Monday, January 19, 2015

EXXPLORER to release "Symphonies Of Steel" exclusivel on vinyl Feb 20 on Pure Steel

Two years have passed since the re-packaging of EXXPLORER’s second album “A Recipe For Power”. Now, in order to celebrate the reunion of the original line-up, we have decided to give you something special. Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat! Pure Steel is happy to announce, that a re-release of EXXPLORER’s legendary 1984 debut album, “Symphonies Of Steel”, is in the making! Exclusively vinyl, this re-release will be limited to only 300 units. So if you’re a fan of melodic and powerful US Metal, get up your ass right now and buy it! Anthems such as “Run For Tomorrow”, “Exxplorer”, the heart-breaking semi-ballad “World War III” and the monolithic, twelve minute-epic “Objection Overruled” are as relevant today as they were over thirty years ago. The clean and unique vocals of Lenny Rizzo and the amazing guitar wizardry of Ed LaVolpe and Kevin Kennedy have graced “Symphonies Of Steel” with a power, that simply cannot be described. Words are not sufficient. Also, as a small bonus, the album will be released with the original 1984 cover artwork, which should make many avid collectors very happy. There’s no doubt about it, EXXPLORER are a legend, and this is our way to give homage to this legend. Go out and buy it!

Side A
1. City Streets
2. Prelusion
3. Run for Tomorrow
4. Exxplorer
5. World War III
6. Going to Hell
Side B
1. Objection Overruled: a) Guilty as Charged
2. b) Phantasmagoria
3. Metal Detectors
4. X-Termination
Total Playing Time: 44:49 min

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