Sunday, May 31, 2015

KING LEVIATHAN Release "The Shrine"

KING LEVIATHAN of Brighton England, devout worshipers of Speed, Violence and The Occult, have spread madness from their inception. With their new EP "The Shrine" about to hit May 31st there is no sign of stopping. With "The Shrine", every second of speed, aggression, and riotous fun is to be savored. KING LEVIATHAN liberally blends many different styles of Metal and Hardcore into an intense, fiery stew. Riffs with roots firmly planted in the great American Thrash and European Metal traditions peel out of every single song, bolstered by a rhythm section, and featuring solid drumming, that is relentless.The frenetic pace so characteristic of the genre is kept the entire way, the delivery tight, yet not without the feeling of spontaneity. Creating images of the house that you and your beer-bong buddies proceeded to trash when the neighbor kid's parents left for the weekend. 
The follow-up to their self-titled 2014 debut, this new 5 track offering "THE SHRINE" is a marked step forward for the four piece and was recorded over a week long period at Brighton Electric with Producer Paul "Win" Winstanley at the helm.

"We knew we wanted the next E.P to be bigger and better in all aspects – and Win’s work with ‘Sea Bastard’, ‘Whitemare’ and early ‘Black Peaks’ stuff really impressed us! So we hit the studio, and before we knew it we were smashing beer kegs with hammers, scoring violin stabs and laying down choir vocals… Nuts!” says the band

You can catch KING LEVIATHAN this summer, letting it rip at one of Europe's largest Metal Fests BLOODSTOCK 2015 and in October at MAMMOTHFEST 2015

The Shrine Tracklisting:
1. Intro         
2. Wormwood         
3. Born of the Blackest Hearts         
4. Skin from Bone         
5. Madness Made Divine         

6. The Shrine

8/10 "Overall an excellent EP that will provide a way up the metal music ladder; if you fancy hearing Thrash with Death and Black thrown into the cauldron pot KING LEVIATHAN would be the band to turn to, this EP definitely shows us what they aim to bring" -

8/10 "Whether you worship Thrash, Death or Power Metal, King Leviathan cater for all! -

"The have really brandished their signature sound into these callous clever gifts for ‘the old gods’ as the band say! Accept and embrace these well-crafted offerings and bring forth their inevitable new masses of deranged worshipers!" - Carinas Music Reviews

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