Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Just Posted: Episode 224 of Focus on Metal - Part 1 of our ten part series on Little Mountain Sound

Episode 224 - Little Mountain Sound Episode 1

Finally, this week we begin airing the episodes for our big 2015 project on Little Mountain Sound Studios. Fittingly we kick it off with a talk with Miles Ramsay one of the founders of the studio. Miles is a fountain of knowledge on the history of the studio and he shared a lot of it with us on this episode. This is just the first of ten episodes we will run this year on Little Mountain so stay tuned for some great stories from both staff and artists who were there in the heyday of this classic recording facility.

Here's a great shot of the much talked about Studio B provided by the Ron Vrmulin who we'll hear from in another installment of this series.

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