Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Kings Of Dust- Kings Of Dust (Shock Records)

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The last album I reviewed was the new Ozzy one that had all the bells and whistles studio trickery and fixing known to man. This is the complete opposite, it is 4 guys playing live together in the same room capturing the magic of the moment. The chemistry. Old school. Being a massive Badlands fan the one name I know in this is bassist Greg Chaisson who has assembled a kick ass rock and roll band around him featuring former Red Dragon Cartel member Michael Beck on vocals, Ryan McKay on guitar and Jimi Taft on drums.

The sound is deeply rooted in 70s classic rock with a touch of southern boogie and ZZ Top. If that's your fix then this will not disappoint. I love the groove on The Devil Made Me Do It, Ugly just flat out rocks, Ya That's Me reminds me a little of classic Thin Lizzy and has a great riff and Mama is the big slow building epic. There's some real tasty guitar playing from Ryan all over this album and Michael has the voice to pull it off. In an upcoming interview Greg revealed a lot of these performances were captured on the first take, a band has to have it's shit together for that to work. These guys do. I hope this leads to some live shows.The album is released on March 13th.


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