Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Night Demon, Great Scott bar, Allston, MA on 4/28/2016

Last years Curse Of The Damned album surprised the hell out of me. Here was a new band doing an old school metal album and actually pulling it off without it sounding modern or contrived. It really did feel like it was recorded in the U.K in 1980. I couldn't wait to hear some of it live and it did not disappoint.

   Coming on stage just before midnight the band played the whole album in reverse order. It sounded amazing. Great old school no frills metal, perfect for the venue. New guitarist Armand John Anthony fits right in. Being so close to the stage you can tell that even though it's their livelihood the band love the music, drummer Dusty Squires often singing along to the songs, singer and bass player Jarvis Leatherby constantly on the move. Highlights and there were many included Heavy Metal Heat, Satan and the album's title track.

   A well deserved encore of The Chalice from their earlier ep featured an appearance from their Mascot Rocky, think early Eddie with Maiden. Earlier I had spoken to Jarvis about what the future held for the band, he told me the new album is done and they have a 5 year plan. After seeing this I'm all in. Go see them.


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