Tuesday, December 2, 2014

SHADOWBANE "Facing The Fallout" - to be released Jan 16th on PURE STEEL Records

Their Demo EP from the beginning of this decade already made some experts on German underground heavy metal prick their ears. The specialized press recently called them „promising Newcomer“ and now finally the Hamburgians release their long awaited debut. Musically SHADOWBANE’s „Post Apocalyptic Power Metal“ is positioned between melodic US power metal and raw teutonic steel with dystopic lyrics. Definitely outgrown the demo sound, the mostly fast songs profit from a contemporary production – without leaving any doubt in the musical rootage within the power metal of the 80s and 90s. Besides the powerful yet melodic vocals the sound is dominated by two notable and equally shaping guitarists with a lot of thrashy riffs and harmonic melodies. With their debut SHADOWBANE clearly stake their claim: The power metal newcomers from the Hanseatic city are inevitable to any Underground maniac in 2015.

1. Red Alert
2. Beyond The Winds Of War
3. Traitor
4. Under Bleeding Skies
5. After The Fallout
6. Dystopia
7. Tear Down The Wall
8. Badlands Law
9. Last Division
10. Source Of Grief

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