Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mike Fraser Helps Us Wrap UP The Little Mountain Sound Project

Episode 311 - Little Mountain Sound Part 11

This week we finally wrap up our Little Mountain Sound Studio Project. We started interviews for this project back in August of 2014. We ran the first part of the project back on FoM 224 back in March of 2015 and 27 months after we started this we are finally wrapping it up. 
This week our guest is producer/engineer Mike Fraser. I mean come on who else could we possibly have as the last guest for the project than the guy that was so helpful in getting us in contact with some of the amazing people from the studio. It’s always great to have Mike on the show as he is a wealth of information and this week is no different. 
Big thanks go out to Mike as this project would not have happened without his help.

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