Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Epic Metallers RAVENSIRE Reveal Track List and Cover Art for 'The Cycle Never Ends'

Cruz Del Sur Music has revealed the cover art and track listing for The Cycle Never Ends from Portuguese Epic Metal Heroes RAVENSIRE. The album will be released in North America on February 12. Check out new song "Temple at the End of the World" (the final installment of The White Pillars trilogy) at this location.

Formed in 2010, RAVENSIRE built a strong reputation in the European Underground Metal movement with their two previous albums Iron Will (2012) and We March Forward(2013). Given that RAVENSIRE's sound is genuinely devoted to the likes of OMEN, old MANOWAR, and BROCAS HELM, both albums were highly acclaimed by Epic Metal fans, fueling the band's songwriting on The Cycle Never Ends. The album will be available on CD, vinyl, and digital formats.

From the cover artwork (strongly recalling John Buscema's black and white art for the "Savage Sword of Conan" 70s comic - an appropriate reading to get along with Ravensire's music!)  to each one of the eight songs, The Cycle Never Ends shows the band's reaching maturity through an astonishingly intense performance.  Among more direct  tracks such as the opener "Cromlech Revelations" and "Crosshaven," the album's highlight is definitely the "White Pillars" trilogy, "a monumental epic piece connected to the history of Sintra, famed city not far from Lisbon. At the coastline, archaeologists dig the ruins of a watchtower built in the 16th century. Contemporary manuscripts mention that ancient written stones had been found (Part I, "Eternal Sun"). Under the ruins, they find the remains of a Moorish settlement, once subdued by the invading army of King Sigurd of Norway in the beginning of the 12th century (Part II, "Blood and Gold"). Finally, among the stones of the Moorish walls, the archaeologists find Roman altars and stones belonging to an ancient temple dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Ocean (Part III, "Temple at the End of the World").

Definitely recommended for fans of OMEN and old MANOWAR!

Track Listing:

1 - Cromlech Revelations
2 - Crosshaven
3 - Solitary Vagrant
4 - Procession
5 - Trapped in Dreams
6 - White Pillars Trilogy: Part I - Eternal Sun
7 - While Pillars Trilogy: Part II - Blood and Gold

8 - White Pillars Trilogy: Part III - Temple at the End of the World

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