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Albums Released This Year That I Like......But Thought Would Be Better

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   I'm a big Paul Shortino fan and love the album he did with Quiet Riot in the late 80's. That period is when I discovered metal and went further down the rabbit hole never to return. I was thrilled when Carmine Appice re-booted the band and released their self-titled album in 2011 and having Paul on vocals made it for me. It was a great hard rock retro 80's release.

   Fast forward to this year and the band spring this on the world. To me it's good but not as good as the previous one. The band have tried to expand their sound on Big River but remain true to their hard rocking roots on Have A Good Time and Hell On Wheels. It just has this cut and paste quality to it, a band who records here there and everywhere only getting together in the same room for the photos. Got It Comin' is filler and Take Me Back sounds like a thousand ballads released over the years.

   It's good, a couple of songs too long but Shortino is still in fine form and for that I'm glad. Love the cover but whoever thought the font for the thank you notes was big enough needs their head examined. The less said about Johnny Rod's hair the better.


Friday, November 29, 2013

Review - 2 Minutes To Midnight An Iron Maiden Day By Day- Martin Popoff (Backbeat Books)

   Right Martin. I want to know Dave Wright's address and alarm code. You see after reading this book with all those numerous and yummy memorabilia pictures I want to let's just say look and "borrow" some of his stash. You really have to see all the stuff in here from his private collection to believe it. Class A Maiden porn. Ten out of fucking ten. Posters, backstage passes, one off gig t-shirts, promo stuff, signed pictures, picture discs. What pisses me off is some of the stuff I should have bought when it came out and for various practical and silly reasons I didn't. He did, the jammy bastard. Martin has his share of memorabilia in the book too.

   That's just the icing on the cake as the text is also top notch. Much like his two Deep Purple Chain Of Events books this one chronicles the bands history from the early years right up to recent events in 2013. It's all about the when's rather then the how's although the various interview pieces do flesh the story out a bit more. The Derek Riggs sections on his album and singles covers is a welcome addition. It also includes the solo and various side projects done by the band members over the years. It is sad though how Paul D'Ianno has gone from Maiden to various band projects to singing on tribute albums to himself.

   It's hardback and big and heavy and in color and will warrant repeated viewings. A book on Maiden for Christ sake done by one of the premier hard rock and metal authors out there. Ok Santa I'll have one please. How he churns out so many books a year and all of high quality is beyond me. There's a similar one just out on Metallica. Now Martin lets's get back to Dave Wright again........


Review - Black Sabbath Symptom of the Universe by Mick Wall (Orion Books)

   There's a ton of Sabbath books out there and I've read a lot of them including Ozzy and Tony's memoirs. So the world needs another book on the band like a hole in the head, right? Maybe so but if Mick Wall is scribbling it then I'm in. He doesn't write so called fan books where everything the band releases is fantastic and they all love each other and everyone lives happily ever after and so forth. He takes a more adult approach to the story focusing not so much on the albums and tours but on the cast of characters and circumstances surrounding each release.

   Like his previous books a large chunk of this one focuses on the classic line-up's upbringing, the band's formation and first ten years. For the author here is where the story lies and the roots of everything after is traced back to this period. Four guys who just plugged in and played really fucking loud music. Pissed off about their lives but in no way educated enough to mount a plan of attack to better themselves when the going got tough the band did what most bands of that era did, do what you are told is best. Someone else always knew more, everyone else always knew better. Write, hit the studio, tour and at a fucking constant whirlwind pace. If you dared bitch and moan well here's a plentiful supply of booze, drugs and women.

   Their story is as much about management issues as anything else. Their dealings with Patrick Meehan up to the Sabotage album showed how good a manager Peter Grant actually was. Proving how out of it they were and how little they had learned the band became a pawn in a power struggle between Don Arden and his daughter Sharon that went on for many years. She got Ozzy and he got Heaven and Hell. That era of Sabbath is handled really well by the author as he worked as a PR for the band and also wrote Ozzy's autobiography a couple of years later.

