire Festival Set To Bring America's Finest Traditional Heavy Metal Bands To Ventura

There is no denying that Europe has been the heavy metal hotbed on this planet for several decades, particularly when it comes to the traditional forms of the musical style: clean vocals, soaring guitar harmonies, and galloping rhythms. Even though America has proven time and again that it can produce world-class bands in the old-school metal realm and that it has the die-hard fans to support the genre, occurrences of all-out traditional heavy metal festivals have been few and far between, if any. But metalheads can now rejoice, as the beach town of Ventura, California is set to host a festival exactly of this nature on October 17, 2015 at Bombay Bar & Grill, featuring a hefty lineup of scintillating talent from all over America.
The festival will be headlined by Wichita, Kansas veterans, Manilla Road, who shall satiate their legion of followers with a sizable set of selections from their revered catalog. As direct support is a rare, special concert appearance by Tucson, Arizona metal cult heroes, Ashbury, performing their seminal record 'Endless Skies' in its entirety. Hometown mainstays, Night Demon, slot in third on this epic bill, summoning the Southern California faithful to get down to the ritual of drinking from their NWOBHM chalice and bask in the old-school righteousness of tunes from their Century Media debut full-length release 'Curse Of The Damned' as well as their self-titled EP. Metal Blade recording artists, Visigoth, from Salt Lake City, Utah, will set foot to reconquer these lands once again with musical tales of battle, and female-fronted Louisville, Kentucky-based Savage Master will cast a spell with their occult-themed metal sorcery.
Rounding out the 10-band lineup is BAT (Richmond, VA) featuring Ryan Waste of Municipal Waste, Los Angeles-based Metal Blade Records alumni Steel Prophet with guest vocalist Neil Turbin, Ventura's fantasy-themed rock 'n' roll quartet Gygax, Blade Killer (Los Angeles), Helion Prime (Sacramento, CA) and Wolfcross (Los Angeles, CA). As if this already isn't reason enough for old-school metalheads to attend, Tim Baker and Robert Garven, members of the mighty, ever-elusive Cirith Ungol, will be doing a meet-n-greet session. To say that this is a must-attend for fans of the genre would be the understatement of the year, and the event is not only expected to draw locals, but is also poised to welcome travelers from all corners of the country and beyond.

To purchase tickets and for more information, visit

For out of town guests, we have secured a discount rate at the Clocktower Inn (three blocks from the venue).  Just mention the name "Frost and Fire" upon booking to receive a reduced rate for your hotel stay the weekend of the festival.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

ACT OF DEFIANCE Makes Billboard Top 200 Chart Debut

Announce Their First Official North American Tour Co-Headlining With Allegaeon

ACT OF DEFIANCE, featuring ex-Megadeth members, Chris Broderick (guitars) and Shawn Drover (drums), have debuted at #24 on the Billboard Top 200 Current charts with their inaugural recording effort, Birth and The Burial, via Metal Blade Records. The other chart number positions are listed below.

Billboard chart numbers:
#124 Top 200 Current Albums
#171 Top 200 Albums
#6 Heatseeker
#18 Hard Music
#44 Rock
#28 Independent

ACT OF DEFIANCE are now streaming their entire new, debut metal masterpiece offering at

Look for them to embark on their first-ever national tour, co-headlining with Allegaeon starting Oct 22nd. All dates can be found at

In a time of endless sub-genre classifications, ACT OF DEFIANCE's highly anticipated debut offering simply delivers 100% in-your-face, uncompromising heavy metal.

With a hefty resumé that chronicles time spent riffing and shredding in Jag Panzer, Nevermore, and a seven-year stint in Megadeth, Chris Broderick’s pedigree speaks for itself. Furthermore, joined by powerhouse drummer - and fellow Megadeth alumnus and former Eidolon drummer - Shawn Drover, bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall) and vocalist Henry Derek (ex-Scar The Martyr), the band are a truly formidable metallic behemoth. Birth And The Burial is ten tracks of armor-plated, state of the art heaviness.

Follow Act of Defiance online:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just posted: Mark Tremonti on This Weeks Focus on Metal

Episode 247 - Tremonti

We have two guests on tap this week. First up is Mark Tremonti. Fresh off the release of "Cauterize" Mark is making the rounds and getting the word out. We had a quick chat with Mark about all things Tremonti as well as what's up with his other gig Alter Bridge. After that we have a talk with guitarist Scott Leach one of the founders of Swiss melodic metal band Crystal Ball. They recently released their 8th studio effort "Liferider" via Massacre Records. 

Here's a clip from the Liferider release featuring Noora from Battle Beast

Track of the week "Lie To Me" comes to us from indie rockers On Top from their EP Topless. Here's the vid for it.

Learn about all things Tremonti at
Crystal Ball can be found at
Get your own copy of Topless by visiting

As mentioned on the show, The V is starting to get some traction with the single "Again" from "Now or Never". Help support her by letting your local stations know you want to hear more V.

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