Saturday, February 20, 2016

NWOBHM Heroes SAVAGE Announce Festival Appearances

Mansfield, Nottingham (UK) - NWOBHM heroes SAVAGE have announced several upcoming European festival appearances and gigs. Dates are as follows:

5 March     The Ultimate Revenge of Heavy Metal Festival - Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
19 March    The Black Pearl - Laigneville, France
20 March    Le Gibus Café, Paris, France
24 Sep        Heavy Metal Maniacs Festival - P60, Amstelveen, Holland
15 Oct         British Steel Saturday Night Festival #5 - Fismes, France                

SAVAGE released a new studio album 7 on Minus 2 Zebra in late 2015. Included with the double-album is a live performance disc titled Live N Lethal.  The album can be purchased at:!product/prd2/4355419415/7-live-n-lethal-cd.

7 features 12 blistering new tracks, which mix old with new. Many of the tracks are fast paced and hark back to the early days whilst tracks such as "Superspy' and Empire Of Hate' sound akin to something off a modern OZZY album or even METALLICA at their best! Live N Lethal features 13 live tracks. Included is the entirety of classic 1983 debut album Loose N Lethal, which is given a fresh treatment in the form of a recently recorded gig in the band's hometown of Mansfield (UK). The Loose n Lethal album is delivered at a furious pace, along with a few choice tracks from the band's back catalogue. 

Fun Fact: The song "Let it Loose" was covered by METALLICA on their first demo Hit the Lights. Stream the live version of the track from Live N Lethal at this location.

"Savage sound as vibrant as ever. Its 10 tracks hearken back to the band's early roots while also capturing a contemporary sound."
- Brave Words

"7/Live n Lethal is a fantastic combination of the band's classic era and its modern age sound in one signature set."
 - Metalholic

"Continuing a rennasiance that began about 20 years ago, England's Savage keep their New Wave of British Heavy Metal rumbling along."
 - Dangerdog Music Reviews

"Why Savage aren't big players on today's music scene is beyond me."
 - Get Your Rock Out

"The music fits right at home in the NWOBHM genre and the band musically stands tall amongst their peers from that time period, carrying forward to today. 7 offers fans absolutely no-filler."
- Hardrock Haven

 "7 is made up of 12 hard hitting tracks which shapes up one hell of a great album."
 - Metal Temple

"Savage are finally getting recognized as one of the best bands to emerge from the British metal scene."
- 100 Percent Rock Magazine

"Each album in this package is worth picking up on its own, but taken together what Savage have here is a release of tremendous excitement and a worthy contender for album of the year."
 - John Tucker Online

 "A great bang for your heavy metal buck."
 - Sea of Tranquility

"Savage deserve a whole lot more credit than what they get and this release is a perfect place to start for any novice, or the perfect addition for the connoisseur Metal fanatic."
 - Metal Talk 

"Savage's style is timeless, drawn from the rough n tumble pub rock honed in smoky working men's clubs of the north, taking in the hard rock of the 70s, and 80s metal from the US and NWOBHM to create the fast n loose rock that can be appreciated by connoisseurs, bikers n headbangers alike from big, swaggering rockers to fast thrashers to blues boogie rockers and down n dirty metal."

 - Battlehelm

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