   Bill was next to jump ship, now a shell of a man too out of it to care. Ronnie and Vinny too, more focused and driven then the other two. In comes Gillan over a pint for Born Again. Now the party's on as karaoke season is upon us. Hughes in, Geezer out, Martin in and shake it all about. Tony and his coke buddy Geoff Nicholls floating with their head in the clouds. The return of Patrick Meehan and playing Sun City at the height of apartheid in South Africa proved how far gone Iommi was. Again Mick Wall was there for it all writing for Kerrang magazine.

   The nineties saw Sharon giving a big fuck you to well......everyone within earshot really. Fuck you Perry Farrell look what I can do with Ozzfest, fuck you Don Arden for doubting Ozzy and me and fuck you to the big wigs in the music industry who doubted me period. Her role in Sabbath is compelling as the author argues that she and not Iommi have been in control of Sabbath since the Reunion album in the mid-nineties. Tony might have the name but it means fuck all without Ozzy and we know who controls him. All this to get one over on her dad of course.

   There are no real heroes or villains in this book. All characters are both or if you listen to them neither. Everyone drugged up to the gills or too quick to blame someone else. You do feel sorry for Bill the way he has been ostracized for the 13 album and for Ronnie and Tony Martin who just wanted what was best for the name but at times they should really have known better. In summary this is not a book for the Sabbath fan who thinks the sun shines out of the members collective arses and it's all the better for it. After reading it you do wonder how in the hell they made such fantastic and groundbreaking albums in the first place. The critics hated them but the fans loved them. The nutters loved them too. You mightn't love them as much after reading this and you will probably never listen to them in the same way again. A must buy.


It has arrived! KISS in Sweden 1976-2013 – The Book about all those times KISS visited Sweden

Alright World! You wanted the best…

It has arrived! KISS in Sweden 1976-2013 – The Book about all those times KISS visited Sweden. A book for anyone who loves KISS, filled with exciting stories, interesting facts and almost 1000 pictures!

The authors have one thing in common – our passionate interest in the rock group KISS, and we hope and trust that you will feel this passion and feel your heart rate increase when you have the book in your hands and open it for the first time…

Our story begins when KISS lands at Torslanda Airport just outside of Gothenburg around 4PM on the 25th of May 1976. They arrive by plane unmasked and a Swedish photographer takes a few shots as KISS are about to embark on their first tour in Sweden, a tour which has generated scandalous headlines in the media long before the plane even landed. KISS will come back to visit Sweden again in 1980, 1983, 1984, 1988, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2008, 2010 and 2013 and the band or parts thereof have made promotional visits here in 1982, 1985, 1987, 1992 and 1994. The story of KISS in Sweden ends as Gene and Paul board an aircraft taking off from Kristianstad Airport in Everöd at 4PM on the 8th of June 2013, bound for Norway.

The goal with the book has from the very start been to document all of KISS’ visits to our country as thoroughly as possible. We searched far and wide for all the cool pictures that were forgotten or ended up gathering dust in an attic somewhere. We talked to those who met the band, privately or professionally, and we spared no dime uncovering the facts and unknown stories which has until now remained undocumented. We set out to do a book that we ourselves would like to read and we think we have succeeded. We are sure that all KISS fans will enjoy our book!

Johan Falk & Roney Lundell

The book has 336 pages and weighs in at 1,7 kg. It is filled with almost 1000 pictures (over 600 photos and most of them have never been published before). Order it at:

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SPLIT HEAVEN - "Waiting For The Angel Of Death" Video released

Mexican Heavy/Speed Metal Band SPLIT HEAVEN has released a new video for the song "Waiting For The Angel Of Death" . The Song is from the album „The Devil's Bandit", which was released on November 22nd by Pure Legend Records.

