Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bleed The Hunger Klassik Hard Rock Band Of Neil Turbin And Jonas Hornqvist Release New Song

Bleed The Hunger – Brand new hard rockin’ klassik rock band from Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, Onslaught, x-Anthrax) - Vocals and Jonas Hornqvist (Treasure Land, Calilio) - Guitar ( -- releases brand new song “Hard Rockin’ Machine” at

Neil is replacing Sy Keeler (whose son has been stricken with severe illness) on Onslaught Thrash Invasion Tour 2014 US, Canada, Brazil, Chile.  Bleed The Hunger will resume recording their debut album after completion of the Onslaught Artillery VX36 Tour.
Bleed The Hunger was formed in early 2014, with two friends, Jonas Hornqvist and Neil Turbin, both songwriters and musicians, who have been collaborating and writing together for ten years. Jonas and Neil started writing some dynamic new songs that didn't quite fit into the mold of Jonas' progressive metal band, Treasure Land, or the speed and power that would fit into DeathRiders.  After just completing his third master guitar instruction book, and a movie soundtrack, Jonas sent some rough song sketches and demos. When Neil heard them, he was very inspired to record these super melodic hard rock songs.  

"We are working on completing the rest of the songs on the album and are more than halfway there, already.  What we have is inspired melodic Klassik Hard Rock that comes from our hard rockin' roots." - Neil Turbin

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