Thursday, November 28, 2019

Kip Winger Live and Acoustic, Tupelo Music Hall, Derry, New Hampshire 11/24/2019

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   It didn't start off well. Just after 7pm Kip and percussionist Ben Hans walked on stage and the monitors weren't working which he made light off, "thanks for coming tonight, goodnight". Then we were off with Cross from his solo album Songs From The Ocean Floor followed by Who's The One from Pull. What makes his acoustic shows truly great is how involved he gets the audience in it. There is much storytelling, he takes requests (someone asked for Battlestations and he played Lucky One from Pull), brought someone up to duet on Miles Away and acknowledged military members for their service before Blue Suede Shoes. He takes his music very seriously yet his shows are a lot of fun. Highlight of the night was Kip playing two solo songs on the venue's grand piano, something he said he doesn't get to do often. We got Ever Wonder from Better Days Comin' , Without The Night, Down Incognito and hits from the debut to close. He said to me after the show he wants the next Winger album to be the definitive one and done as a five piece with Paul Taylor. He also told me he has nothing left to prove to anyone musically. He's been in bands, writes Grammy nominated classical music and just released the musical Get Jack. He's very comfortable where he is and we reap the benefits, long may it continue. If he plays near you just go.


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