Directed, shot & edited by Manuel H. Stumpfhauser (

DEADBORN Release Video for "Insane Motor Cortex"

German death metal unit DEADBORN, who feature in their ranks former members of NECROPHAGIST, have uploaded a new video for the track "Insane Motor Cortex," which comes off the band's sophomore album, Mayhem Maniac Machine

Released in April of last year on Apostasy Records features intelligent arrangements that alternate between blast attacks and driving rhythms, combined with brilliant melodies and groovy elements. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered with producer Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Dead Eyed Sleeper, etc). The songwriting and production match the best tech-death of the 90s with the modern sounds of today.

Watch the video for "Insane Motor Cortex" at this location.

"A varied and sometimes even catchy, yet highly technical and brutal album, Mayhem Maniac Machine is probably the strongest death metal album of the year so far." 
EMP, Germany

"In thirty-five minutes, the beast bursts from the depths, feeds, shits, and burrows again toward its uneasy slumber. Until you push play again." - Chronicles of Chaos

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Focus on Metal 155 with Michael Angelo Batio is now available.

Episode 155 - Hands Without Shadows

It's the final week of metal month and this week we bring you an exclusive talk with Michael Angelo Batio. He has just released his latest insane blast of guitar work entitled "Intermezzo" and he gave us the low down on it's creation as well as some great stories from his past.

Get Intermezzo direct from Michael at

And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

Visit for information on all the past episodes and to find the links to all our other social media sites.

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STARSOUP: Russian Progressive Metal/Rock Band to release "Bazaar of Wonders" November 29 on Sublimity Records

Moscow's STARSOUP will release Bazaar of Wonders, an opus of progressive metal/rock, November 29 on Sublimity Records. The album is now available as a digital release.  

In keeping with the band's moniker, the influences are varied, inclusive of METALLICA and DREAM THEATER to name just a couple, while the music itself blends heavy guitars, atmospheric keys (accented with grand piano), a range of vocal styles and tempos, and even the appearance of flute and saxophone.   

Stream Bazaar of Wonders in its entirety at

The album is available for purchase at the links below:

Currently a studio-only project, STARSOUP is the creation of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Alexey Markov (SHADOW HOST, DISTANT SUN) who is joined on the album by keyboardist/sampler Andrew Gryaznov (TIMESQUARE) and several guest musicians. The compositional foundation of the album consisted of the four songs - "Angels," "Cradle of War," "Bazaar" and "Perfect Loser" - that were written and melodically composed during Markov's participation in CRIME OF PASSION in which he served as vocalist and Gryaznov keyboardist. That rush of creativity ultimately resulted in eight more songs, including one composed by Lex Plotnikov (MECHANICAL POET). Visit, absorb, and revel in the Bazaar of Wonders!

Those who participated in the recording of Bazaar of Wonders, include: 

Alexander Vetkhov (all drums and percussion). Also to be thanked are Nicholas Angel, Kostya Naumenko, Darya Savchenko (W. Angel's Conquest, Kiev), Ilya Mamontov (Epidemia), Oleg Mishin (Catharsis), Andrey Nova (Nova Art), Yevgeny Nesterov and Natalya Fedotova. The recording, re-amping, mixing and mastering by Evgeny Vinogradov and DAI Records.

LVCIFYRE: "Svn Eater" Available for Pre-order via Dark Descent Records

Svn Eater, the second full-length album from London blackened death metallers LVCIFYRE is now available for pre-orders through Dark Descent Records. Set for a January 21 release, Svn Eater on CD, red vinyl and black vinyl. Two different t-shirt designs are also being offered to commemorate the album's release. Check out the title track at this location.

To order, visit

Artwork for Svn Eater - pictured below - comes courtesy of Timo Ketola ( The album was recorded and mixed at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Belgium.

