Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Sound of Thunder reveals new album details, launches crowd-funding campaign

Heavy metallers A SOUND OF THUNDER will release their new album, "Who Do You Think We Are?" on Friday, December 16.  

The covers album will include 11 versions of metal classics originally by artists Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Mercyful Fate, Manowar, Tool, Black Sabbath, Wrathchild USA, Dio, Dan Fogelberg, and Deep Purple.

A crowd-funding campaign for the new album and an animated video was launched on the Kickstarter platform on September 2.  The initial $12,000 funding goal was reached in under 4 hours, and the campaign went on to raise over $17,000 in the first 24 hours. The band is offering fans an opportunity to have their likenesses animated into the new video, as well as a host of other exclusive offerings.  The campaign runs through October 10.  "Who Do You Think We Are?" is currently only available through the campaign.

Per the campaign description:
"We put every bit of effort into this full-blown studio album as we do into our original albums, and churned out some Thunderized versions of classics by Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Mercyful Fate, Manowar, Tool, Kansas, Black Sabbath, Wrathchild USA, Dio, Dan Fogelberg, and Deep Purple!"  

"Production was once again handled by the platinum awarded Kevin '131' Gutierrez (Shinedown, Raven, While Heaven Wept) at Assembly Line Studios, so you can expect the same punchy modern production as our previous albums but beefed up with even heavier guitars and some of the best performances we've ever captured."

"Recording is complete and was partially funded by "The Lesser Key of Solomon" Kickstarter campaign from 2013.  Funds from this new campaign will be used for manufacturing CDs & vinyl, paying the legally required licensing fees for the cover songs, and for new cover art from ASoT painter extraordinaire Dusan Markovic!  We expect a late-November or early-December release for this album!"

"Excess funds will be used on several projects that are currently in the works.  The most frequent demand we get from fans is to bring Udoroth back!  Well, we've started to do just that!  Animation is an expensive process, but we feel we have a video script that will be quite simply one of the most metal videos of all time, and that will hopefully allow us to turn Udoroth and the Queen of Hell into an ongoing series."

"The "Udoroth" music video is by far the most popular project we've ever done, with over 300,000 views and gaining about 1,000 views daily even 2 years after its release.  We have a killer expanded story revolving around Udoroth and the Queen of Hell that we are dying to share, and are ready to start bringing it to you.   But on top of just putting out something cool, the animation helps grow our fanbase which will make it possible for us to tour more and come play for all of you! The current financial reality is that we lose money if we travel any significant distance to play a show.  Therefore we can't afford to come to many of the places that you have asked us to play.  The expanded Udoroth and Queen of Hell story and universe can be the vehicle to get us out on the road to play for you, and if it happens, we'll promise you'll have some of the most badass, most metal animation every created!"

A SOUND OF THUNDER released their previous album "Tales from the Deadside" on September 25, 2015.  The concept album based on Valiant Entertainment's SHADOWMAN comic book series reached #16 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart, #8 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart, and #1 on the Billboard Heatseekers - South Atlantic Chart.

Crowd-funding campaign link:

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