Saturday, August 29, 2015

VANLADE announce "Rage on Earth" U.S. tour 2015 - Chapter 1.

American melodic speed / true heavy metal band VANLADE announces their "Rage on Earth" U.S. tour 2015 - Chapter 1 consisting of 10 dates sweeping through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah and Nebraska.

Vanlade vocalist Brett Blackout has checked in with the following comment:
West coast, we are coming for you like a screaming metal deathtrap! Our new 2nd album "Rage of the Gods" drops on September 16 and we are way past excited to rip into this upcoming tour. Check out the tour schedule and come see us play some new tunes with some killer bands in your town! Buckle up, because Rage on Earth is upon you all! Remember to grab a copy this September, and as always - stay heavy or die!

VANLADE recently signed to Metalizer Records (Germany) for the European release of "Rage of the Gods" on both cd and vinyl formats.

"Rage Of The Gods" features ten brand new tracks of epic melodic speed / true heavy metal from Kansas City's own "Defenders of the Faith.

The album was mastered by guitarist / producer Stu "The Hammer" Marshall (Death Dealer / Empires of Eden / Blasted to Static / Ex-Dungeon) at his Frontier Studio in Sydney, Australia.

Vanlade - "Rage of the Gods" track listing:
Act I: Virtue
1. Rage Of The Gods
2. Frozen For All Time
3. Jaws Of Life
4. Hail The Protector
5. Hellrazor
Act II:
6. Moonbound
7. Aeons Of Madness
8. Acid Reign
9. Carnicidal
10. As Above, So Below

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