Monday, November 25, 2013

NIGROMANTE: Spanish Heavy Metal Act to Release "Black Magic Night" January 7 on Shadow Kingdom Records

Shadow Kingdom Records is proud to introduce NIGROMANTE! The Classic Heavy Metal Spaniards will release Black Magic Night through Shadow Kingdom on January 7.
SKR Commander Tim McGrogran had this to say about the band and album:
"They've been around since 2003 trying to perfect their Heavy Metal sound. Spain hasn't exactly been a melting pot for Classic Heavy Metal, so we're very lucky to find such a great band there. NIGROMANTE are the big fish in the small pond over there. They are from Spain, but they're absolutely influenced by the N.W.O.B.H.M. and 80's US Metal. The vocals are more barbaric, very much like Portugal's IRONSWORD. The guitar tone on this album is so thick and abrasive, which creates a great heavy metal pounding atmosphere. The songs are well crafted and extremely catchy. They have so many influences from ANVIL, MOTORHEAD, VENOM, BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, a tinge of old 80's Black Metal, and many more."

The band has posted a lyric video for the track "Heavy Metal Age" at this location.   

Selections from album are streaming at  

Heavy Metal Age
Black Magic Night
In Nomine Pater
Saturnalia of Blood
False Idol
Syndicate of Crime
Soy Un Macarra
Satan Death Squad
Summoning Spell

BATTLEROAR Announces New Album

Greek Epic Metal Heroes BATTLEROAR have entered Devasoundz Studio in Athens, Greece to start the recording process for Blood of Legends, the band's first studio album since 2008's To Death and Beyond... The album will be produced by Thymios Krikos (INNERWISH) together with the band and is expected to be in April of next year on Cruz del Sur Music.   

Blood of Legends is the first BATTLEROAR album to feature SACRED STEEL vocalist Gerrit Mutz, who joined the band last year. It also marks the recording debuts of bassist Stavros Aivaliotis and guitarist Antreas Sotiropoulos, both of whom joined BATTLEROAR's ranks after the release To Death and Beyond...   

The song "Poisoned Well," taken from Blood of Legends, appears in the Greek fantasy feature film, "The Dragonphoenix Chronicles : Indomitable." The instrumental track has been posted for streaming at this location

For more on the film, visit

Blood of Legends will be released on digipack, limited-edition vinyl and digital formats. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rhapsody of Fire's newest release Dark Wings of Steel due out on NA 12/3

Spent a very cool time this afternoon discussing the new Rhapsody of Fire release Dark Wings of Steel with band founder Alex Staropoli. It will be the first release for the band without cofounder Luca Turilli.
I've had the opportunity to hear the whole thing and it's probably the most powerful release that they have ever delivered. It's out in Europe right now. It will hit the US on 12/3.In the meantime check out the great artwork for the cover. AFM just keeps the incredible metal coming our way. Expect to hear that discussion on an upcoming FoM.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


It's universally agreed that Michael Schenker is one of the greatest heavy metal/hard rock guitarists of all-time, as the amount of renowned guitarists that list him as a prime influence is off the charts. And on his newest release, 'Bridge the Gap,' this German guitar great has united with his old rhythm section from the Scorpions days - bassist Francis Buchholz and drummer Herman Rarebell - as well as enlisting ex-Rainbow singer Doogie White, plus guitarist/keyboardist Wayne Findlay. And if that wasn't enough metallic star power, none other than Don Dokken lends his vocals to an exclusive track ("Faith") only available on the album's "deluxe edition."

Produced by Michael Schenker and Michael Voss (and engineered by Voss), 'Bridge the Gap' will be released in the US via the inakustik label on January 7, 2014 (and credited to "Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock"), with the traditional thirteen-track release features such fierce rockers as "Where the Wild Winds Blow" and "Horizons."
'Bridge the Gap' will be released in 3 configurations:
  • CD
  • Deluxe Edition
    • media book packaging, plus o-card with high relief and partial gloss coating of the Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock logo, 
    • extended booklet with signatures of all band members, 
    • bonus track, "Faith," sung by Don Dokken.
  • 180 gr LP
Michael Schenker will kick off the first round of 2014 dates with a US trek, which will feature a line-up comprised of Schenker, White, and Findlay, as well as bassist Rev Jones and drummer Pete Holmes, before the "album line-up" will take over for a World Tour starting in Japan in March.

