Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Revolution Saints- Rise (Frontiers Records)

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   Revolution Saints are another Frontiers project put together from a brainstorming (don't you love that word, the label uses it a lot) session featuring Deen Castronovo on drums/vocals, Doug Aldrich on guitar and Jack Blades on bass/vocals. The original label concept was to start this as a Deen solo project and have Jack and Doug guest on it. The label changed its mind, came up with a band name and now here we are 3 albums in.

   These projects can be hit or miss for me. In general I find it hard to truly get invested in something that I know is one and done and this coming from someone who has had artists on the show to help promote it, case in point being the Andrew Freeman/Mike Slamer The Devil's Hand album. Love it yet in talking to Andrew I knew the whole thing was already done and dusted. Then there's the touring question or more like the lack of it. Is it lack of label tour support? Apathy from music fans and promoters only nostalgic for the past? Scheduling issues with musicians who often make these albums in separate locations, what makes you think they want or need to share the same live stage? The answer is all of them and more.

   Some stick with me more then others and Revolution Saints are one of them. Yes it sounds a lot like Journey, the label know they they aren't making new music so why not get their former drummer who sings a lot like Steve Perry and make the next best thing? They've tried it on their first two albums but I think this one betters both. Doug Aldrich and more importantly Jack Blades have become invested in the songwriting and performances. In the beginning it was Frontiers Alessandro Del Vecchio who wrote and handed the songs to all 3, it felt more like a band covering songs. On Rise Jack and Doug have co-writes on six of them, one written by Jack alone and another with Tommy Shaw. Deen told me in an interview last year he wanted Jack more heavily involved, well he got his wish.

   This one consistently rocks more then the previous two, opener When The Heartache Has Gone features a fantastic guitar solo by Doug, the title track Rise moves along at a brisk pace, Talk To Me would have been a huge hit in the 80s but there's a lot of Frontiers songs I could say that about. The ones that work best feature Deen and Jack on lead vocals, a full album of that would be something. Honestly, anything with Doug Aldrich on guitar I'm buying. Now let the 3 of them write the next one please. 



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