Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Michael Sweet and Ada Flechtner guest on this weeks Focus on Metal

Episode 219 - Sweet & Ada

Wha? No, there's no new band called Sweet & Ada. This week we have Michael Sweet back on again. This time he's promoting the new Sweet & Lynch record that he just did with George Lynch, James Lomenzo and Brian Tichy. It's called "Only To Rise" and we'll get the lowdown on that and a few other things from the always busy Michael.

If that wasn't enough we also feature a talk I did with Ada Flechtner from Voices of Destiny about their new one "Crisis Cult" out now on Massacre Records.

Oh yeah Richie also has a bit of rant about "supergroups" too.

Track of the week is from Level 10 the latest metal project from Frontiers. Combine the voice of Russell Allen with the core of Primal Fear and you get Level 10. The debut is called Chapter 1 and it's out now.

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