And now, a word from Schenker himself: 

Hello America-

I am very much looking forward to touring the States in Jan/Feb, and to introducing my new singer, Doogie White, and material from our brand new album, 'Bridge the Gap.' Doogie, Wayne Findlay and myself will be promoting our new album in the States before teaming up with the album line-up for a World Tour starting in March in Japan. We are all looking forward to rock you. 'Til then, keep on rocking.


Get ready to rock with Schenker's latest killer set of guitar wizardry, 'Bridge the Gap’!

Michael Schenker Bridge The Gap US Tour 2014    


  1. Where The Wild Winds Blow                         
  2. Horizons                         
  3. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely                         
  4. Rock n Roll Symphony                         
  5. To Live For The King                         
  6. Land Of Thunder                         
  7. Temple Of The Holy                         
  8. Shine On                         
  9. Bridges We Have Burned                         
  10. Because You Lied                         
  11. Black Moon Rising                         
  12. Dance For The Piper                         
  13. Faith (Bonus Track – Deluxe Edition only)



SAVAGE MESSIAH are due to kick off a European tour tonight - Saturday, November 23rd - with US thrashers HAVOK.

The tour starts in Edegem, Belgium, and runs through until the last show on December 15th in Berlin, Germany.  Also joining SAVAGE MESSIAH and HAVOK are ANGELUS APATRIDA.  SAVAGE MESSIAH will then be playing a number of headlining UK shows in early 2014 in support of their new album, which is due to be released on January 20th.

See SAVAGE MESSIAH on tour at the following shows:

Nov. 23 - Edegem, Belgium - JH Nootuitgang
Nov. 25 - London, UK - Underworld
Nov. 26 - Cardiff, UK - Clwb Ifor Bach
Nov. 27 - Norwich, UK - Epic Studios
Nov. 28 - Glasgow, UK - Cathouse
Nov. 29 - Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit
Nov. 30 - Châlons-en-Champagne, France - Contre Point
Dec. 01 - Nantes, France - Le Ferrailleur
Dec. 02 - Toulouse, France - Le Saint des Seins
Dec. 03 - Bilbao, Spain - Kafe Antzokia
Dec. 04 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Penelope
Dec. 05 - Valencia, Spain - Rock City
Dec. 06 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Boveda
Dec. 08 - Munich, Germany - Feierwerk
Dec. 09 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
Dec. 10 - Salzburg, Austria - Rockhouse
Dec. 11 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Orto Bar
Dec. 12 - Borkovany, Czech Republic - Republica San Bonigo
Dec. 13 - Leipzig, Germany - Conne Island
Dec. 14 - Essen, Germany - Cafe Nova
Dec. 15 - Berlin, Germany - Magnet

Feb. 25 - London, UK - Borderline
Mar. 05 - York, UK - Fibbers
Mar. 07 - Manchester, UK - Sound Control
Mar. 08 - Wolverhampton, UK - Slade Rooms

View the European tour flyer at or at

SAVAGE MESSIAH's latest album, PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE, is available now on CD and limited edition coloured vinyl LP.  Get the album now in Europe at a reduced price in the Earache Christmas sale at

PLAGUE OF CONSCIENCE is also available on iTunes, including an exclusive bonus track, at

Watch SAVAGE MESSIAH's music video for the track, "All Seeing I", at

Get more SAVAGE MESSIAH news and info at:

Facebook -
Twitter -

Aw C'mon Lads

   So now Jizzy Pearl is the new vocalist for Quiet Riot and they plan to release a new studio album next year. C'mon guys this is a joke. It was bad enough when Frankie Banali re-booted the band a couple of years ago as the only original member but they are now two vocalists removed from Kevin De Brow.

