Saturday, December 12, 2015

NWOBHM Trail Blazers SAVAGE Release Double Studio/Live Album '7'

NWOBHM trailblazers SAVAGE have released a new studio album 7 on Minus 2 Zebra. Included with the double-album is a live performance disc titled Live N Lethal.  7 features 12 blistering new tracks, which mix old with new. Many of the tracks are fast paced and hark back to the early days whilst tracks such as "Superspy' and Empire Of Hate' sound akin to something off a modern OZZY album or even METALLICA at their best!

Live N Lethal features 13 live tracks. Included is the entirety of classic 1983 debut album Loose N Lethal, which is given a fresh treatment in the form of a recently recorded gig in the band's hometown of Mansfield (UK). The Loose n Lethal album is delivered at a furious pace, along with a few choice tracks from the band's back catalogue. 

SAVAGE, once credited for influencing METALLICA to play fast, the band has a strong history starting out in the 80s. Even though the band has often been linked to the NWOBHM movement, their roots are more in the vintage classic rock with a modern feel. Influences such as THIN LIZZY and DEEP PURPLE abound and yet with new material they sound incredibly contemporary and fresh. Their debut album, Loose n Lethal became a classic and was the biggest selling independent import in to USA in its day. The band have had a stop-start career but came back with a vengeance in 2012 with the epic Sons Of Malice. The band has been busy ever since on the live scene in the UK and Europe and most recently an Italian tour earlier this summer.

Fun Fact: The song "Let it Loose" was covered by METALLICA on their first demo Hit the Lights.

"Savage sound as vibrant as ever. Its 10 tracks hearken back to the band's early roots while also capturing a contemporary sound."
- Brave Words

"7/Live n Lethal is a fantastic combination of the band's classic era and its modern age sound in one signature set."
 - Metalholic

"Continuing a rennasiance that began about 20 years ago, England's Savage keep their New Wave of British Heavy Metal rumbling along."
 - Dangerdog Music Reviews

"Why Savage aren't big players on today's music scene is beyond me."
 - Get Your Rock Out

Disc 1: 7 

1. I Am The Law
2. Lock N Load
3. Empire Of Hate
4. Super Spy
5. Circus Of Fools
6. Crazy Horse
7. Speed Freak
8. The Road To Avalon (Sins Of The Fathers)
9. Children Of The Night
10. Payback's A Bitch
11. Shake The Tree
12. Heads Will Roll

Disc 2: Live N Lethal 

1. A Prelude To Rage
2. The Rage Within
3. Black 'n' Blue
4. White Hot
5. The China Run
6. On The Rocks
7. Aint No Fit Place
8. Dirt Money
9. Berlin
10. Cry Wolf
11. Let It Loose
12. Smilling Assassin

13. We Got The Edge

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