   Don't give me "we are trying to keep Kevin's legacy alive in performing the music" bullshit either. Frankie uses the band name for a bigger paycheck because it carries more weight then Frankie's Friend's or some other monicker. Yes he has the right to do this but the usual outrage from fans normally means they care more about the band's good name then some of the people on stage.

   As for Jizzy. Well Love/Hate were a great band and Wasted In America is a classic. He now tours that as the sole original member. We have had Ratt- the Jizzy years, L.A Guns- the Jizzy years and now Quiet Riot- the Jizzy years. C'mon for fuck's sake. The guy is talented and needs to eat, I get it. Better make sure there's food on the rider because I won't be contributing to his sandwich. What's next, Vixen- the Jizzy years. Oh wait, Doug Pinnick has that gig.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A SOUND OF THUNDER Fans to Choose Cover Songs

American heavy metal band A SOUND OF THUNDER is offering fans a chance to choose the songs for an upcoming covers album.

The band recently announced details of its new album "The Lesser Key of Solomon" via a crowd-funding campaign, launching the project on Friday, October 25 with a $10,000 fund-raising goal.  The goal was passed in less than five days, and pledges have now exceeded $18,000.  The campaign ends on Monday, November 25th.  The band has decreed that if the campaign reaches $20,000 in pledges, they will record a covers album and give fans the opportunity to vote on which songs the band will cover.

"This is really just a way to thank the fans for the incredible and unexpected surge of support we've received," says guitarist Josh Schwartz.  "We've got a list of great songs for the fans to choose from, ranging from Deep Purple and Kansas to Devin Townsend and Tool!  There will definitely be some surprises on the list."  In addition to the fan-chosen songs, the album will also include the band's previously announced cover of "Pleasure Slave" by MANOWAR, and several songs yet to be announced.

A SOUND OF THUNDER's most recent album "Time's Arrow" was released on June 4, 2013 via Mad Neptune Records and features a guest appearance by Blaze Bayley (IRON MAIDEN, WOLFSBANE).  Their previous album "Out of the Darkness" was released on March 27, 2012 via Nightmare Records, and features a guest appearance by John Gallagher (RAVEN).  Both albums were recorded at Assembly Line Studios and produced by Kevin '131' Gutierrez (While Heaven Wept, Deceased, Shinedown).

For more information, visit:
Twitter: @asotband

Focus on Metal - Melodic Metal Special Edition with Harry Hess is now available.

For our first ever unscheduled special edition show we bring you Harry Hess who has been a major force in melodic music for over twenty years with his band Harem Scarem. Recently Harem Scarem released Mood Swings II and Harry gave us a call to talk about it and lots of other topics.

Hook yourself up with it at or on iTunes

DEATH DEALER Steve Bolognese drummer holding drum clinic in Winchester MA this weekend

New Death Dealer drummer Steve Bolognese has announced a very special drum clinic to be held in his hometown of Winchester, MA. 
"A Drum lesson with Steve Bolognese"
"Basics and Beyond"
5 Park Street
Winchester, MA 01890
Date: Saturday, November 23, 2013
Time: 2:30 p.m
$5 in advance
$10 at the door (day of show)
As previous drummer for Into Eternity and a Berklee College of Music instructor, Bolognese is often spoken of as the Drummer's "Drummer" having received mentoring from drum prodigy Mike Mangini (Dream Theater).   

For the latest Death Dealer news, visit the band's official website and Facebook page:

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Albums Released This Year That I Like...........But Thought Would Be Better.

Out of the gates very early in 2013 was Biff and the boys back with what I hoped would be an album as good as the stellar Call To Arms. That one in my mind had the perfect mix of heaviness and old school charm. This one is heavier but doesn't have the consistent top notch tunes I was hoping for. Great stuff like the title track and Made In Belfast are mixed in with the naff Guardians Of The Tomb. I dunno, maybe I expect too much from the band but then again they have been on a fantastic run since Lionheart. Not crap by any stretch and Sacrifice is a good album but their previous couple have all been great.


The newest band ready to take aim at the creative void in the hard rock world, Red Dragon Cartel, are set to release their debut album via Frontiers Records. The self-titled debut by the band made up of guitar legend Jake E. Lee, bassist Ronnie Mancuso, singer D.J. Smith and drummer Jonas Fairley is set for release on January 24th in Europe and January 28th in North America.

Jake E. Lee is best known for his work in Badlands and as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne on Bark at the Moon and The Ultimate Sin albums. Red Dragon Cartel also features various guest appearances from some of music’s most notable faces including legendary Cheap Trick vocalist Robin Zander, original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno, Kill Devil Hill/Pantera bassist Rex Brown, Slash’s Conspirators Todd Kearns and Brent Fitz and In This Moment front woman Maria Brink. The album was produced by Ronnie Mancuso and Jake E. Lee and was executive produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Churko (In This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch).

From the opening riff of “Deceived” to final sustained piano chord of “Exquisite Tenderness,” it is clear Red Dragon Cartel has created an album that stands amongst some of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. Infectious songs such as “Shout It Out,” “Wasted” and “Slave” showcase the band’s ability to write memorable hooks and vocal melodies. Robin Zander of Cheap Trick lends his voice to the track “Feeder” and a lyric video for the song can be seen at Maria Brink of In This Moment lends her unique vocals to the track “Big Mouth.” Paul Di’Anno and Sass Jordan also lend their talents to the band’s debut. Jake E. Lee’s trademark playing style instantly shines through and picks up right where he left off. The album is available for pre-order on at or digitally on iTunes at that comes with an instant download of “Deceived.”

The track listing for Red Dragon Cartel is:                                   
1.   Deceived
2.   Shout It Out
3.   Feeder with Robin Zander
4.   Fall From The Sky (Seagull)
5.   Wasted with Paul Di’Anno
6.   Slave
7.   Big Mouth with Maria Brink
8.   War Machine
9.   Redeem Me with Sass Jordan
10. Exquisite Tenderness 

The band will be bringing these new powerhouse songs on the road playing a handful of dates in the US before embarking on a full tour in 2014. Tickets are currently on-sale and all information can be found on the band’s website.

December 12th – Los Angeles, CA – Whisky A Go Go
December 14th – Tempe, AZ – Marquee Theater (Support of Queensryche)
December 15th – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
December 20th – Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d


Red Dragon Cartel - Official Website:

UK Retro-power Rockers STUBB Sign Worldwide Deal With Ripple Music

RIPPLE MUSIC is proud to announce the signing of acclaimed, hard-hitting UK-based retro-heavy rockers, STUBB to their ever-expanding roster!

Stubb was formed in 2006 with Jack Dickinson on guitar and vocals, Aaron O'Sullivan on drums and Isa Bruni on bass. The power trios of the late 60's and early 70's were the blueprint for their loud driving, fuzzed up heavy blues rock.  In 2009, Chris West joined on drums and Peter Holland on bass (both also members of Trippy Wicked), solidifying the first classic line-up. The band recorded their first full length album for Chris West's label Superhot Records, and hit the road, gigging with such heavy rock luminaries as the Gentlemans Pistols, Firebird, Cherry Choke, Steak, Sungrazer and The Machine as well as appearing at Desertfest to a packed house Purple Turtle. Making the trip over to Europe twice with Stone Axe from the USA further cemented Stubb's reputation as a solid live act with some serious chops.  

"We are delighted to be signing with Ripple Music, who are one of the hardest working independent labels on the scene," Dickinson said. "To be alongside the likes of Mos Generator, Mothership, Stone Axe and Grifter as labelmates is an honour and a pleasure. The new record will bring you the sound of Stubb that along with a whole load of new shades and surprises. We hope to come and play in front of new audiences and treat you all to the loud sound of three guys doing what they love."

With the departure of Chris West, the band recruited Tom Fyfe (ex-Olde Crone) as the new drummer.  Tom brings another new sound to the powerful rhythm section as they prepare to head to Skyhammer Studios with Chris Fielding, January 26 - 30 to record their Ripple Music debut.  The album will mixed and mastered by Mos Generator's Tony Reed at Heavy Head Studios, guaranteeing a sonic explosion of heaviness.  

For the growing legions of Ripple fans, known as the Waveriders, Stubb will be another must-hear addition to the ranks of bands that already include such heavy rockers as Mos Generator, Devil to Pay, Mothership, Trucker Diablo and Ape Machine. You can bet that the combination of Stubb and Ripple Music will be a combustible mixture!

Be sure to catch Stubb live: 

11/29 @ Hard Rock Hell Festival - Wales

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Focus on Metal 154 - "Strange Highways Exit 2 with Tracy G" is now available

Episode 154 - Strange Highways Exit 2 - Tracy G

Week 3 of Metal Month has arrived and to celebrate we are rolling out another part of our in depth look at Strange Highways. This week we sit down for two talks with guitarist Tracy G.

As usual get it on iTunes, The Cast Iron Ring and of course at the Focus on Metal site

And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

HAMMER FIGHT Checks In From the Road

New Jersey thrash n' rollers HAMMER FIGHT are currently on the road in support of the recently released Chug of War. To preserve every drunken moment of the Chug of Tour Vol II Tour, the band is keeping a written record of the hell being raised via a series of blog posts on The latest installment has been posted at this location.   

Remaining Chug of Tour Vol. II dates:

11/19 - Columbus, OH - The Shrunken Head 
11/20 - Chicago, IL - Cobra Lounge 
11/21 - Akron, OH - Annabelle's Lounge 
11/22 - Erie, PA - The Beer Mug 
11/23 - Asbury Park, NJ - The Saint

Chug of War is out now on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. A cross between Slayer, Motorhead, and beer, HAMMER FIGHT return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, who released the band's 2011 untitled EP, for Chug Of War. Combining ripping guitars, bass leads and gritty dirty vocals, HAMMER FIGHT stand out from the rest with a unique sound. Chug Of War is a rockin' album of drunken madness for fans of Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Anthrax, Slayer, Blood Duster, Blood For Blood, Carnivore, Thin Lizzy, Gang Green and Venom.

Chug of War is now streaming in full at

The album is available in digital and CD (limited to 500 copies) formats the link above. 

The DC in the City-directed music video for "I Didn't Feel Like Drinking (Until I Started Drinking)," also from Chug of War, is now playing at the link below:

BONES: "Sons of Sleaze" Out Now on Planet Metal

Chicago's filthiest trio marches out of the sewers of hell with twelve freshly-severed slabs of death metal sleaze! Punk-injected metallers BONES has officially released their second full-length, Sons of Sleaze, on Planet Metal. Album track "13" has been posted HERE

For ordering info, visit

Sons of Sleaze delivers its unfair share of nasty surprises, incorporating violent blasts and low-tuned slime with a dirty rock-and-roll backbone that has never been more apparent, especially when it comes to Jon Necromancer's undead belch!  The impossibly-heavy combination of Necromancer's bass and Carcass Chris's muscular guitar riffs is once again captured in all its devastating glory, and drummer Joe Warlord's huge vocabulary of patterns and fills keeps the energy level in the red for the entire 37-minute beating that is Sons of Sleaze.  Held together by a cover that could only be called "a new low" for artist Putrid, this album is highly recommended for the rotten-hearted, ill-natured, and furious! Sons of Sleaze was recorded with Sanford Parker (Lair of the Minotaur, Nachtmystium).

"This is death metal for those who favor the genre as an pure underground thing. No fancy stuff or anything elegant here, just real death metal, pure and simple."
- Eternal Terror

"The 12 songs that comprises Sons of Sleaze come and go with little surprise (other than Bones' blasting rendition of Terroroizer's Fear of Napalm), yet entertain in their brief hack-n-punch delivery." - Worm Gear 'Zine